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Friday, October 30, 2015

The days just keep flyin!

Well here we are it's Friday already...geezz...

Monday we picked up Steve about 1000 and headed for Walmart..he had a few things to pick up so we killed a little time..Deanna called about 1215 and we had a nice lunch at Chili's in Reno.  About 1400 Steve was in pain so we loaded into the truck and took him back to his. Hoping to see him one day next week.  

We had a nice evening at the RV park and woke up Tuesday morning, during our computer time in the morning, it stopped working.  Showed it was connected but nothing happening.  So over to Best Buy in Sparks and turns out it was updating Windows 10 uhhhhh..but didn't tell us that was happening.  Honestly, I still hate this computer and Windows 10...I don't know how to do anything on this thing..so upset we got rid of Apple..

Since there was a Lowe's in the same parking lot we went buy there and got a few things.  Then back to hook  up and head out of the RV Park.  Ended up in Minden about 1230 so we had to have lunch at Carson Valley Inn..

Been home the rest of the week..Ken is working on a ladder for the bunhouse.  Yesterday he was hoping to get the electricity started..but...I was doing a load of laundry and he heard the shower in the bedroom backing up..oh no..we had that happen last year right before we left for TN.  Been good since...Well he had to dig up out back and you wouldn't believe the way the pipe looked.  Full of roots and well, just digusting..how stuff was getting through there i'll never know.  Turns out whoever put this system in when they did the addition didn't bother to glue together the pipe so it was easy entry.  So off to Lowe's this morning so he can get what he needs..the joys of being a homeowner!  

You can see here full of roots only that little section for stuff to get through

The big root that was going into the pipe...yukk..

Monday, October 26, 2015

Waking up in Reno, NV this am...

Saturday evening we decided to go ahead and leave home on Sunday, travel to Reno and spend the night rather than wait until Monday and then be rushed to meet Steve at 1000.  

Got here just a bit before 1300 and the start of the Raiders game.  I made a bunch of munchies for lunch.  We enjoyed the game and the win!  Took our RV walk around the campground and back inside.  Was a really nice afternoon.  Left over pizza for dinner and a good evening.  

This morning we're able to take our time and we're only about 15 mins or so from Steve's place.  We'll spend the day with him, Ron and Deanna and then spend another night and head home tomorrow.  

 Waking up to a cool morning, about 35 degrees, even cooler in Yerington, 33..fall is definitely in the air!  

Adam's drive with Kate didn't happen, but he took a drive to Stumpy Meadows, ate a sandwich and took some pictures.  Then he drove to Shoestrings to pick up dinner for the family..he's getting some alone time driving. Nice!  I did check and Nevada has a 6 month rule compared to CA 1 year rule of not driving with passengers..

Below are just a few pics over the last week or so..

Few decorations started for Halloween..

Our hamburger cheat from the other night..and oven fried potatoes

The loft is finished with the flooring and trim..

The flooring of the bunkhouse..love it!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Home most of the week and then a trip to Gardnerville

Spent Wednesday and Thursday at home mostly...looking for a few more solar lights for outside but neither Dollar General or Family Dollar had any.  That's ok we know we can get them at Lowe's and hopefully we'll be there soon.  

 Yesterday, I ran to Gardnerville to do a little grocery shopping and get my hair cut. Picked up Ken's pills at Raleys, checked out Dollar Tree in Minden and then thought i'd head for Carson City and Ross...well,it was about 1300 on a Friday..headed out past the airport area and made a quick U turn near Genoa turnoff...traffic coming from the direction of Carson City did me in..Carson is one of those places that on a normal day if you're not out of there by 1200 don't bother..reminds me of Roseville, CA.  So back into Minden, thought i'd get a quick lunch somewhere and then head to a couple of anitque stores..well, traffic sucked so decided to grab a Papa Murphy's pizza for Saturday night and then headed home..I really can't believe the traffic in that area.  Just too many people in those little towns!  Maybe next week I can try again!  

Looks like Monday morning we'll head for Reno (I know another big town)...drop the Jayco at Grand Sierra Resort RV Park and pick up Steve for the day.  We're hoping to get him about 1000 and then looks like him and Ken will do a little shopping at Walmart before we meet up with Ron and Deanna.  For some reason I thought Ron was having a hip replacement but turns out it's back surgery on Tuesday.  He has a pre op appt on Monday at 1130 so we're hoping to meet for lunch after that. Haven't decided yet but we may stay 2 nights in Reno..maybe get something done maybe not..

