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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Holly's wedding shower, Happy Birthday Allissa! A quick visit from Adam! Shopping and a few random pics!

 Well, another week just about has flown by! Let's see if I can do a quick catch up ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Friday afternoon Adam called and wanted to come spend the night on his way to Arches National Park. He was headed for the Idaho area, but the weather was much better south for him.  Places he's always wanted to see so he was on his way.  

He got here around 1900 and we visited for a bit before having a later dinner of tacos.  

I was getting coffee about 0530 on Saturday when he surprised me in the kitchen. He left here about 0700 with a couple sandwiches in hand for lunch. 

Adam ready to head out on his solo trip..I called  him today and he's in 
Flagstaff heading for the Grand Canyon..

Have Fun!!

I did hear from him about 1230, he was at Great Basin NP and was still headed onward. He did make it to the Arches area later that day. That kid can drive! 

Our used to be neighbors (but more like family) brought over Susan's motorhome later in the day.  Her house closed, so they will be staying with us for the next 6 weeks or so until they can move to Alaska. Motorhome  is hooked up to power, water and sewer and the bunkhouse is available for the next few weeks. Joe, will be leaving for Alaska much sooner to try his hand at mining in the area. 

Susan's motorhome...all hooked up! 

We are enjoying them being here, makes the transition to them leaving easier on us ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Saturday night we had them for dinner,  barbecued hot dogs and links. I made a couple of dips, simple. 

Sunday morning I got out of here just about 0700 to head over the hill for Holly's wedding shower.  Ken was heading for Washoe Valley to pick up a cord of wood from Sammy, our wood guy.  

I love this picture of Allissa (Jacob's sweetie)..Happy 20th Birthday! 
She messaged us a sweet note this morning! ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

Her family put on the shower and what a lovely shower it was! Her family is very warm and welcoming.  

The Bride to Be...Holly! ๐Ÿ’–

Just the start of the gifts...The trunk is also a gift..

Very nice set up for the tea party..

                          Holly opening presents..a great lunch was served too..
                                    along with many homemade desserts!

                                                        Holly and her sister Aubree..
Holly and grandmas

Holly with mom Tracey and Seth's mom Christina

Holly and Christina..

I got back on the road near 1500, heading for Carson City to meet up with Ken. We had booked a room for the night and he was already there when I arrived. 

We got to talking about dinner, he brought the enchiladas for him, but didn't remember my chicken salad or his coleslaw...hmmm what to do now? We ended up at Betsy's Big Kitchen. YUM! 

Monday morning the plan was to visit Betsy's for breakfast (that was always the plan). Got ourselves going and headed over there.  Saturday they had opened to 100%.  It wasn't too busy yet and breakfast was wonderful. 

Because we had two cars we left one in the parking lot and headed for Carson Tahoe Hospital as Ken needed an X-ray for next week's lung appointment, just a follow up. 

On to Total Wine for a pick up order and then to Penney's in the mall.  There we wasted about 45 minutes finding dresses for me to try on, until we went to the fitting rooms and they weren't open! I had called a few days ago, and they were! UHHH. 

Talked to a young lady there who said they can't open as they need staffing to sanitize and they are short staffed because no one wants to work.Because people are getting  the extra $300 a week in unemployment no one wants to work.  She said she'd go crazy just sitting at home so she's glad for the work. Too bad more people don't feel the same way! 

We headed for Dillards and we spent a long while there. All their dressing rooms were open with no one watching or sanitizing. I did buy one dress,  but I'll keep looking just in case I find something else.

By the time we were done, we were done! Headed back to the car and then home. 

Talked with Stacey, who went through the same thing at Penney's Reno.  Macy's dressing rooms are open and so is Penney's in Carson City. She said there's no one there watching or cleaning the dressing rooms at all. 

Good Tuesday morning! Time to get this posted after breakfast in town with Joe and Stacey...great way to start the day! Have an awesome day! 

Great nephew Owen is playing baseball this year..๐Ÿ˜Š

                                                  Sweet little Cassidy, watching TV..

                         Russell posted a few pics from Aaron's last football game


  1. Thanks for all the pictures. The moms look so young. The situation with the dressing rooms is one reason I don't like to go anywhere. Everyone is making their own rules and you don't know what the rules are until you get to the business. Take care!

    1. Oh you're very welcome..sometimes a little overboard. You're right you'd think the big chain stores would have the same rules..but they sure don't. I wish I was like Ken and could just order online..but I won't take that chance..

  2. What a great party!! There sure are a lot of beautiful girls both young and old!!! So far the only store here not allowing anyone to try on clothes is Walmart. It's too bad they are overpaying people to just sit home. They should stop the nonsense and get people back to work!!

    1. Thank you yes they are both adorable and very sweet! Yep no Walmart here either it's just too ridiculous! We so agree! But looks like our illustrious leader is planning to extend it even more!

  3. That's keeping busy. First Adam's Visit, the neighbours moving to your lot, then Holly's shower and finally Aaron playing football. All that takes my breathe away.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes we keep thinking things will slow down..but it's not. Guess it keeps life interesting right?

  4. A full week of things happening. Fun fun fun! Don't slow down, that's what keeps us young, isn't it? :)
    The girls look so happy, Happy Birthday to Allison, Congrats to Holly, Yay Owen! How fun to have campers for a few weeks!

  5. Aww..thank you Patsy!! Life is good ,but I'm ready to slow down!! LOL.