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Monday, November 9, 2015

Made it home before the storm over I80..

Left the campground about 0800 and headed for Georgetown on Saturday.  I was staying the night at Bryan's and Adam wanted to drive to the party in Orangevale.  We stopped at the Ross in Rocklin and I picked up a gift certificate for Miss Mia as her birthday was last Thursday.  

Got to the party just about 1200 and had a really nice afternoon.  The place was packed with family and friends to Baby Owen's first birthday.  That little one is just adorable!  

Russell and family along with Eric and sons were there so it was nice to see them all!  Amazing how all the grandkids are growng!  
Jacob and Eric..Eric is close to 6 foot tall..Jacob turns 14 on the 18th..

Russell, Jacob and Eric...

Baby Owen

Baby Owen and Lori

Wendy and Owen...love this pic

Grandpa Bobby and Owen

Owen feeding his mommy chocolate cake

Chelsea had this made up for Baby Owen's milestones..cute idea!

We left about 1600 and headed up to Georgetown.  Ordered some Chinese food for dinner and had a nice evening visiting with Cheryl and Bryan.  

I got up early Sunday and headed by Eric's house for a few minutes.  I wanted to give Seth his card for his birthday which is the 10th of this month.  He'll be fourteen!  I wanted to see their remodeled kitchen in person, and it is so awesome!  

Left there and headed for I80.  Had a beautiful drive  home, no weather at all!
Caught a bit of the Raider's game and then a Hallmark movie, didn't get anything accomplished but that's ok.  

Ken got the little project out back done..just want to get some rock to cover.  Looks like they're expecting colder weather this week so looks like a trip to Walmart this am.  Don't want the pipes in the Jayco to freeze..so time to add a little rv antifreeze to the pipes.  

Not much plans this week, hoping to get back to work on the bunkhouse.  Bryan's got some pipes leaking so we'll probably head over on his next days off next week.  

Hope to see Steve maybe end of the week or so...hoping to hear what his doctors have to say after his appointment today.  

Check back later for some pics from the birthday party..think you'll be surprised at how tall Jacob is!  

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