Thursday, Ken went for a quad ride to the top of the mountain..mainly to keep the quads running..got to the top and almost stepped on a baby rattlesnake up there.  It was sunning itself..yukk..glad I didn't take a quad and go with him.  

He got the linoleum laid and finished on Thursday.  It's so cold here in the mornings he had to wait till afternoon to get that done.  Starts out about 35 degrees and ends up about 70 right now.  

Today it looks like he's going to work on getting electrical started in the bunkhouse.  Our little project is moving along slowly..still not really sure why we bought this cute building except for the fact that it's so cute!   Originally it was supposed to be for the treadmill, but that would just ruin the look..haha..so we'll fix it up and hopefully the grandkids will like it, if not we do and I figure i could set up my sewing machine out there..but i'm thinking the gkids will like their own little "house".  Now we need an ugly building for the treadmill..

Well, after giving blood at the dr's office in Winnemucca we figure we can cheat a little..so Ken cooked my once every 6 months burger and it was sooo goood!  Now pizza tonight.  Ken wanted the Cowboy Pizza from Papa Murphys..I just can't do it..so picked up one for him and I got the Chicken Garlic pizza.  One of my volunteers used to freeze the pizza so after tonight that's what i'll do and save it for the next splurge.  

WE have our dr appointment on November3rd in Winnemucca so another trip to the New Frontier RV Park..gotta be done..

November 7th is Linda's grandson, Owen's first birthday party so i'll head over the hill for that..he is such a cutie!  I'll try and post a few pictures later today..so check back..The pics below of Owen..they headed to San Diego yesterday for his great great grandmother's 100th birthday!

Baby Owen..

Love this pic..father and son..Dusty and Owen

Talked to Cheryl and Bryan last night.  Adam is taking the Patriot and his friend, Kate is taking her car and they're driving to Placerville for lunch today..why don't they go together?  Because CA has a law that for one year after getting your license you can't have anyone but family (and only with a note from your parents) in your car.  So it'll be interesting to see how that goes...

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Our grandson Adam got his driver's license...and we spent the day with a friend

Well, I can't believe it we have a grandson old enough to get his driver's license and that he did today!!  We knew he had an appointment at dmv in Placerville, Ca for 0820 this am..today was exactly 6 months since he got his permit.  He's done a lot of driving and is a very good driver.  Cheryl texted this morning that he was very nervous and she hoped he'd get over it before he got to DMV..and I guess he did as he got his license!  I swear I was a nervous wreck wondering what was going on...only 5 more to get through in this lifetime!  

He did well, so no more buses for him!  He called when he got home and told us he passed, and again I talked to him this afternoon and all was good.  He drove the Jeep Patriot to school and got gas this afternoon...such an exciting day for Adam..I am sure all of us remember the day we got our licenses!  

Adam in front of the DMV with his new license!

 We left here early this am to head for Reno so we could pick up our friend Steve from Winnemucca.  He called earlier this week and said that he has cancer and has been in Reno since June..darn, why didn't he call us sooner.??  He's been through chemo and radiation and is now at a place in Reno until November 9th, his next appointment where they will decide the rest of his treatment.  

Steve was one of the first people we met when we moved to Winnemucca after retirement.  He is a retired Marine, who loves his dogs and guns!  Just a good ole boy.  He's only 61 ... We picked him up and took our time getting to Carson City to take him to lunch at our favorite Chinese place (as Steve loves Chinese).  Then we took him over to Walmart so he could get a few things.  After that back to his place and we headed home...told him we'd see him next week and do something else with him.  Our other friends, Ron and Deanna will be there late next week (Ron is having a hip replacement) ..
 So hopefully we all can get together and do lunch or something...

Floor is in! Quick trip to Winnemucca..

Ken got the floor in and it's beautiful!  Picture later...He got the 8x10 part of the linoleum in except for a few feet as he ran out of adhesive..so we stopped at Lowe's and got that..should be enough to finish both parts.

We had a pretty good rain Saturday night and no leaks in the house!  Yay...

