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Friday, November 20, 2015

It's the Friday before Thanksgiving!

Yesterday we decided to head for Reno and visit with Steve.  Ken talked with him the day before, and so had I and he was sounding disoriented so we thought "Let's go".  

We got there about 1100 and he was up and dressed..stressed out because he was trying to call his social worker and his son..he just couldn't get his phone to work (sure it was operator error)...a few minutes after we got there his Hospice Social Worker, Jestine came in.  A very nice young lady and very patient.  Steve was trying to tell her he wanted to go home to Winnemucca...that just can't happen, there is no hospice there and he would definitely need a full time care giver..So sad..Jestine explained to him what was likely to happen in the next few weeks, or months ..whether he really understood what she was saying only the Lord knows..we stayed until she left and then I am sure he probably took a nap.  We won't see him next week because of Thanksgiving but we will soon after..

 We left there and had a nice lunch at High Sierra and then a quick stop at Lowe's and back home.  Another day gone. 

I'm heading for Walmart this am for some shopping for the weekend. Eric and Christina and family will be here tomorrow for the night.  Kids are staying until Wednesday, when we will attempt to head over the hill for Thanksgiving. There's supposed to be a storm coming in late Tuesday..

Our Grandson, Jacob turned 14 this week!  

Got some news from Kansas, my Uncle Odus (married to Daddy's sister Ola)..has prostrate and colon cancer..that horrible C word again.  He is in a nursing home with my aunt.  She has dementia and most of the time doesn't know her hubby..but he is still crazy about her.  He could probably go home, but won't leave her.  Anyway, he has decided on no treatment..he is 91 and knows where he's going when he's gone.  So my cousins are coming to terms with losing their dad..even though he's 91 he's still their  "daddy"...know how that is..

Gonna get going to Gardnerville and then the cooking begins!  

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