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Monday, May 10, 2021

Ken's half yearly appointments.. Carson City..buying a log splitter..

 Well, another week has gone by..so here we are! We are in Carson City, NV for the night.  Ken had his yearly appointments with the lung doctor and his cardiologist.  Compared to 2 years ago everything was awesome!  Lung Xray was clear, blood work was awesome! Thank God and all the prayers he had! 💗

Adam sent pics of his trip to SIX National Parks..Great Basin, Mesa Verde, Arches, Grand Canyon, Canyonlands, I'm forgetting the other..a great trip for him...

Arches National Park..

Mesa Verde National Park..

Wheeler Peak, Great Basin National Park..

Yesterday was a day at Karen's for Mother's Day.  I heard from all my boys 💙and others ... All that matters in my life! 💙 

Auntie Izzie! 89 year s old..

Karen's mom, Izzie! 

Izabel...Karen 's daughter

Cameron and Sophia playing in the pool! 

My beautiful rose from Izzie and Auntie Izabel..💗

Izabel and Amber dancing on the porch 💙💙

Miss Millie 💗💗

This morning (Monday) we headed to Carson City for Ken's appointments so we had breakfast at Betsy's and then headed to the appointments. We're at the Days Inn where we like to stay when we're here.  Mammogram appointment in the am in Reno and then back home. 

In between appointments we  went to CAL RANCH here in Carson City to see about a log splitter..they didn't have any so we bought one from their store online in Ely, NV.  We'll be making a quick road trip there to pick it up sometime in the next few days. 

I went to Penney's but didn't see a thing I liked..so we'll see down the road. 1700 to Betsy's for dinner..awesome!!

Adam called this evening to let me know that he loves his new job with the Forest Service! So glad to hear, even though we knew he would. 💙 

Bryan and Ken had a nice conversation too this evening..Have a good night..early evening for us!


  1. Hello! Lovely pictures of Adam's trip and yes, I had no doubt he would love the Forestry Service too. Just from what you've told and shown us. :)
    Congratulations Ken on the excellent test results! Yay! 💗

    1. HI! Yes Adam loves to travel! Thanks, we were happy to have the good news one more time! Sure is different than 2 years ago!

  2. Happy Mum's Day. Great pictures of the parks. Dancing on the porch ... looks like a good time to me!!!

    1. Thanks Nancy! Adam is quite the photographer, I'm happy when I get a few pics from him :) You would love Izzie, she is quite the character!

  3. A Belated Mothers Day Greeting.
    Glad to hear about Ken's health improvement.
    Glad Adam's enjoying his new job.
    Looks like everyone is starting to enjoy some warmer weather.
    Good Luck on your tests.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you Rick. It's supposed to warm this week we're hoping. Thank you today's test, all good :)