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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Well...here we go again!! Dec 29th..

I have no idea why it takes me so long to post...bummer, because in my old mind I forget alot!...

December 25th...we woke up at Eric's and watched the kids open their gifts!  We got ready and had time to run to Bryan's and see what Adam got for Christmas..then we headed to Russell's house as Ninny was sick and felt she couldn't handle having Christmas this year...believe me we were all bummed!! The rain came and went so we were able to watch the kids play with their r/c cars for awhile.. had a great time...tried the buffalo trace whiskey with Russell which I Would do again..good stuff..then we headed for Gmas'..nice time there..

December 29th..we headed for the snow with Eric and the boys..up Wentworth Springs for a few hours. Great Time had by all...then we went to the pizza place in town and had lunch..we stopped at Bryan's and visited with Adam and Cheryl for a bit and then back to Eric's..had a great afternoon and Eric cooked some pork ribs for dinner. When we arrrived  Seth was running in the mud with the  90..having a great time! 

Tomorrow we will head for sac and the rv show ...then spend the night at Bryan's ...after that the ocean and then Winnemucca and then AZ...life is good!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

This is ridiculous that it's December 22nd!

I cannot believe I haven't posted since the 10th...now it's so far back I don't remember what we did!  So I will just have to condense memories.  I know we spent a night at Don and Dana's and then Ken spent a second night but I don't remember why I didn't...Lots of Christmas shopping!  I spent a night with Linda along with Adam and i'm sure there was a reason but I don't remember why!  But we had a good time, went and looked at Christmas lights.  Oh now I remember why, because we got up early the next day and headed for the wreath laying in Dixon along with Wendy, Tash and Russell's family met us there.  After that we went to Woody's in Roseville and had a nice lunch.  I am always amazed at how many people come out and how quickly the wreaths are layed!  Love it! 

Saw Grandma on her 85th birthday on the 18th.  We have stayed several nights with Bryan and Cheryl, as Bryan's days off fall during the week so it's really nice!  Then we stay with Eric on the other nights.  Love seeing all the grandkids.

As a matter of fact I am at Bryan's now, with Jacob and Aaron.  Russell and Lori had some last minute shopping to do so I have them and Cheryl and kids will be home soon! Christmas will be here before you know it and we'll be at Linda's for that day! 

Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10th and we're in Cool!

December 10th....We left Winnemucca on Friday the 7th..Irene Real's birthday and the day in 1941 when Pearl Harbor was bombed..Brought the Patriot back so I can have it to run around and do some Christmas shopping..

Went to Adam's house to go to his basketball game and then I spent the night up there.  They lost, but were going to play again Sat am. Bryan and Cheryl both have been sick so just Bryan, Adam and I went on Friday night.  Saturday we all went...then went to brunch at Denneys after his game.  Ken took the little fifth wheel down to the KOA at Shingle Springs to dump and we stayed the night there.  Can't afford that too often as they are 45 a night to camp!  Got up the next day, Sunday and we went to breakfast at Joanies Cafe...we've been there b4 and had a good, and expensive breakfast.  

I went and did some Xmas shopping and then came back to Eric's after a quick visit with Bryan.  

December 10th...today I wrapped and separated what I have here and then tomorrow I'm taking stuff down to sis Linda's and bringing up the stuff I bought on black friday..I think Ken's going to head for Winnemucca on the weekend but i'm staying.  Another beautiful day in CA. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Now it's December 6th...Winnemucca

December 4th..Linda's 54th Birthday!  We left Georgetown this morning after a really nice night with Bryan and family!  Cheryl made some declicious chili and incredible cornbread.  She also had a ton of cookies for Ken's birthday.  

On the way to Winnemucca, Carson City Jeep called and said the Patriot was ready!  So off we went to Carson City and picked it up..new transaxle and no charge!  So nice to have the car back!  We stopped in Dayton at the Road Runner Cafe and had lunch.  Ken and I wanted to eat there for the Nevada Burger but they don't have it anymore..don't know why but they don't.  

Got here late afternoon and had a nice evening.  

