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Monday, September 7, 2015

Fallon Cantelope Festival and Country Fair

I swear I don't know where the time goes!  With my mind I don't even know what we did the last few days..we were home most of the time.  One day we ran to Lowe's and Sears, so pretty much because Sears is in Reno we were gone most of the day.  

Yesterday morning we got up and decided to head for Fallon, NV ..about 50 miles from here.  Again, everywhere is about 50 miles from here.  They were holding their annual Cantalope Festival and Country Fair..so we thought why not?  This was a really nice fair, so much better than the Lyon County Fair.  Lot's of Cowboys old and young!  They even had a cutest little cowboy and cowgirl contest. Now those kids were so darn cute, how could you ever pick the cutest! Glad we weren't judging... 4H, quiltings, food, and vendors.   We actually bought a few pictures 8x10, one of a winter scene with a barn that was taken in Chester, CA and hopefully one of about 6 old lanterns that was taken in Bodie.  He didn't have a 8x10 but thought he did in the trailer.  So they are supposed to mail one. I love old lanterns so this picture I really want!  

 Well, in talking vendors...there was one called Out West Builders..they had the cutest outbuilding, the one they had was 10 x 16 with a loft and front porch...looks like we'll be purchasing in the next couple of months.  This was so impressive!  We were going to build one ..well, Ken was going to do the building..but for the $$ and the looks we've decided this is the way to go..spending more of the kids inheritance!  I see all kinds of possibilities for this building.  

Lake Lahontan..so sad looking, trees popping up in the water

This is what we could have got from our guy Clifford in TN

Love these old tractors
Moolisa..so cute..you can milk her

Inside the cabin

Ken loved the storage above

The loft over the porch

Corn shucker..from 1909..I want one!

Pictures don't do it justice..alot of people were interested.

It's so cute!
After we were done we headed to Stockman's Casino for a really late lunch..so no dinner last night! 

Chelsea holding picture of Michael

 Don sent us the above picture of Chelsea in Missouri.  There was a sweet story to go along with it.  Friday was her brother Michael's birthday. She had this picture of Michael along with her. She had her Land Navigation Test. She started in the dark and got pretty lost to start, about an hour and a half into it she hadn't found any of the points she needed to find, she had an idea of where she wanted to go, she flipped the pages and saw Michaels picture with "thumbs up".  When she needed guidance most she had her own angel along with her.   She finished what she needed to do with time to spare. Congratulations!

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