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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Happy Anniversary Russell and Lori, Congrats Adam and Mason! Getting ready for company!

Friday morning (21st) we left here with the Can AM behind us.  Dropped it off at Michael's in Reno for its first servicing.  


What we woke up to on the 21st!  Didn't last long!

We headed for the Meadowood Mall with a little time to spare before Ken's appointment in Carson City.  Macy's was the destination.  We looked and looked at clothing but I couldn't find anything I liked. I know you probably think I'm too picky, but I just want simple.  The only dress I kind of liked was $129.00! Nope, not happening. Their dressing rooms are open and no masks required! Nice to see peoples faces once again! 

I waited in the car while Ken had his CAT Scan, I guess because it was Friday afternoon the parking lot was fairly empty and he had no waiting.  

We headed to Betsy's for linner.  Awesome meal once again! Then home. 

Karen called and invited us over for Happy Hour so we went. 😀🍷🍺

Saturday we were home and just got some things done around the house.  We were sitting out front so I called Susan to see if she wanted to join us and have a glass of wine.  She said sure and walked up.  Karen showed up as she wanted out of the house, so we ended up having a nice fire out back. Conversation flowed and it was an awesome evening. 

Monday morning we picked up Karen next door and we headed to Reno to pick up the Can Am.  All done and to the tune $356.00 but it needed to be done.  They say the next servicing is the expensive one..haha. 

Then on to Walmart in Gardnerville where she called AAA and we took her to meet them at the repair shop so they could tow her vintage rv home. We had hoped to have time to go to lunch but she had to meet them at home to get the keys. Rain Check. 

Monday was also our youngest son's 24th wedding anniversary!  Congratulations Russell and Lori!! A few pics from way back and one from nowadays. 💖💖

Happy 24th Anniversary Russell and Lori!

Two adorable 18 year olds! 

Russell, his best man George, brothers Eric and Bryan 💗

Blurry picture but it's Eric and Christina about 5 years before they were married..

Russell (in the red )and Lori (across from him) on a mini vacay with friends last weekend 

Tuesday was a stay at home day getting things done as we have company coming this  weekend.  Finally got my windows washed.  Too iffy last  few days with the weather. 

                    Mason got an award this year for English! Congrats Mason!

We heard a few times from Adam as he decided to get rid of the Subaru he bought a few months ago. I'm glad as it just didn't fit his lifestyle (camping) in this grandma's opinion.  He ended up buying a 2021 Ford Ranger. Nice looking truck. I think he'll have this one awhile. He called tonight and said how happy he is with it! 

Adam and his new Ford Ranger truck..Cactus green is the color..

Yesterday (Wednesday) we headed out once again. I still needed some groceries for this weekend and to see about a dress! 

Walmart has their dressing rooms open finally, but nothing there I want.  Ross has theirs open too, but I don't know who they're dressing! I was in there about an hour and came out empty handed.  Thank goodness Ken was able to wait in the car and watch a movie on his phone as that's not his favorite store.  

We headed over to Penney's and after awhile I found the dress, well kind of haha. I bought a dress, but I really liked the same dress in a different pattern but it was too big.  I ended up ordering the dress I really want online, but bought the other just in case. 

Ken tried to talk me into another one too, but like I told him, "When's the last time I wore a dress? Especially a dressy dress?" Not much occasion out here in the desert..LOL. 

It was about 1500 so we headed to Betsy's for Linner.  Delicious and there's enough for Ken's dinner tonight. 

Little Cassidy wearing the skirt my Uncle Fritz made me when we were stationed in Germany when I 
was about 3 years old.. 62 year old skirt!! 

Great nephew Owen graduated kindergarten! On to 1st grade!!

Love this picture of Aaron!!

Today (Thursday) was all about being in the kitchen other than a quick run to town. 

I made a few different kinds of enchiladas for tomorrow night. My sister Linda and her hubby, Bobby are coming for the first time since we moved here over 8 years ago. Dusty, Chelsea, Owen and Cassidy will be here too.  Friends Kim and Lance are coming with their 5th wheel. We are excited! 

This banana bread didn't have much flavor..

So I made strawberry chia jam to put on ..yummy!

                              Enchiladas ready to go into the oven tomorrow! 
Veggie mixture for veggie enchiladas too! 

Time to get this posted. Have a wonderful evening! 

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Blogging issues, Ely, Nevada, Tent Camping, Armed Forces Day Parade Pictures

 Well, for a few frustrating days I've been unable to get into my account in order to write my blog!  I was beginning to think I'd have to start a new one! 

Anyway, we left Monday morning around 1030 and headed towards Ely, NV to pick up a log splitter we purchased on line from CAL RANCH. It's about a 6 hour drive one way so we planned on spending the night TENT CAMPING!!! 

