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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cabela's and lunch in Reno...today a quad ride and shooting..

Well we left yesterday morning and headed for Cabela's..Ken bought a new gun..a Smith and Wesson SVDE 9 mm..we have other guns but that's one he didn't have.  He's a happy camper!  Got to love Nevada.  We walked in, found what he wanted, paid the $ for the background check and less than 1/2 later we left the store with our new treasure.  Since we've become Nevada residents a few things have changed in purchasing a firearm. First, they would fill out the info for the background check..now we do it on the computer in the store.  Last time we purchased and they would walk outside with you and hand you the gun outside the door, now they give it to you in the box wrapped with tape and out you go. Easy! 

After we left there, we headed for Great Basin and had a really good lunch!  Haven't been there in quite a while. After leaving there we heard about the awful attacks in Paris..Unbelievable! 
 Then to Sam's for some paper plates and a few other things. Done..then home.. 

This morning took our time getting ready..watched Pioneer Woman (still love that show)..then I ran to Scolari's for some stuff..they have their hams cheap, and turkeys reasonable if you spend $25.00..doesn't seem to be a problem.  I bought a ham and turkey the other day but nothing wrong with having a spare in the freezer :)

After lunch we jumped on the quads and took a ride to where we go shooting.  Ken shot his new gun (loved it) and the .38 and .40..I didn't want to so I just watched.  It was a beautiful day, clear as can be and in the afternoon it seemed almost warm..they say the weather supposed to change tomorrow..we'll see..
Ken shooting
The view from where we shoot

Looks like Ken will head to Bryan and Cheryl's one day this week, to help with some faucet problems they have..thinking i'll head for Carson City to do some shopping I just don't do when we go out..
Adam got his license in the mail!  Happy Camper!

I painted the next coat on the ladder..looks good we're thinking..
 back in a minute w pictures

1st coat looking good we think...


  1. Love being a Florida resident for the same reasons although, with no mountains, shooting areas are a little more limited. Like that your ladder is starting to show the coats you've been adding. Have you started remodeling the inside of the cabin?

  2. Well we keep getting sidetracked (how does that happen)..with the plumbing problems etc we just have the flooring done..hopefully this next week can get some insulation in ..but we'll see..:)