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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Working around the house...

Well here it is Wednesday morning, Haven't heard from the building place but last week they said they thought it would be done on Tuesday.  So will give them a call later this morning and see when they can deliver.
Ken getting our poor man's tractor ready to drag the tumbleweeds

Ready for the bunkhouse!

Sunset out the back porch

Ken was on the roof yesterday as it was a pretty cool day.  We have a leak when it does rain here from where the two roofs were joined together when the master bedroom was added on.  Also, there is a dip where the swamp cooler was, so he has his work cut out for him. I see a trip to Lowe's in our not to distant future.  

Tried a new recipe last night..saw it on Facebook.  Spaghetti squash with onions, anaheim pepper, fat free sour cream and cheese..a few other ingredients but boy was it yummy!  Supposed to take the place of a potato casserole and it certainly does. 
Spaghetti squash au gratin before the cheese

So so yummy!

Six years ago today since my mom passed away..so hard to believe...
Last night's sunset...

Monday, September 28, 2015

Eric and Christina have a new kitchen!

Alot of work been going on over at Eric and Christina's house in Cool, CA.  They have been working on a remodel of the kitchen and as of now it's done and so gorgeous I just have to post these pictures!  

Eric and Chirstina's  kitchen..before


Looking from the kitchen to the dining area!

It went from being country cute to model home beautiful!  Love what they did with the tin..gives it kind of an industrial look!  Can't wait to see it in person soon! Eric did the flooring this weekend and I just love it!  Great work kids! 

Yesterday morning (Sunday) we got up at 0500 again and decided to try and get over to Genoa early to pick up the cabinet...I think we decided next year to go on Sunday, don't think there would be nearly as many people as on Saturday.  Got the cabinet in the back of the truck no problem, I still like it as much today as when we first saw it!  

After leaving there we headed to Kohl's to take back a countertop convection oven we bought..turns out it was just too small.  From there to World Market just to look around and then to Target to see what kind of ovens they had ...not..So from there we decided to go the long way to Gardnerville to do some  shopping at Walmart.  Headed up highway 50 and drove around the lake to Kingsbury Grade and down to 88..it's funny I was thinking about a drive but didn't say anything and then Ken said he was planning on going the way we went to Kingsbury Grade.  Everywhere we go is 50 + miles from home, but a Sunday drive is needed every once in awhile :)

Since Ken was going to bar b que chicken we ended up at Subway for a sandwich...haven't had it in a long time and gotta say it was good!  

Enjoyed our afternoon at home and then sat outside and waited for the super moon and eclipse..well too many clouds to see much but again a beautiful sunset! 

Monday am...hopefully getting the area for the bunkhouse ready..should be here later this week!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Genoa, NV and the Candy Dance Festival

Thursday we took the Jayco to be serviced and then did some running around Reno eventually ending up at the Carson Valley Inn for lunch in Minden.  Finished there around 1400 and a quick trip to Walmart in Gardnerville.

Friday we were home and it was just too hot to get much done outside. There's so much going on in the city (Reno) this weekend. Street Vibrations, so there is thousands of motorcycles everywhere.   Thursday we actually tried to go by Carson City Harley Davidson, as they had music, vendors etc.  but honestly we couldn't get too close and decided against it even though they had shuttles from just about anywhere nearby to get you there.  Oh well, fun to look at. 
Our beautiful sunset last night

Yesterday, Ken heard an ad for the Candy Dance Festival in Genoa. This was started back in 1919 by the local women as a way to raise money to keep the street lights on.  They sold candy and held a dance.  Now it has grown to over 300 vendors and  they still have a dance in the evening. That was already sold out a while ago.  So we thought oh why not...we got up at 0500 and were there by 0845.     It's pretty amazing!  The town main drag is shut down and filled with vendors!  Wall to wall people!  We had a great time..found a couple of old dishes I liked and Ken found a few tools he liked.

Candy Dance Festival
Old tractors

Of course we liked the red ones best!

The volunteer fire department was selling beer and drinks so of course we had to support them..actually got a couple of nice 16 oz beer glasses and a few drinks.  

We were walking the mile (or at least it seemed like it)..back to the truck and stopped at another peddler faire they had going..found an oak hoosier cabinet we fell in love with!  So put a down payment and will go back tomorrow to pick it up..was just too crowded today to try to move the truck to pick it up.  So we've got that for the "bunkhouse".
The new/old cabinet

 I did call Outwest Builders on Friday, and it looks like it should be later in the week when it's delivered!  Can't wait!

Eric and Christina have been working on their kitchen..so thought i'd share a few pics..it's looking so good!
This is before..they do have a nice open kitchen

After..love the looks of the cabinets

Their island..with butcher block on top!

