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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Floor is in! Quick trip to Winnemucca..

Ken got the floor in and it's beautiful!  Picture later...He got the 8x10 part of the linoleum in except for a few feet as he ran out of adhesive..so we stopped at Lowe's and got that..should be enough to finish both parts.

We had a pretty good rain Saturday night and no leaks in the house!  Yay...

We left Sunday about 1100 and headed to Winnemucca for the night.  Outside of Fallon it started raining and raining...nice to see!  We took the Jayco and headed for the New Frontier RV Park..we've stayed there a few times before and because it's Passport America we get a 50% discount.  In the summer months it runs about $16.00 and Sunday it was a whopping $9.52 for the night.  Cable tv, wifi, (which isn't the best)..beautiful bathrooms and full hookups.  Usually there's not a whole lot of people but there were several snowbirds who came in and spent the night.  We were going to drive out to
 the old property or go do something, but because it was raining hard we decided to just enjoy the trailer and watch it rain looking out the big windows in the Jayco.   

Monday morning, we headed over to Dr. Grants office and had our blood drawn..that dreaded time of year again...In two weeks we'll be back for one of our twice yearly dr visits.  We love Dr Grant and that's why we'll travel to Winnemucca as long as we can to see her.  

We have lot's of work to do but today we're going to head for Reno and visit with our old  Winnemucca neighbor, Steve.  He's a retired Marine who moved to Winnemucca several years ago, and he and Ken especially have been pretty good friends.  He called last week and said he's been in Reno undergoing treatment for the dreaded C word..sounds like he'll be there awhile and he's in a center there.  We're going to pick him up and take him to lunch somewhere.  

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