I made us a couple of low carb wraps so when it was time we pulled over on Highway 50 and ate.  Because it was "special" I had a glass of wine and Ken had a light beer. 

We travelled on and arrived about 1630.  The splitter was put together and they got it loaded in the pull behind trailer. They'd had a rain storm earlier so the instruction manuals got wet, but you can still read most of it. 

We headed to Cave Lake State Park thinking it's Monday shouldn't be a problem getting a site close to the restrooms. We couldn't believe the amount of people camped there!  When we were there after Easter there was only 1 other gentleman and his dog.  We did find a site, not as near as I wanted but not too far. 

We got set up and felt a few rain drops but nothing really came of it. The skies looked really threatening. 

Right where we were headed! 

I was definitely warmer than the hubby 

Accommodations for the night

Fire is started and needed! LOL..

Ken barbecued an awesome dinner of pork steak and chicken thighs for him. He also made a nice fire in the fire pit so we were nice and toasty...until we went to bed! 

We both figure other than sleeping in a tent in Yellowstone probably five years back or so (they had a bear scare and we didn't want the grand kids eaten, so we slept in the tent and they got the rv LOL ) we hadn't been tent camping since 2008. 

Yes, we could have stayed in a motel in Ely, but with the $$$$ log splitter in the trailer sure didn't want to take a chance on it getting stolen. 

To bed we went. Can honestly say I don't think I've ever slept in sweats and my Dickies jacket ever until that night.  I had a sleeping bag so I was pretty warm. Ken wanted blankets and was that a mistake, he froze. 

After getting up a couple of times for bathroom visits by 0530 we were both ready to get up and get out of there! 

It is brand new but the roads were a mess to the campground..25 ton Black Diamond brand..
Sammy (our wood guy) swears by this model..

The lake is fuller than it was after Easter, but still a long way to go

Love this flag outside of Ely...

Once camp was down, we headed to Ely for a delicious breakfast at Margaritas in the Prospector Hotel.  Nice, no masks required and even most of the servers were mask less! Felt pretty normal. 

We had a pretty early breakfast so stopped in Fallon, NV at Stockman's Casino for a nice linner.  We hadn't been there since all the crap started, but again no masks required. Their servers were still masked because cooperate hasn't made up their minds on when to drop it for them. 

Food was awesome, at least half came home with me. 

Wednesday was a stay at home day for us.  I worked on the dinette covers for the motorhome and got them done! YAY! I've had the material awhile, but just didn't do it.  Ken got the tent camping gear put away FOREVER! Haha. Spoiled, I want my RV!

The original cushion..perfect condition, just dated.

The corners were tricky..I don't like the beige velour around the dinette, but
you have to decide where to quit 😃 Now if we only had time to get it on a 
short trip somewhere! 

                                                   The wood splitter in its upright position 

No Happy Hour outside as the winds are terrible and are keeping the temperatures down. 

Thursday morning after coffees I headed outside for a bit to use the hula hoe on some weeds we didn't spray.  Every morning we thought we'd spray but because of the winds we would be wasting it.  I met Susan when I finishing up what I wanted to get done. She took the hula hoe and was going to work a bit. While we were gone she pulled weeds in our sitting area out back. She certainly doesn't have to do it, but she wants too. 💖 She bought us the cutest shower curtain for the main bathroom. Picture after I get it up. 💙

We did hear yesterday that Joe made it through the Canadian border crossing at the Montana border.  Took awhile, lots of questions but he's on his way toward Fairbanks, Alaska. 

Tomorrow we head for Carson City and Reno. Ken has an appointment for a CAT Scan his cardiologist wanted.  Ken has an aneurysm on the Aorta that he is watching so once a year he gets this. The CAN AM is going in for its first servicing so we'll have it back for next weekend when we have company coming. 😀

Here's the pics from the parade, probably overkill so you can stop now LOL.

Obviously Proud to be a Marine 💖💙

We started the day at the American Legion that's open to everybody on Armed Forces Day.  Ken bought a shirt to support them..

Loved his shirt..If this isn't your flag..then this isn't your country..

Gotta love the red, white and blue! 

Support for Law Enforcement and Dispatchers..They certainly need that now! 

Naval Sea Cadets

Older Marines 💙💗

I love this..The flag is taken down in the am and the community walks at the end
of the parade to take it back to where it belongs. 😊

The flag starting to be raised..then the crank broke. They stayed with the flag
so she wouldn't touch the ground 💗💙 Such patriotism..can't help but get to you 
(or me)..

It was awhile..but eventually someone found another crank..

Up she goes! 

Love this little town...only about 50 minutes from us only about 3,000
call this town home 💙

Have a wonderful day!