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Thursday, November 26, 2015

What a wonderful Thanksgiving at Linda's house!

ooGot up and out of the motel by 0900..stopped by Safeway quickly and got to Linda's by 1000.  She was cooking away and I had stuff to heat up.  Eric and Chris were the first ones there and then they just kept on coming after that.  I love our Thanksgivings because they are so informal.  We just put the food out and serve yourself whenever you want.  

Tony, Denise and kids came which is always nice!  They are such a sweet little family.  Aaron, Angelina and then Urs and hubby Steve all came.  Our regular family members were all there so it was just a nice gathering.  Even Greg, Dianes hubby actually came with her and visited the afternoon.  For awhile there it was pretty crowded in the kitchen!  

On days like this we really miss our mom and dad..they always made the holidays fun and meaningful..you could never have too many people and there was always plenty of food to go around..guess that's why Linda and I go a little crazy when it comes to enough food..and there was.  I like the simple visit, eat, drink and enjoy and that's what we did!  

We're back at the motel..stuffed and ready for bed..getting up at 0300 to meet my sisters at the Gallaria for a few  hours..about 0800 we'll come back to the hotel, pick up Ken and then go to breakfast..after that we'll drop off Adam and head home.

My sisters and I remember back when, the only store open for Black Friday was Payless..we'd start there for coffee and free donuts and what ever sales there were and then head for Kmart at Auburn and Garfield..nothing like the hype of nowadays..but it's all good..I still have my sisters who I love with all my heart!  We don't get to see each other often, but we're always here for one another...

Ken did get over to visit with his mom this am but time we left Linda's it was just too late to head back there..

Tasha's 1st drink since turning 21..Wendy's grandaughter Angelina and dau Ursula
Angelina's dad, Aaron

Aaron, Angelina and Steve

Bobby and the cuda...nice!

Seth and Dusty playing Football in the street

Shawn and Bobby

Baby Owen and Grandma Linda pushing the car..Chelsea there too

Jacob, Natalie (Michael's Daughter)..Seth, Mason and Aaron

Is this not the cutest baby?

Marcus, (Tony's son) Jacob, Seth, Adam, Aaron, Isabella, Mason


Tv time after stuffing tummy!

Baby Owen driving..

My grandsons!

Marcus, Tony, Denise, Isabella

Seth, Diane and Greg on the couch..Aaron and Natalie in front

Miss Lori, Christina, Aaron and Natlie, Seth in the background..

 Headed out about 0400 with my sisters for a little retail therapy on Black Friday..then back to pick up Ken for breakfast and then we'll head home! How time flies!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

It's Thanksgiving Eve!

Well we had a full house over the weekend..a surprise but nice.  Eric, Chris and the boys we knew were coming and then Bryan felt better so they decided to come too!  Awesome!! Played a lot of ping pong with the kids and everyone, ate some good food and had a few (yeah right) drinks..but a good time was had by all.  

Monday afternoon we had just Seth and Mason left with us until today.  I felt bad as I was cooking for Thanksgiving the last couple of days so we didn't really do anything..but like they said it was nice to just do nothing.  I made their favorite pancakes everyday and Seth enjoyed a nice 3 egg and cheese, with potatoes and sausage omelette today before we left.  

We left this am about 0800 hoping to beat the snow..or a closing of the roads..which we did!  It was beautiful, and it was snowing but a great drive in the Tundra.  We had lunch at the Apple Cafe near Camino and then headed to Eric's house to drop the kids off..then we picked up Adam and headed to my sister Linda's house, where we'll have Thanksgiving tomorrow. 

WE are at the Days Inn in Rocklin for two nights and then after a little shopping early Friday morning, we'll drop Adam off and head for home on Friday.  

First time since last weekend i've had time to blog..amazing how fast time flies! I've got some pics i'll try and post..am using the hotels wifi..which seems to be working pretty good..shocking.  

Looking forward to spending some time with our families tomorrow..

Seth and his dad, Eric

Bryan and his dad..


Eric's wife Christina

Bryan and Cheryl


Bryan and Christina were singing together

Eric and Seth..
The one with the hair...Adam..Cheryl, Mason, Betty, Eric..

Seth, Adam, Bryan and Chris

Party in the kitchen!


Seth tuckered out!

Miss Betty...
Near Hope Valley..

Towards Luther Pass

highway 50...beautiful!

Russell posted this for Jacob's 14th birthday...love it!

Friday, November 20, 2015

It's the Friday before Thanksgiving!

Yesterday we decided to head for Reno and visit with Steve.  Ken talked with him the day before, and so had I and he was sounding disoriented so we thought "Let's go".  

We got there about 1100 and he was up and dressed..stressed out because he was trying to call his social worker and his son..he just couldn't get his phone to work (sure it was operator error)...a few minutes after we got there his Hospice Social Worker, Jestine came in.  A very nice young lady and very patient.  Steve was trying to tell her he wanted to go home to Winnemucca...that just can't happen, there is no hospice there and he would definitely need a full time care giver..So sad..Jestine explained to him what was likely to happen in the next few weeks, or months ..whether he really understood what she was saying only the Lord knows..we stayed until she left and then I am sure he probably took a nap.  We won't see him next week because of Thanksgiving but we will soon after..

