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Friday, October 30, 2015

The days just keep flyin!

Well here we are it's Friday already...geezz...

Monday we picked up Steve about 1000 and headed for Walmart..he had a few things to pick up so we killed a little time..Deanna called about 1215 and we had a nice lunch at Chili's in Reno.  About 1400 Steve was in pain so we loaded into the truck and took him back to his. Hoping to see him one day next week.  

We had a nice evening at the RV park and woke up Tuesday morning, during our computer time in the morning, it stopped working.  Showed it was connected but nothing happening.  So over to Best Buy in Sparks and turns out it was updating Windows 10 uhhhhh..but didn't tell us that was happening.  Honestly, I still hate this computer and Windows 10...I don't know how to do anything on this thing..so upset we got rid of Apple..

Since there was a Lowe's in the same parking lot we went buy there and got a few things.  Then back to hook  up and head out of the RV Park.  Ended up in Minden about 1230 so we had to have lunch at Carson Valley Inn..

Been home the rest of the week..Ken is working on a ladder for the bunhouse.  Yesterday he was hoping to get the electricity started..but...I was doing a load of laundry and he heard the shower in the bedroom backing up..oh no..we had that happen last year right before we left for TN.  Been good since...Well he had to dig up out back and you wouldn't believe the way the pipe looked.  Full of roots and well, just digusting..how stuff was getting through there i'll never know.  Turns out whoever put this system in when they did the addition didn't bother to glue together the pipe so it was easy entry.  So off to Lowe's this morning so he can get what he needs..the joys of being a homeowner!  

You can see here full of roots only that little section for stuff to get through

The big root that was going into the pipe...yukk..

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