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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

It's Wednesday already! Off to Reno this morning!

Good morning!  Well this was a better night's sleep until 0400! The last few days have been gorgeous, starting in the low 30's and ending up near 80. Supposed to stay that way through the weekend.  

Ken's been busy on the outhouse.  He got it all insulated, water tested, the gable ends finished and now the plywood walls are up!  Coming along beautifully!  

I did a little sewing yesterday. Made a tablecloth and another pillow for the bunkhouse.  Baked some more banana bread and made some applesauce oatmeal muffins with the added bonus of some shredded carrot so we'll see this am how the muffins turned out.  
Santa,  it's ready if you need a break! 

My tablecloth I made..

Today we're heading for Reno it's mammogram day (Patsy, I worry like you until I get that letter). Reno has $100.00 mammograms during the month of October and since my wonderful (NOT) insurance doesn't cover it's a bargain this month.  
So hopefully we'll get some things done while we're gone today.

Tomorrow at 1400 we'll be in Gardnerville, Ken made an appointment to see the surgeon.  His second hernia is hurting pretty good now, so it's time to get that taken care of here in the next few weeks probably.  If he gets it done before the end of the year it should be no money out of pocket, as he's already met his deductible for the year.  

Starting the insulation...

Piping for the sink.

You can see in the right wall the black piping..the vent for the sink and
toilet..and it's all insulated..

Ceiling insulation..

Plywood ceiling..

The walls and ceiling all done! Haven't decided yet whether
I want to attempt to stain or "age" the plywood yet..or
leave it natural.  We will be painting the cement floor..
not sure what color yet..decisions, decisions! Love the tin on the
back wall..Thanks John and Karen!

Looking out the doorway..Pretty soon Ken will be making the

Ken said the muffins turned out great and I have to agree..He commented yesterday on what a good cook I turned out to be since I could barely make a tuna sandwich when we got married.  He said my daddy would be proud! :)


  1. You have been busy! Your sewing projects are so beautiful! You must love Christmas! :)
    The outhouse is coming along nicely. Too cute about your cooking comment from Ken. Sorry about Ken's 2nd hernia.

    1. Aww..thank you..I do love Christmas it was always my daddy's holiday. He and my mom always made our's special and there was always a special gift from him for his 3 girls. I know I should take the quilt off and wait awhile to put it back on, but I think i'll continue to decorate and hopefully make the season last a little longer..as the years just go so quickly now.

  2. This job is coming right along pretty good now, Hope Ken gets fixed up real soon and feels better.

  3. His last repair was an easy recovery so we're hoping this one goes as good. Yeah the light at the end of the tunnel for the outhouse..