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Thursday, November 26, 2015

What a wonderful Thanksgiving at Linda's house!

ooGot up and out of the motel by 0900..stopped by Safeway quickly and got to Linda's by 1000.  She was cooking away and I had stuff to heat up.  Eric and Chris were the first ones there and then they just kept on coming after that.  I love our Thanksgivings because they are so informal.  We just put the food out and serve yourself whenever you want.  

Tony, Denise and kids came which is always nice!  They are such a sweet little family.  Aaron, Angelina and then Urs and hubby Steve all came.  Our regular family members were all there so it was just a nice gathering.  Even Greg, Dianes hubby actually came with her and visited the afternoon.  For awhile there it was pretty crowded in the kitchen!  

On days like this we really miss our mom and dad..they always made the holidays fun and meaningful..you could never have too many people and there was always plenty of food to go around..guess that's why Linda and I go a little crazy when it comes to enough food..and there was.  I like the simple visit, eat, drink and enjoy and that's what we did!  

We're back at the motel..stuffed and ready for bed..getting up at 0300 to meet my sisters at the Gallaria for a few  hours..about 0800 we'll come back to the hotel, pick up Ken and then go to breakfast..after that we'll drop off Adam and head home.

My sisters and I remember back when, the only store open for Black Friday was Payless..we'd start there for coffee and free donuts and what ever sales there were and then head for Kmart at Auburn and Garfield..nothing like the hype of nowadays..but it's all good..I still have my sisters who I love with all my heart!  We don't get to see each other often, but we're always here for one another...

Ken did get over to visit with his mom this am but time we left Linda's it was just too late to head back there..

Tasha's 1st drink since turning 21..Wendy's grandaughter Angelina and dau Ursula
Angelina's dad, Aaron

Aaron, Angelina and Steve

Bobby and the cuda...nice!

Seth and Dusty playing Football in the street

Shawn and Bobby

Baby Owen and Grandma Linda pushing the car..Chelsea there too

Jacob, Natalie (Michael's Daughter)..Seth, Mason and Aaron

Is this not the cutest baby?

Marcus, (Tony's son) Jacob, Seth, Adam, Aaron, Isabella, Mason


Tv time after stuffing tummy!

Baby Owen driving..

My grandsons!

Marcus, Tony, Denise, Isabella

Seth, Diane and Greg on the couch..Aaron and Natalie in front

Miss Lori, Christina, Aaron and Natlie, Seth in the background..

 Headed out about 0400 with my sisters for a little retail therapy on Black Friday..then back to pick up Ken for breakfast and then we'll head home! How time flies!

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