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Monday, October 30, 2017

Nevada Day, Outhouse and Pizza!

Saturday morning we left here about 0740 heading for Carson City.  I made some egg sandwiches for breakfast and we ate them in the car.  A beautiful morning for a drive.  When we got near Carson City we saw several balloons in the air! Nice..They lifted off about 0800 and float for an hour or so.  We're thinking next year we'll try to get there early enough to catch the lift off.  Found our regular parking area, gathered our chairs and ice chest and off we went.  

*Click on the pics to enlarge*

Joe and Stacey were easy to find in front of the Hardman House Hotel, our regular area.  After a few minutes of chit chat we headed for Cactus Jacks Casino and had to have the traditional bloody mary.  Not me, screwdriver works.  Then we walked back to wait for the parade to start.  They had two hundred entries, expected the parade to last 4 hours..nah not working for us.  Law enforcement was first, and they only counted as #1 but had like 20 vehicles.  So 200 could end up with a lot more.  That's just too much parade for most people.  By the time the parade started there were tons of people everywhere.  Guess a lot of people are Nevada Proud.  :)
Susan, Rylee and Ken

People waiting for the parade to start

Joe and Stacey were in #109, walking with the Clampers.  We waited until we saw them and then took our stuff back to the car and came back for the rest of the day.  They were supposed to be doing the single jack (like we watch in Tonopah) never did find that but we did find the beard judging contest.  There's several of them so we watched for a while.  

Ryle running to her mama..Hope she didn't carry her all the way

This little sweetie is from Yerington, NV and boy could she
sing!  Another Tanya Tucker in the making!

Rylee with her new umbrella her grandma bought her..

Joe talking with some buddies

From left..Tom, Stacey and Ken with a 20 ounce Revision..

Another shot of the boys...

A lot of beards in Carson City from all over NV

We were right behind the Fox Pub and Brewing Company so Joe came back with a few beers for Ken, Stacey and him.  We ran into Tom who is one of Joe's friends we had met before.  Nice guy and it was his Birthday!  So of course there was quite a bit of celebrating of Tom's Birthday.  All afternoon! haha..I was the designated driver on Saturday.  Stacey's mom, Susan was with us too so she was their DD. She actually took off with Rylee somewhere and later to the car to wait for Joe and Stacey.  
Nice pub and the food looked awesome! 

Towards the end of the afternoon...

This group was trying to get people to honk their horns..
Yep a good party!

It was getting late (well for me) as I didn't really want to drive in the dark mainly because there is a lot of wild horses on highway 50 so I'd rather drive during the day.  It got dark anyway.  oh well, we made it.  Made a couple of quick tacos when we got home and then it was off to bed.  It was a great day. The only disappointment was the fact that there was no National Anthem played and there had been every other year...?!

Sunday morning dawned, after sleeping in until 0600 or so.  Our usual morning routine and then Ken headed out to work on the outhouse.  By the end of the day he got the sink on the wall and some tin on the side! Looking good!
Sink is up..still needs hook up..

Roof and vent..custom designed by Ken..I love it!

Tin going up..

We're loving it!

I cleaned and changed the bedding then a quick run to Scolari's for stuff for home made pizza!  I thought Saturday would turn out to be the bad day of eating, but we didn't eat all day so we came up with pizza! 
Before cooking, but ohh so good!

Way back when (and I mean way back) I would go over to Ken's house and Grandma (Ken's mom) would have the stuff to make pizza.  Ken was always the dough person he had the touch to get the dough just right in the pan. They would use Appian Way which is still available today.  Then pile on the stuff and in the oven it would go...so good! He's still got the touch for the dough (we made our own) and the pizza was delicious!  Definitely not good for you but oh well..once in awhile won't kill us..

Our beautiful sunset last night!

Our son Russell, ready for the SBE party! 

Woke up this am after a lousy night's sleep and got Ken up at 0500. We're home today so gotta get him working on the outhouse! :)  Tomorrow we're heading for a 0930 appt to get new tires on the Tundra $$..we'll take two vehicles so we can run around while they're doing it.  Even though we have an appointment who knows when they really get to it.  Wednesday we're home..I have my phone call from Social Security (I'll be 62 in December).  Thursday,  we have Ken's surgeon appointment again in Gardnerville so gotta get him working when I can.  

More pictures of the parade below: Tried not to go crazy this year..

Older NHP car..

Quite a few of these signs throughout the parade!

Old Marine Corps..

Love this!

