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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Been home just enjoying...

Don't know where the days go anymore...we've been home other than a quick trip to town for groceries..Tomorrow we will head to Reno for the day..get some stuff done.  

Ken got the roof done so that's a good thing.  Guess we'll see on the next storm but figuring no more leaks!  So yesterday afternoon we moved the hoosier and our oak dining table to the bunkhouse..looks cute out there.  We couldn't get the   table into the house as our doors aren't big enough.I was going to wait to move the furniture, but it's only 10 foot wide so he can do half the floor and then move the furniture to the other side..but this way we kind of know what other furniture we can fit in there. 
The bunkhouse with a little furniture

We plan on insulating and sheetrocking the walls and ceiling..flooring and electricity is next..

Yesterday, I actually got a head of the Christmas Holiday..I have ordered a few things for the grandsons and got them wrapped!  I know..I am amazed at myself!  But let's see what happens down the road when I know for sure what they want!  
A start on Christmas

Ken's brother Dave and his mom are headed home today from TN..looks like from the pictures Don has sent they've had a really good time.  Chelsea, who is stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, MO actually suprised them with a quick visit. It's about 500 miles one way and she didn't even have 24 hours.  We talked to her later that night after she got home..nice to hear her voice!

Dave bar b quing...


Enjoying the TN sunset with a fire

Don's wife Dana, Grandma and Dave..little Bella in the corner there

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