We left Sunday about 1100 and headed to Winnemucca for the night.  Outside of Fallon it started raining and raining...nice to see!  We took the Jayco and headed for the New Frontier RV Park..we've stayed there a few times before and because it's Passport America we get a 50% discount.  In the summer months it runs about $16.00 and Sunday it was a whopping $9.52 for the night.  Cable tv, wifi, (which isn't the best)..beautiful bathrooms and full hookups.  Usually there's not a whole lot of people but there were several snowbirds who came in and spent the night.  We were going to drive out to
 the old property or go do something, but because it was raining hard we decided to just enjoy the trailer and watch it rain looking out the big windows in the Jayco.   

Monday morning, we headed over to Dr. Grants office and had our blood drawn..that dreaded time of year again...In two weeks we'll be back for one of our twice yearly dr visits.  We love Dr Grant and that's why we'll travel to Winnemucca as long as we can to see her.  

We have lot's of work to do but today we're going to head for Reno and visit with our old  Winnemucca neighbor, Steve.  He's a retired Marine who moved to Winnemucca several years ago, and he and Ken especially have been pretty good friends.  He called last week and said he's been in Reno undergoing treatment for the dreaded C word..sounds like he'll be there awhile and he's in a center there.  We're going to pick him up and take him to lunch somewhere.  

Friday, October 16, 2015

Got the floor for the bunkhouse

Left the house about 0730 yesterday am and headed for Reno..did a little shopping going by Whole Foods and World Market..they (World Market) actually have a chair and a half sleeper that I want for the bunkhouse.  Ken and I sat in it and plenty of room for two to sit..It's simple and a grey color..now just waiting for a promo coupon to buy it...never pay full price for anything ...my momma taught me well...

So we went by Lumber Liquidators and bought the flooring for the bunkhouse..called Vintage Acacia..funny though it took us alot longer to find this one than the one we put in the livingroom!  After leaving there we were headed for Minden for a late lunch and then decided to stop for Chinese in Carson City so we could go by Lowe's and grab the linoleum for the loft area.  Plans change so quickly.  If we didn't do that yesterday, would have meant a special trip to Fernley and another 100+ miles.  

So we picked basically the cheapest one we could find as we needed 120 sq feet of that and no one will see it anyway as it will be covered by the mattresses in the lofts.  Mainly to protect from splinters and to protect the mattresses.  

We stopped for a quick shopping at Walmart in Gardnerville and got home about 1700..we sure know how to kill a day. Ken unloaded the truck and we were done.  
11 boxes of flooring..

The next property over from us there's a little 6 year old girl, Rylee..cute as she can be..so now there's a little path from our house to hers..Ken decided he wanted to create a Halloween pathway..so we stopped at 99 cent store in Reno and bought some stuff...Ken did tell her dad that if it's too much to let him know and he'll take it down..That's next weeks project.

Today he's hoping to get the lino in and tomorrow get the floor done or at least a good start!  I'll do what I do best and supervise! 

I did take a pic of the flooring but it came out too dark to post...

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Been home just enjoying...

Don't know where the days go anymore...we've been home other than a quick trip to town for groceries..Tomorrow we will head to Reno for the day..get some stuff done.  

Ken got the roof done so that's a good thing.  Guess we'll see on the next storm but figuring no more leaks!  So yesterday afternoon we moved the hoosier and our oak dining table to the bunkhouse..looks cute out there.  We couldn't get the   table into the house as our doors aren't big enough.I was going to wait to move the furniture, but it's only 10 foot wide so he can do half the floor and then move the furniture to the other side..but this way we kind of know what other furniture we can fit in there. 
The bunkhouse with a little furniture

We plan on insulating and sheetrocking the walls and ceiling..flooring and electricity is next..

Yesterday, I actually got a head of the Christmas Holiday..I have ordered a few things for the grandsons and got them wrapped!  I know..I am amazed at myself!  But let's see what happens down the road when I know for sure what they want!  
A start on Christmas

Ken's brother Dave and his mom are headed home today from TN..looks like from the pictures Don has sent they've had a really good time.  Chelsea, who is stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, MO actually suprised them with a quick visit. It's about 500 miles one way and she didn't even have 24 hours.  We talked to her later that night after she got home..nice to hear her voice!

Dave bar b quing...


Enjoying the TN sunset with a fire

Don's wife Dana, Grandma and Dave..little Bella in the corner there

Sunday, October 11, 2015

It's turning out to be an easygoing Sunday....

