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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Home most of the week and then a trip to Gardnerville

Spent Wednesday and Thursday at home mostly...looking for a few more solar lights for outside but neither Dollar General or Family Dollar had any.  That's ok we know we can get them at Lowe's and hopefully we'll be there soon.  

 Yesterday, I ran to Gardnerville to do a little grocery shopping and get my hair cut. Picked up Ken's pills at Raleys, checked out Dollar Tree in Minden and then thought i'd head for Carson City and Ross...well,it was about 1300 on a Friday..headed out past the airport area and made a quick U turn near Genoa turnoff...traffic coming from the direction of Carson City did me in..Carson is one of those places that on a normal day if you're not out of there by 1200 don't bother..reminds me of Roseville, CA.  So back into Minden, thought i'd get a quick lunch somewhere and then head to a couple of anitque stores..well, traffic sucked so decided to grab a Papa Murphy's pizza for Saturday night and then headed home..I really can't believe the traffic in that area.  Just too many people in those little towns!  Maybe next week I can try again!  

Looks like Monday morning we'll head for Reno (I know another big town)...drop the Jayco at Grand Sierra Resort RV Park and pick up Steve for the day.  We're hoping to get him about 1000 and then looks like him and Ken will do a little shopping at Walmart before we meet up with Ron and Deanna.  For some reason I thought Ron was having a hip replacement but turns out it's back surgery on Tuesday.  He has a pre op appt on Monday at 1130 so we're hoping to meet for lunch after that. Haven't decided yet but we may stay 2 nights in Reno..maybe get something done maybe not..

Thursday, Ken went for a quad ride to the top of the mountain..mainly to keep the quads running..got to the top and almost stepped on a baby rattlesnake up there.  It was sunning itself..yukk..glad I didn't take a quad and go with him.  

He got the linoleum laid and finished on Thursday.  It's so cold here in the mornings he had to wait till afternoon to get that done.  Starts out about 35 degrees and ends up about 70 right now.  

Today it looks like he's going to work on getting electrical started in the bunkhouse.  Our little project is moving along slowly..still not really sure why we bought this cute building except for the fact that it's so cute!   Originally it was supposed to be for the treadmill, but that would just ruin the look..haha..so we'll fix it up and hopefully the grandkids will like it, if not we do and I figure i could set up my sewing machine out there..but i'm thinking the gkids will like their own little "house".  Now we need an ugly building for the treadmill..

Well, after giving blood at the dr's office in Winnemucca we figure we can cheat a little..so Ken cooked my once every 6 months burger and it was sooo goood!  Now pizza tonight.  Ken wanted the Cowboy Pizza from Papa Murphys..I just can't do it..so picked up one for him and I got the Chicken Garlic pizza.  One of my volunteers used to freeze the pizza so after tonight that's what i'll do and save it for the next splurge.  

WE have our dr appointment on November3rd in Winnemucca so another trip to the New Frontier RV Park..gotta be done..

November 7th is Linda's grandson, Owen's first birthday party so i'll head over the hill for that..he is such a cutie!  I'll try and post a few pictures later today..so check back..The pics below of Owen..they headed to San Diego yesterday for his great great grandmother's 100th birthday!

Baby Owen..

Love this pic..father and son..Dusty and Owen

Talked to Cheryl and Bryan last night.  Adam is taking the Patriot and his friend, Kate is taking her car and they're driving to Placerville for lunch today..why don't they go together?  Because CA has a law that for one year after getting your license you can't have anyone but family (and only with a note from your parents) in your car.  So it'll be interesting to see how that goes...

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