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Monday, October 14, 2019

Mason goes to Homecoming! A Backroads drive to Aurora, NV!!

Saturday night grandson Mason attended his first Homecoming Dance.  I can't believe how fast our grandsons are growing up!  
Mason and Lily! Aren't they adorable?!!

Mason and his friend Jackson!

Mason and his Momma 💗

Mason and friends, ready for Homecoming! 💙

Sunday morning during breakfast I asked Ken what his plans for the day were.  Well, he was thinking about going for a drive..ok I'm in. :) I had been thinking the same thing but since it seems lately we're always heading for Carson or Reno for doctor appointments.  This was a fun drive, not for business! 

I made tuna sandwiches for a picnic lunch, not knowing for sure where we'd be.  We hit the road and headed for Aurora, Nevada.  We've heard people talk about it, as there's a mining operation and a  well kept old cemetery there.  

This house was 20 miles in on a dirt road...but I could live there
it was so cute!!

The Walker River! Love it!

We headed out of town and then turned off on a nice gravel road.  Some of it we've been on before, but then it turned into new uncharted territory.  A beautiful drive.  A well maintained gravel road for a few hours.  A person here and there, friendly, everybody waves :)  Eventually we got to the intersection which would take us to Bridgeport or Hawthorne. If we continued straight we'd be at Aurora! 

Love the changing scenery! 

We're going to find it!!

About 5 miles down the road we saw the sign to the Aurora Cemetery.  Surprisingly there were a few other people visiting the cemetary.  It really is a nicely kept place, for being so remote.  It's obvious some group must come up on Memorial Day or something and place silk flowers on every grave :) 

This grave was surrounded by a castle..  :)

I loved the way the gates were put together!

1999 was the burial date 

Thought this was cute! And so true!

Really old fencing..

Our "white trash lunch" back of a tailgate :) 

Once we were done looking around, it was time for lunch. We used the tailgate as our table and just enjoyed the simple sandwiches, chips and of course an adult beverage. It was special you know?! haha

Once we were finished, we headed out towards Hawthorne, NV which is about an hour from home. 22 more miles of gravel, dirt road and incredible scenery :) 

This rock reminds me of Cathedral Gorge State Park..NV

Right across was lava rocks!

That's the road we came up on!

Beautiful views!!

Mining operation

Hawthorne, NV

Walker Lake, NV..

We arrived home just about 1600.  A great day all the way around. Ken decided we might as well end the day with a fire outside.  A great way to end the day :)

Sun going down!!

Today we spent the day getting ready to head out to Washoe Lake State Park, keeping our fingers crossed we get a spot!  It used to be a well kept secret, but no more!  
Cheryl (dau in law) sister Kim has been staying w
them for a bit. Today Bryan turned sofa upside
down to fix the feet as they are sliding on the floor ..and only took
Kim a minute to turn the couch into a bar! HAHA..
Nice job KIM!!!

Here in a bit we're heading over to Karen's for a short Happy Hour as we've still got things we want to get done. 

Have a great evening!


  1. Oh my, now you've done it my dear!! You've given the real McCoy of a bug to get down there to the southwest! The scenery is exactly what we're missing and can't wait to see it. Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, bring it on! Thank you for the lovely pictures. That cemetery looks quaint and wonderful. I love A Plea. Simple and to the point.
    Mason is really a thin young man, isn't he? Love the homecoming young people in their best duds. :)
    I thought Kim was sitting by a hot tub. ha ha. resourceful gal, she is!
    Can't wait to see you guys!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures! After taking that drive we're ready to go again! LOL. Once we get these appointments out of the way hopefully! Mason is thin, and those jeans really make him look thin! Usually he's in shorts and doesn't appear that thin! He's really had a growing spurt the last few months, so hopefully that appetite of his will add a few pounds! Haha. I didn't notice til you said it, but it does looks like a hot tub! We can't wait either!!

  2. Beautiful pictures of what looks like a wonderful drive. You and Ken live in such a beautiful area.
    Good luck hope you get a spot at Washoe Lake...🤞🌞

    1. We were talking about you guys on the drive, I think you would have enjoyed the back roads! No four wheel drive needed, but still a beautiful drive! We did get a beautiful spot here!!

  3. I cannot believe I forgot to mention what a nice looking couple and group all decked out for homecoming. Your grandson is a handsome guy.

  4. I'm kinda prejudiced , but I think he's pretty handsome too! lol.. Seems like yesterday all the grandsons were little!

  5. Such pretty country. We'll definitely have to get some recommendations from you. Hopefully we'll be in your neck of the woods in March.
    Wow, those kids are growing up fast. At least we aren't, ....right!