December 5th...22 years since we lost Daddy..there's tons I could say here but anyone who knows me knows how we all feel...love u daddy and miss you more than words can say!  

Had a nice day here, going through pictures and boy are there tons of them!  Russell wants to do a tribute tattoo for daddy and is looking for pics of daddys tattoo...

December 6th...got up and headed for Dr Grants office for our blood tests at 0810...after that went to the Winnemucca Inn for breakfast..yummyyyy! Stopped at Walmart and Raleys and then came back out here.  We actually bought some egg nog and brandy, so went out to the containers to look for our yearly Christmas glasses..couldn't find them though.  I don't know if I will be back out here before Christmas so this our Christmas celebration.  I made veggie lasagna and one with hamburger for Ken.  So in a bit we'll see how it turned out!  

Tomorrow we head for Ca once again.  Adam is supposed to have a basketball game on Saturday so I told Cheryl i'd go with her to Placerville...

Can't believe how time flies...just a few more weeks until Christmas..

Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3rd...ahhhhhhh!!

Well here it is again...December 3rd..I swear I don't know where the days go.  We went out to Winnemucca last week and came back on Saturday...Ken's 61st birthday! Wow!  We were going to try and come back on Friday but that didn't happen.  So California was expecting a huge storm so we decided to brave it and get back to Sacramento area for a few days.  

We got a room at the days inn Rocklin for 2 days and nights...as we were watching Russell's kids as they were going to a 40th birthday party for Steve Hayer.  They brought the kids to us and we had a nice night with some Aldabertos for dinner.  Next morning (Sunday) they picked the kids up and we went to Jacobs indoor soccer game just down the street from the motel.  After that we met at Garcias and had a nice Mexican lunch.  We parted ways and we went up to Cool and visited with Eric and family.  Back to the motel and a nice night just Ken and me.  

Today Ken had a dentist appt..so I am here at the motel attempting to do a load of laundry.  Then off to visit grandma and then up to Bryan's for the night.  We will leave in the am and head back to Winnemucca till Friday, we have blood tests on Thursday...

Christmas will be here b4 we know it and I am getting more and more behind..till next time. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 27th...can't believe where the time goes!

November 23rd...got up at 0300, picked up Wendy and off we went. Black Friday shopping because we absolutely refuse to go shopping on Thanksgiving.  Actually was very nice, except JC Penneys which opened at 0600..everyone was there, lines were long.  Went to Target, the mall and hobby town.  Then we hit Denneys (yes, I know) but had awesome whole grain pancakes..yummmm..

After we finished running around I took Adam home to Gtown and then went to Eric and Chris's for the night.  On Saturday we ran around for awhile and Ken and I got new shoes at Big 5 in Auburn..we looked at the campgrounds near Eric's to see about dumping and decided they all suck.  Had lunch in Auburn at Edelweiss..yummmm...then went back and the kids were home, Eric got a new toy and Mason too.  The remote control vehicles and they had a blast.  Watched for awhile and then bedtime.  Nice evening. 

Sunday, got up and watched the kids play awhile and then we headed up to Bryan's house for the night.  I made tacos for dinner and then had a few glasses of wine and bedtime.  Got up and had some egg sandwiches and then it was time to head for Eric's to pick up the POS Chevy...and head for Carson City to drop off the Patriot.  

Had a good drive, dropped off the car and went to the Super 8 for the night as we didn't want to drive to Winnemucca late in the day.  

Got up and went next door to Grandma Hatties and had a good breakfast!  Eventually we headed for Winnemucca after stopping by the house on via catalina to check it out now that it's empty.  Talked with our realtor, Lori and are hoping for the best as these short sales suck!  Had a nice visit with our neighbors and really hope it comes to be.  

Here in Winnemucca having a nice cold night...just gonna enjoy our time here hoping to get back for Saturday at least to watch those grandbabies of ours! Well, they're not babies anymore....

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012!

