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Sunday, November 1, 2015

We're retired! right? So took yesterday and went to The Nevada Day Parade

Friday we went to Lowe's in Fernley and we were actually back in time to have lunch at home.  Spent about $250.00 to get the stuff we needed for ther sewer system and a new mailbox.  Our mailgirl (usually I have other names for her)..has a bad habit of leaving packages tied to the mailbox or anywhere else she can put them.too much trouble for her to drive down the driveway I guess..we have gone to the post office and filled out a form to not deliver any packages to the house..but some still end up tied to the mailbox..geezzz..so Ken installed a bigger one..so we'll see..

 Nevada Day is a big celebration in the state.  So we decided what the heck let's head for Carson City where there was a big parade and all kinds of other things going on.  Our neighbors, Joe, Stacey, Stacey's mom and little Rylee were going to be going too as there was a beard contest and since Joe is a Clamper the Clampers were in the parade too.  We all ended up leaving at about the same time, and amazingly when we got there we took our chairs downtown and ended up sitting right next to them!  

Had a great time at the parade!  I have to say we were very impressed with the salutes to veterans, Jr ROTC and active MIlitary.  There were lots of Jr Highs and High School marching bands which i love to watch...very impressive.  Everyone enjoyed!  They probably had close to 200 different groups go through there.  Of course plenty of beer and drinks flowing!  

After the parade we took our stuff back to the car and headed over to the beard judging contest!  Gotta say that was something to see..just alot of fun and a perfect day for it!   We ended up leaving after that..well, after a drink at Cactus Jacks just to sit for a bit.  We will go again next year..as I'm sure the party was rocking and rollin when we left..but think we'll get a room that way no one has to drive home.  
Dean Heller campaigning


Stink E...the guy..

This group came from Ely, NV...

Don't think this didn't get to me..ROTC pushing Veterans..

Miss Rylee and her grandma

Ken got a gift from the American Heart Association

Left over from Burning Man

Rylee and her mom Stacey on the Clampers Float

The beard judging  contest...

Joe on the right got 3rd place...in the salt and pepper category
The judging

Had a nice evening at home and now time to head for Winnemucca. Our Dr appointments in the morning.  So taking the trailer and we'll spend two nights there.  

I'll be back this afternoon with more pics..gotta get going now! Since last night was Halloween found a few pics on Facebook of some of the family members..

Mason was "Jake from State Farm"

Dusty, Chelsea and Baby Owen..

I just happen to like this pic!

Grandson Aaron..Russell looked like this the night before..

 Had a nice drive here to Winnemucca...watched the Raiders win..and tomorrow we'll see what our Dr. has to say..

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