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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Lowe's, Outhouse and tomorrow Carson City...

Sunday morning we decided it was time to hit up Lowe's again in Fernley, NV.  We stopped next door at John and Karen's on the way. Saturday night when we were sitting by the fire Ken had built out back we were thinking about the tin they have and that John wants to get rid of it.  It looks like we're going to tin as much of the outhouse as possible on the outside.  John was more than happy to hear that!

Stopped at Walmart, which that one is terrible.  Always crowded and not enough help.  Got a new iron and a blender. Over to Lowe's and out in plenty of time to get home and have lunch. NOT..A serious accident on the way and they were holding traffic.  UH OH..well as it turns out where it was in Silver Springs, Ken actually knew of a "short cut" on a dirt road that would put us back on the highway on the other side of the accident.  So off we went with some other cars following.  Good thing he knew where he was going.  After getting home we saw that they held people for 3+ hours, had to have 2 life flights dispatched.  Never heard the outcome of the accident though.  

We were home closer to 1400 so we just grabbed some nuts and cheese to hold over until dinner.  

Ken went outside and I worked a bit on the some Christmas pillows, but then ended up supervising his work. haha..oh well that's what tomorrow's for right? 

Monday, he got the Jayco winterized and reparked over by the fence and we brought over the cabover to use when we head for Winnemucca.  Then he was able to work on the outhouse.  Got the OSB board on for the roof, paper down and some of the roofing material on.  We're going to run out of roofing by just a bit, so we'll buy another square at Lowe's and have it for when some shingles blow off over the winter.  After lunch I painted it a shade of brown just to protect the wood.  We'll be adding tin.  
Working on the roof and it's been painted brown

Sunset yesterday

Ken putting the OSB on the roof

Old tin from the neighbors..

Tomorrow..Wednesday we'll head for Carson City to Lowe's and Best Buy for the Geek Squad (again).  The blog still isn't letting me upload/download pictures and I have no clue, so hopefully they can figure it out for me. uhhh..We'll get some things done while we're gone, but that'll take most of the day. I tried to post pics from Ken's computer, but said the same thing "server rejected" so must be a blogger/google thing.. 

Time to get this day going!  We're starting the day at 29 degrees and ending at 79!  Amazing this time of year the temperature difference! 

Our beautiful sunset last night...

I don't know where Russell and Steve were, but obviously
having fun1

I love this picture of Papa and Mia..four years ago..wow!


  1. Nice to be wrapping things up, and the outhouse is looking good, soon be done.

  2. Wow that outhouse is looking awesome!
    Love the sunset pictures.
    You must have shares in Lowe's or at least you should! You're keeping them in business! :)

  3. You're right about Lowe's..and gas stations..Ken always says we like supporting big oil because it's always a 100 to 180 mile day when we go. Almost done..