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Friday, October 16, 2015

Got the floor for the bunkhouse

Left the house about 0730 yesterday am and headed for Reno..did a little shopping going by Whole Foods and World Market..they (World Market) actually have a chair and a half sleeper that I want for the bunkhouse.  Ken and I sat in it and plenty of room for two to sit..It's simple and a grey color..now just waiting for a promo coupon to buy it...never pay full price for anything ...my momma taught me well...

So we went by Lumber Liquidators and bought the flooring for the bunkhouse..called Vintage Acacia..funny though it took us alot longer to find this one than the one we put in the livingroom!  After leaving there we were headed for Minden for a late lunch and then decided to stop for Chinese in Carson City so we could go by Lowe's and grab the linoleum for the loft area.  Plans change so quickly.  If we didn't do that yesterday, would have meant a special trip to Fernley and another 100+ miles.  

So we picked basically the cheapest one we could find as we needed 120 sq feet of that and no one will see it anyway as it will be covered by the mattresses in the lofts.  Mainly to protect from splinters and to protect the mattresses.  

We stopped for a quick shopping at Walmart in Gardnerville and got home about 1700..we sure know how to kill a day. Ken unloaded the truck and we were done.  
11 boxes of flooring..

The next property over from us there's a little 6 year old girl, Rylee..cute as she can be..so now there's a little path from our house to hers..Ken decided he wanted to create a Halloween pathway..so we stopped at 99 cent store in Reno and bought some stuff...Ken did tell her dad that if it's too much to let him know and he'll take it down..That's next weeks project.

Today he's hoping to get the lino in and tomorrow get the floor done or at least a good start!  I'll do what I do best and supervise! 

I did take a pic of the flooring but it came out too dark to post...

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