Eric started the floor this weekend..love what they picked!

The island...love it!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Trip to the big city today!

We've had a good few days at home. Getting caught up on chores.  Took my car to the car wash in town and gave it a cleaning, it really needed it!  Quick trip to the grocery in town, Ken went to the dump and the rest of the time we were home.  Nice!  

Ken's working on the tumbleweeds around here.  According to some neighbors in the area this is the worst year they've ever seen!  Hopefully next season it won't be so bad.  So he's working on the area of the "bunkhouse" to get it ready for our new addition.  Haven't heard from them, but it's been two weeks since we ordered it so hopefully next week or so.   

This morning we're up and getting ready to head to Reno.  WE have an appointment for the trailer at Sierra RV  to get the window over the bed fixed.  It won't close without forcing it and since it's still under warranty, time to get it done since it'll be a bit before we head out again.  

Not a whole lot going on around here, but we like it that way.  

Cheryl called the other day and said Bryan got a call from Adam's Algebra2 teacher...she said "Well, we had a problem in Math this morning"...uhhhohhh... Then she proceeded to say they had a problem, and out of 36 kids Adam was the only one who got the answer correct..she had him get up and explain how to work the problem.  She was very impressed and just wanted Bryan and Cheryl to know.  I was very impressed that a teacher would take the time to call!  Honestly though, I think 36 kids is wayyyy too many.  Adam had told me before that it's hard to get one on one time if you need it with her because there is so many kids..so for the kids that are having problems, it'll be tough.  

Sunday, September 20, 2015

We're home! There is an update in the middle of blog..uhhhhh

We left Hickison Petroglyphs and headed for Great Basin National Park.  We stopped at Commins Lake ..a little fishing lake outside of Ely, NV and had our bologna sandwich lunch..yummy!  Then onto Great Basin.  We headed for the campground that we always go to and lo and behold it was full!  We've never had that happen in all the years we've been going there.  They had already closed the upper Lehman camp so I guess that's what added to this.  We headed for Baker Creek Campground near the visitor center.  Never been there before but we really liked it!  The site we had was pretty much hidden from the road so that was nice.  Hung around camp and watched people come in, and had a nice night. 
The view from our campsite..looking at Utah.

Rhodes cabin at the visitor center

Looking from the visitor center

All across NV our state flower the sagebrush is in vibrant bloom!

 The next morning after breakfast I made some sandwiches and we headed up the mountain to Wheeler Peak..aspens were changing, not in full color yet but still gorgeous!  We took a walk around the campground there and then headed down the road a bit to a lunch spot..beautiful! Visited the visitor center but not Lehman Caves as we had been there before and I'd rather go again when we have the grandkids with us. Had another nice night and just enjoyed.
Wheeler Peak

Not as vibrant through the windshield

Looking at Wheeler Peak

The campground at 10, 400 foot

Along the Wheeler Peak Drive..so beautiful

Our campsite

Friday morning we left about 1030 and decided to drive an hour or so to Cave Lake State Park.  We were there last year and there is a really nice campground and lake.  So we ran to Ely first to stock up on some groceries and then had lunch on the way to the lake.  Got a beautiful spot and took a walk to the lake. Again, a really nice night, pretty cool but beautiful stars.  Having a fire made all the difference in being able to sit outside.  

Saw this beauty in Ely..a Polaris Slingshot...

On the way to Cave Lake..like a mini Devil's Tower

The view from our campground

NV Highway 50..gotta love the traffic!

** This is an update that I wrote yesterday and somehow it disappeared. WE left Cave Lake and headed for Bob Scott NFS Campground outside Austin, NV.  We got there in time for lunch and it was hot so we thought, let's go home.  We pulled off outside Sand Mountain NV just to watch the ATV's on the mountain and then decided to pull in, buy a yearly pass for $90.00 and spend the night. 
We used to spend some fun times there with family and friends when everybody rode quads.  So it will give us a close place to go camping when the mood hits us! Only about 1 1/2 hours away from our house.  **
In the middle of the night I woke Ken up as i thought someone was banging on the door.  Turns out some of the neighbors thought it was a good night to shoot off guns.  Sure there was some alcohol involved there.  But still a good time was had. Stars were incredible! Gotta love NV!
Sand Mountain, NV

Nevada 508 ..we saw bicyclists..508 miles in 48 hours from Reno to Eureka and back.

This morning after breakfast we headed to Walmart quickly and were home by 1200..works for us!  Unloaded the frig in the trailer, and now because we're such die hard Raiders fans we're watching the game. 

Always love to go but nice to be home!   
Now to work on some sagebrush getting ready for our "bunkhouse"!