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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Nevada Day Parade

Well here we are Sunday morning, waking up at the Ramada here in Carson City.  Yesterday morning we left home and headed here to watch the Nevada Day Parade.  We got here about 0920 and got our spot.  Tons and tons of people!  The parade started right at 1000 and ran for 3 1/2 hours!  There were 200 entries but some of those had 20 vehicles or so each!  Amazing parade and patriotism!  Not too much on the politics side which was nice!  

Now all we saw through the crowds was lots and lots of Trump / Pence signs.  Not one Hilary sign at all...Later in the parade there was a float supporting Trump and right behind it were about 10 women with Hilary signs and they were handing them out to people.  I have to say a lot of cheering for Trump, and people were respectful enough not to Boo the Hilary women..I wanted to and inside I was but nothing was said out loud (haha)...Later we saw the only ones carrying any Hilary signs were little kids who were just happy to have a sign to hold I think..

Lots of Veterans, JR Rotc, high school bands, Law Enforcement from all kinds of counties..Just a wonderful parade! 

Love this truck for Washoe County...



Honor flight NV..Love this

This was a tie dyed dog for cancer research...

My camera died so I had to use phone..which for me sucks..so if I come across any good pics i'll post them another day..but I think you get the gist of it..
Afterwards we decided to get the car, get something to eat and then check in to the room.  Visited our favorite Chinese place for a late lunch (which turned out to be dinner). 

We walked downtown but were back in the room by 1800. Nice crowd but just loud music and on the younger side.  

Up this am taking our time and then we'll work our way home.  

Thought we'd be home for a few days but tomorrow we'll be back to Carson City.  The 2008 Jeep Patriot has been making a noise under the hood, now it's to the point we don't go anywhere in it together in case it breaks down.  So to the shop it goes..hopefully what ever it is will be covered under the lifetime warranty, but we'll see.  

Popped up on FB from 2011..Aaron and Jacob..wow
they were so little...

Dusty and Chelsea going to the SBE Halloween Party

And this is Russell, CEO of Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts 
And Eric...

Dusty and Chelsea

Christina and Eric going to a party..

Cheryl painted her kitchen so this pic
was the best before I could find...

Here's the after...Love it

Another view ...after!
These were just so cute!  Russell and Eric's Kindergarten pics...
Ninny posted this on FB tonight..Like Cheryl said..someone's parents
are pissed!