Yesterday just kinda hung around the house.  I made a trip into Yerington to sped a little money at the grocery and family dollar.  At the boys and girls club there was an event going on with a big semi and Rural Medicine Outreach.  We do have a little hospital in town but thinking it's not used much by the elderly as I saw alot of elderly people going to the event.  From the ad I saw it was offering basically free medical care and testing.  So that was nice.  I know  our medical insurance is expensive and I do know that medicare doesn't cover everything, so events like these are really nice to have. Life in a small town! Gotta love it!

 Adam and Seth went to their Homecoming Dance last night so I'll see if I can post a few pics here..

Seth on the right and his friends!

Adam ready to go to the dance

Don and Dana took Grandma and Dave to the Goat Festival in Lewisburg and sent a few pics...
Ken's brother Dave with a baby goat

Don on the left, Grandma and Dave 


Today is going to be an easy day planning on watching the Raiders game this afternoon...LIfe is hard!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Staying around the homeplace

The last couple of days we've pretty much been here as Ken is working on the roof...looks like it's coming together nicely..too bad it wasn't done right in the first place.  I went to the grocery store in town yesterday and they had their pork sale they do a couple of times a year.  So I was able to buy some pork roasts really cheap for part of the Thanksgiving meal we'll be doing at my sister Linda's house.  She supplies the house (and much other stuff too) and I do the main meal cooking.  It's always a good time there! 

Tried Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti recipe for dinner last night but instead of using noodles we used spaghetti squash..it had all kinds of different veggies in there and very tasty!  Ken did say he'd rather have it as a side dish with no chicken and put the chicken on the side.  I think all the flavors covered up the chicken taste..Mine had no chicken to speak of...so I really liked it!

 It's homecoming weekend at Golden Sierra High where Adam and Seth go to school.  I know Seth is going with a girl (friend) to the dance tonight. Hoping Christina sends pics.  Adam is meeting up with friends at the dance..gotta keep his options open you know. haha..

Russell called yesterday evening.  He has been on light duty for quite a while now after his wrist giving problems from wrestling with a bad guy at work..well, workmans comp sent him to a hand and wrist surgeon in Sacramento and it's not looking too good that it can be fixed correctly..so he's got some thinking to do. Ultimately it could affect his ability to do his job or like he said, "Guess I can learn to shoot left handed"...but that's one thing about Russell..he's always been the cup half full rather than half empty...

Don and Dana took Grandma and Dave to Nashville for the day.  Looks like they had a great time.  Gotta say Nashville is one of my favorite cities to visit!

Grandma and Dave across the street from Tootsies..Love that place!

 Yesterday they got to visit Amish Country and who knows what's on the agenda for the next few days of their trip!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Boy the week is flying!

Spent Tuesday cleaning out the wood chips etc. in the bunkhouse.  Because they built the thing so quickly there was residual sawdust etc inside..even if they would have brought it spic and span probably still would have done the same thing :))  Ken worked on tearing off the roof and figuring all the stuff he needs to put it back together again, correctly this time! Too bad whoever did it the first time didn't do it right! 

Yesterday we had to go to Reno to pick up the Jayco as it was done.  Had an 1130 appointment so stopped at Walmart in Gardnerville first and did some shopping Too bad we have to eat, we could save alot of money!  

Picked up the trailer and on the way back home decided to stop at RC Willey in Reno and see if we could find a mattress for the trailer, as the one that came with it (supposedly great mattress, Eurotop)..sucks!  But as we found out it is considered an RV Short Queen, meaning it's about 4 inches shorter than average size queen size...in short this means going through an RV dealer or more expensive mattress shop..so we'll see. 

We did find a twin mattress and 3 dining chairs for the dining table we'll be putting in the bunkhouse.  So that was a good stop. 

Stopped in Carson City at our favorite Chinese place for a late lunch and headed home.  

This morning we headed for Lowe's to get the roofing materials and back home in time to make lunch.  We did take the long way as we found a sledge hammer and a measuring square one of the guys left behind in the bunkhouse. Ken's been working on the roof this afternoon. It's not supposed to rain, but we sure do have clouds all around.  
                                          Hoping Seth doesn't kill me for the pic below. But he's all Raidered out!
Poor Seth had to have 2 baby teeth pulled this week...

