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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ken's headed for Georgetown and I"m going shopping!

23 degrees this am!  Sunday we watched the Raiders game in the afternoon..just too darn cold to do much outside.  

Yesterday Ken put on his winter gear and was outside most of the day..brrrr..on the front porch we've found that the birds seem to like to sit on one of the beams, which just happens to be right above the porch swing..so there were some unwanted and yukky droppings there..Ken put up a new 2x4 over the swing and that will prevent them from sitting there..now there's not enough room between the beam and the underside of the roof of the porch..

Turned the ladder over in the garage and added the next light coat of paint..We really like the way it's turning out.  

Ken's heading for Georgetown this am and will spend the night there.  I'm heading for Carson City to do a little Christmas shopping this am.  Ken and I are there quite a bit, but good intentions seem to get sidetracked by having lunch out and then we're done..so hoping if I go by myself I'll get some things done! 

Heard them say 37 days till Christmas..ahhhhh..

Eric and Christina are supposed to be coming Saturday, staying the night and leaving the boys.  I was really hoping to have more of the grandkids but looks like sports are getting in the way.  

Russell posted last night that Jacob made the freshman basketball team at Oakmont High..and Aaron made the top basketball team though the recreation area he plays in!  Congrats boys!  Adam is playing varsity basketball for Golden Sierra High School...the only problem I see with all this..is the coaches seem to think they own the kids, even during holiday breaks..so no Grandma time..guess that's what happens...I'm proud of them..but doesn't mean I have to like it!  

Cheryl sent the pic below from the Miner's Hotel where she works.  She was working on the top floor and said it was so spooky she got done as fast as she could..she said she could hear voices and other things going on and she was the only one up there..so she sent the picture asking why is it that little kids all look like they're 200 years old..so I'm looking at the picture and I texted her saying..did you see the scary face in the upper right hand corner?  If you click on picture should blow it up and in the top right there is definitely an image! Spooky!!

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