November 22nd...Fair Oaks, Ca...Well, today is Thanksgiving and for the first time in at least 18 years we do not have a home to have Thanksgiving dinner at...well, no problem, Linda offered up her house (or was that me who offered it up)...so this week I watched Jacob and Aaron at their house and was able to cook up a Thanksgiving dinner which turned out pretty darn good!..  Seth and Mason came with me on Monday and Tuesday and we had a great time...on Wednesday they stayed home and the little girl next door, Elly came over and spent the day with the boys.  

I met Bryan in Loomis and picked up Adam as he wanted to come see "his Ninny"...so he and I spent the night at Ninnys..got up about 0400 and started to heat the dinner and cook whatever else needed to be done..

The kids all came early as this year they went to the other side. Had a great time with them, and it all ended too short!  

So thankful for the family I have...we love each other unconditionally and realize we are what we have in the end...wow such a good thing!  I love and Thank God each day for the family we have, we are so blessed!!

I did call Aunt Alma and found that Uncle Les is going downhill...we saw him in August and I am so glad that we did, LOVE that man...am hoping the end of his life is peaceful...it sounds that way from Aunt Alma..he is lucky to have her...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 14th already....

Well I am going to try and catch up on a few days if my old mind will let me remember...

November 10th...Seth's 11th birthday!  Hard to believe these boys are getting so grown up!  I left Don and Dana's and headed for Eric and Chris's house to celebrate the birthday!  Stopped and did a bit of grocery shopping and had a great time at Eric's.  Adam came to visit for the day and then I took him home, and we spent the evening out by the fire with Eric.  

November 11th...Veterans Day!  We got up in the am and I made breakfast for the family and Seth's overnight guest..Rhyce (not sure of spelling)...a very nice young man.  We left about 1000 and headed for the cemtary in Dixon to visit with Mom and Dad.  It would have been their 64th wedding anniversary! We met Russell and family there, and we had met Cheryl on the way down, as Adam wanted to go too.  Had a nice visit and then decided to go to Garcia's in Carmichael for lunch...yummy!!  On Sunday's kids eat free and if you eat in the Cantina, appetizers are half off along with specials on adult beverages.  Because Russell is a veteran, he got a free ultimate nachos as a thank u!  We had a really nice time.  Left there and headed over to Don's where we spent the night with Tara and Devin.  

November 12th..We got up in the am, and took Adam home, visited with Bryan and Cheryl for a bit and then headed over to Eric's to get ready to go to Winnemucca for a few days.  

November 13th...We headed for Winnemucca and arrived around 1600.  Cold but beautiful!  Had some beans for dinner, a little tv and called it a night.  

November 14th...Got up to a cold morning, about 29 degrees and took our time getting ready.  Ken wanted to go to dmv today, and to check on the Patriot.  Went by Ron and Deannas to pick up our mail and then headed to town.  Visited Walmart...and had lunch at our favorite mexican restaurant.  Picked up the patriot at the dealer, untouched.  He gave Ken a story about them being backed up and for warranty work they have to take apart the car, take pics and then wait for authorization...hard to believe, but we'll never take it back there again.  I'm going to take it over the hill for the holidays and then we'll take it to Reno.  DMV was packed so decided to go back there in the am.  Friday, we'll head back and then go to Jacob's birthday party that evening.  

Friday, November 9, 2012

Tara and Devin are here!

November 8th...Ken and I got up early so he could head to Winnemucca for the night to unload the camper and pick up the 5th wheel.  I stayed at Don's and the plan was Ken would stay in Winnemucca for the night and I was going to stay at Don's to take care of the animals.  Well, I got ready and was going to go do a little Christmas shopping and visiting my sister Linda.  

Ken called and said he got a call from Dana and that Tara and Devin were expected in around 2100. So I did a little more cleaning, and then headed for Georgetown to watch Adam play in a basketball game in Placerville.  I headed to Cheryl's and we rode together. Good game but they lost.  Got back to Cheryl's and Adam wanted egg sandwiches (actually what he wanted was me to spend the night) but I wanted to get back toDon's so I could see Tara and Devin.  The weather was bad earlier, but it had cleared, until I went to leave Gtown and then hail!! 

Ken got to Winnemucca with no problems, picked up our drugs in town and then headed out.  He plans on getting up early and heading back to Cool, to drop the trailer. 