Nevada Department of Corrections

Nevada Department of Corrections..
Thanks for reading!  Have a wonderful day! 

Friday, October 27, 2017

Reno and then Gardnerville

Wednesday afternoon found us at Reno Diagnostic, and everything went fine.  We were probably there about 40 minutes or so.  Ken stopped by Carson Toyota to see about a price on tires so we have an appointment next Tuesday to get them on. We had lunch in Sparks at the Great Basin there.  Gotta admit i'm partial to the one that's in Reno.  Can't really say why but I am and I know Ken agrees with me.  Then we headed home and that was that! 

Woke up on Thursday morning and after visiting with our blogging friends, coffee and a little banana bread we got up and got going.  We had set the alarm clock for 0500 but I was up (well awake) at 0330 uhhh..

Ken made a quick run to the dump and stopped at Tru Value for some parts for his skill saw.  Then he was able to put the plug on the saw so now it's all ready to cut the tin for the roof of the outhouse.  

About 0930 we had breakfast and got ready to head for Gardnerville for his surgeon appointment.  That was pretty much our only stop there so we got there about 1330 and headed in.  Turns out the Dr had an emergency surgery so we had to reschedule for next week. Darn..but the good news is they are only about a week out for surgery so it'll happen soon.  When Ken had his check up after the last surgery the same thing happened.  Oh well...
Some color on the ride home..

Earlier in the day the color was so vibrant, but the windshield
was filthy ..so I settled for the ride home..hahah

After that we headed for Carson Valley Inn and had our Linner (lunch/dinner).  The food was awesome as always, and plentiful.  We knew we wouldn't want dinner at all.  

Got home and basically the day was done, but that's to be expected!

This morning, Friday we had made plans to have breakfast at Dini's in town with our neighbors Joe, Stacey, Rylee and Stacey's mom Susan.  Because it's Dini's 84th birthday they are offering 4 of their breakfasts for $2.84 each.  So it was definitely the time to go.  We all had a great breakfast and then came home.  

Ken decided to burn the piles of tumbleweeds we had collected over the last few months. I got the hula hoe out and dug up some more, looks much better out front now.  Ken went with Joe to Silver Springs to return the root tiller Joe had borrowed from his mom several months ago.  I did my thing here and now I'll get ready and run to Scolari's.  Tomorrow we're heading for Carson City for Nevada Day.  There's a parade and all kinds of stuff going on.  So it will be a early morning drive :)

My favorite picture of Grandson Aaron and Buddy..
Buddy passed a couple of years ago, but this picture gets
me every time it pops up..Love..

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

It's Wednesday already! Off to Reno this morning!

Good morning!  Well this was a better night's sleep until 0400! The last few days have been gorgeous, starting in the low 30's and ending up near 80. Supposed to stay that way through the weekend.  

Ken's been busy on the outhouse.  He got it all insulated, water tested, the gable ends finished and now the plywood walls are up!  Coming along beautifully!  

I did a little sewing yesterday. Made a tablecloth and another pillow for the bunkhouse.  Baked some more banana bread and made some applesauce oatmeal muffins with the added bonus of some shredded carrot so we'll see this am how the muffins turned out.  
Santa,  it's ready if you need a break! 

My tablecloth I made..

Today we're heading for Reno it's mammogram day (Patsy, I worry like you until I get that letter). Reno has $100.00 mammograms during the month of October and since my wonderful (NOT) insurance doesn't cover it's a bargain this month.  
So hopefully we'll get some things done while we're gone today.

Tomorrow at 1400 we'll be in Gardnerville, Ken made an appointment to see the surgeon.  His second hernia is hurting pretty good now, so it's time to get that taken care of here in the next few weeks probably.  If he gets it done before the end of the year it should be no money out of pocket, as he's already met his deductible for the year.  

Starting the insulation...

Piping for the sink.

You can see in the right wall the black piping..the vent for the sink and
toilet..and it's all insulated..

Ceiling insulation..

Plywood ceiling..

The walls and ceiling all done! Haven't decided yet whether
I want to attempt to stain or "age" the plywood yet..or
leave it natural.  We will be painting the cement floor..
not sure what color yet..decisions, decisions! Love the tin on the
back wall..Thanks John and Karen!

Looking out the doorway..Pretty soon Ken will be making the

Ken said the muffins turned out great and I have to agree..He commented yesterday on what a good cook I turned out to be since I could barely make a tuna sandwich when we got married.  He said my daddy would be proud! :)