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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

It's Thanksgiving Eve!

Well we had a full house over the weekend..a surprise but nice.  Eric, Chris and the boys we knew were coming and then Bryan felt better so they decided to come too!  Awesome!! Played a lot of ping pong with the kids and everyone, ate some good food and had a few (yeah right) drinks..but a good time was had by all.  

Monday afternoon we had just Seth and Mason left with us until today.  I felt bad as I was cooking for Thanksgiving the last couple of days so we didn't really do anything..but like they said it was nice to just do nothing.  I made their favorite pancakes everyday and Seth enjoyed a nice 3 egg and cheese, with potatoes and sausage omelette today before we left.  

We left this am about 0800 hoping to beat the snow..or a closing of the roads..which we did!  It was beautiful, and it was snowing but a great drive in the Tundra.  We had lunch at the Apple Cafe near Camino and then headed to Eric's house to drop the kids off..then we picked up Adam and headed to my sister Linda's house, where we'll have Thanksgiving tomorrow. 

WE are at the Days Inn in Rocklin for two nights and then after a little shopping early Friday morning, we'll drop Adam off and head for home on Friday.  

First time since last weekend i've had time to blog..amazing how fast time flies! I've got some pics i'll try and post..am using the hotels wifi..which seems to be working pretty good..shocking.  

Looking forward to spending some time with our families tomorrow..

Seth and his dad, Eric

Bryan and his dad..


Eric's wife Christina

Bryan and Cheryl


Bryan and Christina were singing together

Eric and Seth..
The one with the hair...Adam..Cheryl, Mason, Betty, Eric..

Seth, Adam, Bryan and Chris

Party in the kitchen!


Seth tuckered out!

Miss Betty...
Near Hope Valley..

Towards Luther Pass

highway 50...beautiful!

Russell posted this for Jacob's 14th birthday...love it!

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