Mason looked pretty happy at the dentist.
Talked to Mason and Seth this afternoon.  They had invited us over for this weekend, but I was waiting to let them know if we could make it as we were hoping the roof would be done and we could go.  Unfortunately that's not going to happen. We just don't feel comfortable leaving the roof open while we go have fun with the kids..darn it !  Hopefully we'll get over that way soon!!
Ken's mom and brother, Dave are in TN visiting Don and Dana this week. Grandma's second time and Dave's first.  From the pics Don sent looks like they're having a good time.  Love TN...
Ken's brother Dave in TN at Don's house

Ken's mom and brother Dave visiting Don in TN

Monday, October 5, 2015

The bunkhouse is home!

Got a call from Outwest Builders letting us know they'd be here about 1300.  We were ready for them and Ken met them at the road.  Came through and out to the back..just about got stuck at one point but they made it!  Interesting operation to watch them get the little cabin off the truck and into place...WE LOVE IT!

Ken on his way out to the road to meet the guys

Along side of the house

Unloading ours..the other goes to Gardnerville, NV

The "MULE" ..it turns the cabin around

They put those wheels under the cabin and turns it


Looking to the back of the cabin and loft above

The same loft

Loft above the porch..

Add caption

Just a closer view of the 10x20 bunkhouse
Originally we wanted to buy a shed (or have Ken build one)..wanted to put our treadmill out there, as now it's in the grandkids room..well we just had to buy one that's just too cute for the treadmill.  Too cute for storage, so now we'll work on making it something for the grandkids and maybe other things..I was going to buy a set of bunkbeds for the room, glad I didn't as the loft area would make it so low that they'd hit their heads if they tried to sit up..but the loft area is plenty big for mattresses..so working on a new idea.  Ken's going to put electricity and we'll insulate and sheetrock along with floor covering..gonna be fun! 

Ken spent the day on the roof tearing off the section he's working on..not fun for him!   

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The bunkhouse should be delivered tomorrow....and tractor pulling...

Well, the week has flown again...Thursday, Outwest Buildings called and said that they were ready to deliver this upcoming Monday.  They wanted us to come over and pay the rest of the $$ as she said she didn't like for the driver to have to deal with the money..no problem..we wanted to see it anyway.  So Friday morning we headed over to Fallon and paid the rest..We went out back to see our bunkhouse and it wasn't done..also didn't have the insulated floor we paid extra $$ for..hmmm...so in checking..long story short..it appears someone in Carson City area got ours..and probably didn't pay for the insulated floor. Very glad we went over, as they ended up getting their best guy started on building our new building..still supposed to be delivered tomorrow but not holding my breath.  

Went to Lowes in Fernley, to get some stuff for the roof and then to our favorite Chinese restaurant..Louie's Bistro..great food.  

Yesterday, I made lunch and we headed for Smith Valley and their Fun Days..well yesterday was a great day for weather and we were there to watch the Tractor Pulls..so much fun to watch!  Love those old tractors..but guess you all know that!  It was a nice, warm afternoon and we got back home about 1600.  Later it started lightning and raining hard!  
Old McCormick Deering 1937

The Track for tractor pulling.;

Love these old tractors

The wrong color but still a cool old tractor

This was the right color!
Again! Loved this young kid on the tractor!

Guess you can tell red is for tractors!

The only woman tractor driver!  Sure all the men enjoyed the bumpy ride!

Modified Allis Chalmers...

After the pulling was done..this cowboy brought his truck out to pull...

In the middle of the night the wind was blowing and it was pouring..opened the back door so we could hear the rain on the tin roof of the back porch!! So nice..

Got up this am and headed back to Smith Valley for the vendors and 2nd day of tractor pulling.  Well, the weather didn't cooperate, as it was raining over there so we watched a couple and came back home just in time to catch the loss of the Raiders..good game though.  

Surprising the people that were out with the weather.

Show and shine

Vendors ..not much to see...

Tractor pulling in the mud!

Yesterday it was dirt!

The track today

So cool!
 Now I have to admit this was pretty cool..but not as exciting as the Tractor Pulls in Lynnville, Tn Ken and I went to a few years ago..even Santa was there!!

Had our second fire of the new season in the wood stove today.  So nice. Sun is shining now but still chilly..