Tara and Devin got here around 2300 and we had a nice chat before crawling into our respective beds.  

November 9th...Got up around 0700 and had my coffee.  Tara and Devin got up a little later, and they oovooed Don and Dana for awhile this am.  Right after hanging up Grandma showed up and we had a nice little visit.  Devin is such a cutie. Very expressionistic for being so young..love that!  

I left to go meet Wendy for lunch at Chipolte...yummy...never been there before, but going back!  Went over to Linda's as Dusty had surgery on his ankle and will be off work for several months.  Chelsea was working, so Linda was babysitting...hahahah...Had a nice afternoon chatting about our relatives and our trip.  

Got back to Don and Dana's, visited with Tara and Devin and waited to talk to Ken.  He barely made it over the summit with the snow, but he did and called from Dutch Flat at the rest area.  Made the decision to stay there with Mister buddy for heat and then head to Eric's in the am for Seth's 11th birthday.  I'll meet him there.  He did say the water pump is broken and so is the faucet...freezing from Winnemucca..aaahhhhhh....

So Tara and I had dinner, Devin too and off to bed...morning comes early..

Took a few pics and I will post in the next day or two..

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The days just fly by!

November 6th!...Carmichael, CA...Ken headed up to Bryan's house this morning  to help with firewood.. Keith, Cheryl's dad and wife, Renette came up to help too.  So I stayed home with the animals, did a load of laundry and made up stuffing, potatoes and green bean casserole to take to Bryan's.  I had bought a couple of baked chickens from winco and made the side's to go with.  

Headed up around 1400 and got to Cheryl's with plenty of time to go get Adam from basketball practice.  Had a nice night watching the election returns and catching up from 3 months.  Now we've seen all the kids and grandkids. yeahhhh... 

October 7th..We stayed the night, and got up this am and headed back down the hill.  Ken and I met up at Pearl House and got our Chinese fix...yummm!!!

Ken had to buy a couple of batteries for the 97 Ford and then he went to Cool and put them in.  He's going to head for Winnemucca tomorrow to pick up the 5th wheel and bring it back..so I was at Don's and wrapped a few gifts i've bought so far for Christmas. 

Tomorrow, I hope to have lunch with Ninny and then head to Placerville to watch Adam's basketball game.  

Have to tell...I was getting ready to close out this blog and noticed, I had written October 6th as the date...are you kidding me,,,it's November..can't believe it! 

We did hear from Lori the realtor yesterday, she said people had moved out and there would be a protection agency driving by to check on house..they had contacted bank but hadn't heard (today either)...so we'll see...should be sooner rather than later...

Monday, November 5, 2012

Spent the afternoon with Jacob and Aaron..Happy BDAY MIA!!

Woke up this am, had our coffee and a nice morning..we decided to go to Lumberjacks at Madison and Garfield for breakfast...they have ham, eggs, potatoes and toast for $4.99...up a dollar from when we were here last..  I ordered the special and gave Ken the ham..yummy breakfast.. left there and I went to toeh Ross at San Juan and Greenback and picked up a few Xmas gifts...and gift for Miss Mia's 8th birthday. 

Ken went to Eric's house and moved the camper from the truck to the trailer.  
I picked up Aaron and Jacob after school and they ran around with me while I got gifts for Mia's 8th birthday. We tried to see Wendy, but she was gone so we went by linda's house and found her home.. Then we left and I took the boys home.  A great day all around. 

Met Ken at Don's and had dinner, and tv..bedtime.!   The girls seem to be fine and relaxed.  We will be going to Bryan's house tomorrow to spend the night so Ken called his mom, and she will be checking on the girls while we are gone!  

Love seeing the grandkids!! ( oh and their parents too)...

It was 81 degrees today here...almost a record...28 degrees this am in Winnemucca!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Once again time flies!

November 4th..Don and Dana's house Carmichael, CA...

