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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Running around..and picture problems with blogger

Tuesday morning brought a cold, cold morning.  25 degrees to be exact. After our morning ritual Ken went outside and got things ready to get started on the framing of the outhouse.  He built each wall on the concrete and then we carried it over and he got it all secured.  Cutting around the plumbing and the bolts took some time but he got it perfectly each time. 

About 1600 he was done for the day! He got it all framed just what he wanted to do and it looks great.  
Walls going up!

All walls up, ready for siding..

This picture shows how close it is to the bunkhouse..Ken
will pour a walkway from the bunkhouse to the outhouse..
no shoes required! 

Our sunset last night :)

Found these glass Christmas lights at Lowe's..remind me
of when I was small..had to have them..

I worked on making some poblano potato salad, a little different than traditional. Turned out very good, taste tester said.  

We had a quiet evening with veggie burgers for dinner (no bun).  Ken added the left over tuna melt mix to his and some cheese, he said it was yummy along with the potato salad. 

This morning we're heading for a quick stop at Walmart, Raleys (for prescription refills), Best Buy in Carson City.  Ken has an ASUS computer that has locked up again.  We bought that thing for me a few years ago, and I hated it so much that he bought me this Mac (which I love)..he took over the ASUS but it is garbage.  So we'll see what the Geek Squad can do for us again.  Then we're on to Lowe's for more material. 

Has anyone had trouble with Blogger not uploading pictures?  It says server rejected the last few days when I load the pictures for the blog?  I have sent a message to blogger, but in over 5 years never had a problem..hmmm..I got these by posting to FB first and then downloading them.  

We did our running around and spent a lot of $$..had lunch at Carson Valley Inn and now we're home.  Ken has lots of work in front of him, but I think it'll be really nice.  

Our sink we ordered from Lowe's came today it was on the front porch when we got home.  Tomorrow afternoon i'll get together with our neighbor Karen and see how she aged her tin (it looks so good)..

Have a good night!  


  1. The outhouse framing looks good soon be all done.
    Cant' help youth the pictures never have had an issue in over 11 years.

  2. Can't wait for the outhouse to be finished! I can only 'wait to pee' for so long! ha ha It will be great!
    I'm not having a problem with blogger but I have had in the past, once or twice. Hopefully it comes back for you soon.