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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Veterans Day and a day at home...

Yesterday was Veteran's Day and would have been my mom and dad's 67th wedding anniversary.  They met and got married in Austria. Mom saw daddy in his uniform,and he was laughing.  She was at the top of a ferris wheel with her girlfriend.  She said to her friend, "That's the man I'm going to marry" and they did..after they married daddy went back to the States but it took 11 months for her to get over here.  After that they were inseparable.  

Linda posted these picture on FB yesterday..shows just how cute they were..
Love this pic..not sure what daddy was thinking with the hammer..

So elegant..

So young

November 11 1948...Austria

Ken and I just stayed home yesterday working around the house.  

Today I went grocery shopping in town and Ken worked on building the ladder for the bunkhouse.  He did a nice job.  I painted the first coat, we are trying "shabby chic" for the first time, so we'll see how it turns out!  

The ladder Ken made for the bunkhouse

Can't tell much difference but 1st coat of paint

 Tomorrow looks like we'll head into Reno and visit Cabela's at Boomtown..there's a gun on sale that Ken wants to take a look at! Time is flying so fast, hard to believe that in 2 weeks Thanksgiving will be over..uhhhh...

Thank you to all the Veterans and active duty Military!  Thank you to our active duty family, Chelsea, Tara and her hubby Darryl!  Thanks to our Veterans in the family..Russell and of course Michael..

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