I can't believe we left Boomtown on the 2nd and went to Eric's house in Cool.  Got there and had a great evening with the kids and gkids!  I made spaghetti, salad and french bread for dinner..good stuff!  Then on Saturday morning, we got up and I made pancakes and sausage for breakfast...Mason swears "You make the best pancakes ever!" ...so how do I not make breakfast when he says that...oh and on top of that I like making breakfast for the kids!  Made some egg sandwiches too...yummy!  

We left there and went by to visit Grandma and then we came to Don's house and spent the night...the dogs are adorable and we're glad to be here!  

November 4th...we got up and got the day going (finally) and went to visit Russell and family...that was great and then we headed to Penryn and had a late lunch.  Veggie burgers for me and cheeseburger for Ken...love that place. 

Came back to Don's and I decided to stay and visit with the animals and Ken went to his mom's and watched a football game.  Good evening here and we will get up in the am and have breakfast, and Ken's going to Eric's to work on moving the camper and I will wander a bit and then pick up Jacob and Aaron.  We are going shopping for Miss Mia's birthday and drop off her gift. And just enjoy a little time together!  

Hopefully Tuesday we'll see Adam and family!  

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Boomtown KOA...getting closer!

October 31st and November 1st...Boomtown, KOA...pulled in here on the 31st so we're close by for Ken's eye doctor appt on the 1st.  Had a nice drive from Winnemucca, Ken driving the camper and small trailer and me driving the mazda.  Had lunch at the chinese place in town before we left...great chinese food!  

Had a nice evening, and a good sleep in the camper.  I changed out the sheets to flannel and they were nice! 

Got up and outta here for Ken's appt and all is good! He already made his appt for November 1st next year.  We came back to the camper for a bit and then headed to Abel's for some mexican food..great food, but on the expensive side for lunch so that's probably the last time we'll go there...but veggie fajitas for dinner tonight.  

Ken has wanted to visit the Sierra Traders Outlet so we went there after lunch. He bought a nice pair of boots and a jacket for me.  Whole foods right next door so I got a few things and then to the Walmart.  

We're back at the camper enjoying the evening and the cable!  

Off to Cool, CA tomorrow yayayyyy!!  That will start our visiting and catching up with kids and gkids and gma!  

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Winnemucca Days

October 28th through the 30th...Winnemucca, NV...Well, we got here and have just enjoyed the beauty of Nevada.  Went to town on the 29th..and dropped off the Patriot as it's making a whining sound...so we'll see what's wrong.  Enjoyed a Mexican lunch and actually the day b4 we ran into town to visit the Walmart and get some groceries...so decided to visit the Chinese place, as we were gone the three months and never did have any good Chinese..yummy!! Had a nice dinner at the trailer, watched some tv and saw a couple of beautiful sunsets..

Don called and told us that Ken's dad, Larry had passed away late yesterday afternoon...not much more to be said about that..

October 30th..We stayed here all day, got ready to leave tomorrow..It was such a cold night last night I changed out the summer sheets for flannel. Tomorrow we'll head for Reno, Ken has eye appt on Thursday, figure they'll dialate his eyes so we'll probably spend two nights there.. We'll have the cabover and the mazda.  
Our neighbor Steve came by this afternoon with a cute new addition to his family..he made a trip to Washington to pick up a new german shepard puppy..cute!

We'll get to see kids and grandkids...yayayyyyyy!!!!

Our beautiful sunset!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


We got here on the 26th after a beautiful drive across AZ and NV...it was really cold, but God gave us a beautiful sunset!  We spent today visiting with Ron and Deanna, as they collected our mail while we were gone...they are really special friends!!  Steve came and visited with Ken this afternoon, while I was trying to get the pictures loaded which I was finally able to do...don't know if I can load them here as service is reallllllllyyyyyyy slowwwwwwwwwww.....so we'll see.. Heading to Reno on Wed, Ken's appt on Thursday and then we'll go from there..!!!   Don and  Dana leave on the 2nd so I think we'll spend some time there...with Miss Heidi and the new addition, Sweetpea...Making this short and sweet as this is the 2nd time i've tried to post...again, service sucks....

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Amagosa Valley NV!