 We left there and had a nice lunch at High Sierra and then a quick stop at Lowe's and back home.  Another day gone. 

I'm heading for Walmart this am for some shopping for the weekend. Eric and Christina and family will be here tomorrow for the night.  Kids are staying until Wednesday, when we will attempt to head over the hill for Thanksgiving. There's supposed to be a storm coming in late Tuesday..

Our Grandson, Jacob turned 14 this week!  

Got some news from Kansas, my Uncle Odus (married to Daddy's sister Ola)..has prostrate and colon cancer..that horrible C word again.  He is in a nursing home with my aunt.  She has dementia and most of the time doesn't know her hubby..but he is still crazy about her.  He could probably go home, but won't leave her.  Anyway, he has decided on no treatment..he is 91 and knows where he's going when he's gone.  So my cousins are coming to terms with losing their dad..even though he's 91 he's still their  "daddy"...know how that is..

Gonna get going to Gardnerville and then the cooking begins!  

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ken's headed for Georgetown and I"m going shopping!

23 degrees this am!  Sunday we watched the Raiders game in the afternoon..just too darn cold to do much outside.  

Yesterday Ken put on his winter gear and was outside most of the day..brrrr..on the front porch we've found that the birds seem to like to sit on one of the beams, which just happens to be right above the porch swing..so there were some unwanted and yukky droppings there..Ken put up a new 2x4 over the swing and that will prevent them from sitting there..now there's not enough room between the beam and the underside of the roof of the porch..

Turned the ladder over in the garage and added the next light coat of paint..We really like the way it's turning out.  

Ken's heading for Georgetown this am and will spend the night there.  I'm heading for Carson City to do a little Christmas shopping this am.  Ken and I are there quite a bit, but good intentions seem to get sidetracked by having lunch out and then we're done..so hoping if I go by myself I'll get some things done! 

Heard them say 37 days till Christmas..ahhhhh..

Eric and Christina are supposed to be coming Saturday, staying the night and leaving the boys.  I was really hoping to have more of the grandkids but looks like sports are getting in the way.  

Russell posted last night that Jacob made the freshman basketball team at Oakmont High..and Aaron made the top basketball team though the recreation area he plays in!  Congrats boys!  Adam is playing varsity basketball for Golden Sierra High School...the only problem I see with all this..is the coaches seem to think they own the kids, even during holiday breaks..so no Grandma time..guess that's what happens...I'm proud of them..but doesn't mean I have to like it!  

Cheryl sent the pic below from the Miner's Hotel where she works.  She was working on the top floor and said it was so spooky she got done as fast as she could..she said she could hear voices and other things going on and she was the only one up there..so she sent the picture asking why is it that little kids all look like they're 200 years old..so I'm looking at the picture and I texted her saying..did you see the scary face in the upper right hand corner?  If you click on picture should blow it up and in the top right there is definitely an image! Spooky!!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cabela's and lunch in Reno...today a quad ride and shooting..

Well we left yesterday morning and headed for Cabela's..Ken bought a new gun..a Smith and Wesson SVDE 9 mm..we have other guns but that's one he didn't have.  He's a happy camper!  Got to love Nevada.  We walked in, found what he wanted, paid the $ for the background check and less than 1/2 later we left the store with our new treasure.  Since we've become Nevada residents a few things have changed in purchasing a firearm. First, they would fill out the info for the background check..now we do it on the computer in the store.  Last time we purchased and they would walk outside with you and hand you the gun outside the door, now they give it to you in the box wrapped with tape and out you go. Easy! 

After we left there, we headed for Great Basin and had a really good lunch!  Haven't been there in quite a while. After leaving there we heard about the awful attacks in Paris..Unbelievable! 
 Then to Sam's for some paper plates and a few other things. Done..then home.. 

This morning took our time getting ready..watched Pioneer Woman (still love that show)..then I ran to Scolari's for some stuff..they have their hams cheap, and turkeys reasonable if you spend $25.00..doesn't seem to be a problem.  I bought a ham and turkey the other day but nothing wrong with having a spare in the freezer :)

After lunch we jumped on the quads and took a ride to where we go shooting.  Ken shot his new gun (loved it) and the .38 and .40..I didn't want to so I just watched.  It was a beautiful day, clear as can be and in the afternoon it seemed almost warm..they say the weather supposed to change tomorrow..we'll see..
Ken shooting
The view from where we shoot

Looks like Ken will head to Bryan and Cheryl's one day this week, to help with some faucet problems they have..thinking i'll head for Carson City to do some shopping I just don't do when we go out..
Adam got his license in the mail!  Happy Camper!

I painted the next coat on the ladder..looks good we're thinking..
 back in a minute w pictures

1st coat looking good we think...