We woke up this morning, after setting the alarm, had our coffees and showers. We had talked last night about finding a mexican lunch somewhere, but then this am..Ken said if we have a big lunch we won't want the pork he bought a few days ago (and Yes, I AM going to cheat!)...these are beautiful boneless ribs with no fat..just like our anniversary!

So we decided to go back to the restaurant, The Roadrunner, for breakfast...and what a good idea that was!!!  We had omelets and potatoes...oh so yummy!!! 
La Paz County Park on the Colorado River

Our campsite right on the Colorado River

Ken at the Roadrunner Cafe where we had breakfast! Notice the glass...tequila sunrise..yummy!

Looking at the eating area  on the floating dock

Colorado River from the Road runner

Mural at the roadrunner cafe

Another view of our campsite at LaPaz County Park 

Parker AZ

Got on the road and headed north and west...we noticed that the migration of snowbirds is on!  Amazing, how many people are headed to the southwest for the winter...  

We filled our tank in Topeck, AZ about 21 mi from Needles, CA..we paid $4.09 for diesel...we got to Needles and diesel was 1.00 more a gallon $5.09!!!  Gas was $5.19...you have got to be kidding me...I want to go back to TN where gas is like $3.49 tops!!!  Amazing...

We headed north on 95 out of Needles...the road was bumpy and needed alot of work...as soon as we crossed into NV totally different road...great...had a nice ride, even through Las Vegas..too many people...and that city is still building, the roads and overpasses are beautiful...but it also had the most foreclosures and unemployment in the state...how does that happen?????

We ended our evening in Amagosa Valley, about 140 mi from Tonopah which is 255 mi from Winnemucca...we should be home tomorrow...can't believe how fast time flies and that we are so far gone from TN...it's been a great trip and looking forward to the next one!!!

Thinking we will head back to Parker, AZ during the month of Jan or so..loved it and it's warm..not like Winnemucca in Jan...we'll see..

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tonight we are at La Paz County Park near Parker, AZ

Oct 24th...Lordsburg, NM...Set our alarm for 0500..so we could get up and get going...had a great drive and then we had lunch at Gila Bend before we turned up 85 till we met the 10 again...drove on and it was so beautiful!...

We turned off and headed towards Parker, AZ..we went through Bouse, which I remember Al and Kelly, off the Bayfield Bunch remembering last year..cute town with a few rv parks...then headed towards Parker on the colorado river..we have a great site at LaPaz County Park..we plan on coming back in Jan ...we are right on the river!  (20.00..water no other hookups..but we don't need them..23..if you do)

After a bit we watched the sun go down..(beautiful) and then decided to head toward the roadrunner, bar and grill...so nice...right on the river!  We had a drink and then ordered dinner...Ken had burger and I had a veggie burger, which was delicious!  Then we had another drink and left...what fun! We don't go out very often but this was a lot of fun!! Hope we come back in Jan for a month or so!!!

Now bedtime and we'll see how far we get tomorrow~

I was able (I think) to get the software loaded onto this computer last night, so hopefully tonight (if we have service) I can get the pictures loaded onto here!! Yayyy...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Whites City to Lordsburg NM..

October 23...White's City NM..We set the alarm and got up and got the day going...Said good bye to the neighbors and then we headed out (actually they headed out first)..Had a really nice drive to El Paso..hard to believe there are people who live in between the 130 miles or so..but still a nice drive..El Paso is a huge town with lots of traffic...hope we never go back there again!  Drove on and ended up at the KOA in Lordsberg NM...nice, older but still nice.  

Ken had to rotate a couple of tires on the trailer as one is wearing really badly! He did that and I did a couple loads of laundry..needed too as today he is wearing long johns and it's upper 80's here...so tomorrow we will head out and hopefully head to Lake Havasu or that area! 

We are having a lovely trip..had veggie burgers and beans for dinner..yummmm...a lovely sunset and looking forward to the morning...

Kinda funny, we are in the camper and I said, what day is this?  I know it's the 23rd cuz I saw it on the computer but is it Monday, Tuesday, I don't know...so Ken usually always knows...but he says...I don't know....guess we really are retired.!

El Paso TX..with the signs to Juarez, Mexico...not us!

A beautiful sunset at Lordsburg, NM

Rocket Cafe in Gila Bend AZ..

Monday, October 22, 2012

Carlsbad Caverns National Park!

October 22nd...Carlsbad Caverns New Mexico!...Set the alarm for 0600..so we could get an early start...yeah ok...had our coffees, computers...showers, breakfast etc..so we left here around 1030 and paid for tonight at the campground.  

Went to Carlsbad Caverns visitor center and got our tickets for the self guided tour.  We went to the Natural Entrance and headed down, 750 feet into the cave..This place is so incredible!!  I really can't describe the feeling of walking into this cave, and heading down, down, down...
Ocototillo cactus, love the way this looks in bloom!

The Natural Entrance to Carlsbad Cavern, this is the way to enter if you visit, Incredible!

Inside the cave


This shows where the bats fly from

My hubby!

The formations are incredible, the walkway is amazing, it zigs and zags down the cave!...We ooohhheddd and awwwweddd all the way down. I can't describe the feeling, it is sooooo amazing!!   In the end you walk about 2 1/2 miles in order to see the cave that is available on the regular tour..We have a national parks pass (the we buy yearly, until Ken is 62)..so it cost us nothing to view this incredible treasure! 

If you do nothing else in your life, we believe this national park is the place to see..we are so happy we did this again!!

We went out to the camper and had a nice lunch, went inside and visited the gift shop and headed out again.  

We decided to take the 9.5 mile scenic loop...after a few miles..we realized that we had done this when we were here years ago..we saw Rattlesnake Canyon...that reminded us! 

Got back to camp and spent a little time with our neighbors, Joe and Cindy..really nice people,  Ken and I both think that if we lived closer we could be really good friends..they are wonderful and seem alot like us...they are from NY state and North Carolina..they've been on the road seeing America too...great people!!

Ken bar b qued some portabellas and we had a salad to go with...yummy!! Mushrooms were a little chewy, so we cut the sandwiches with a knife..but delicious...On the road again tomorrow!! 

Talked with Bryan, Cheryl and Adam today!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Finally we have service...

October 16th ...Tuesday..Cornersville, Tn..We left Cornersville, TN this am and are headed for home...(CA...and Winnemucca)...but I need to tell the story..as this is the 21st when I am posting...

We left on the 16th..and now it is the 21st of October...we are in Carlsbad, NM at Carlsbad Caverns National Park..Whites City RV Park..we left and haven't really had service since so I haven't been able to update..so I am trying to catch up right now..

October 16th..We left Cornersville..I took pics of the morning, thinking I would post them later today..not...

WE have been watching a cute little white cow..we named him/her Rudolph..like the reindeer..poor guy is the only white cow out of the whole herd...for awhile seemed like his mommy didn't even like him..so hence the name Rudolph...I took good pics this morning of him, so Don and Dana can keep us up to date on him...

1st night we ended up at a rest area just inside of Arkansas..We had a nice drive from Don's place, took highway 64 which we really like.  Took a wrong turn and ended up on I40 sooner than we planned..lots of traffic going into Memphis so we decided to hit up a State Park and spend the night.  Little did we know how far that decision was going to take us.  We headed to a town called Middleton and then started looking for the park.  Followed the signs until they ended with no directions to get to the park...so we turned around for about 50 mi and crossed over into Ar.  by then it was getting late so we decided to spend the night at the rest area which was really very nice.  Got up and headed out! 

Second night we made it to Lake Ouchita..near Hot Springs AR...great night had a wonderful time and so beautiful! No service, but ok...Santa was there vacationing with a few friends, maybe some elves too! The lake is so pretty!  Got up the next am and eventually got ready to go! We took a walk and took some pics..it's a state campground in Arkansas and we paid $20.00.  Nice deal..

Eventually we left, and about six miles into I was looking for the camera and couldn't find it! We went back looking all over and never found it!  I am pretty sure I left it on the front of the truck..as we came back from our walk, truck was locked and it was out of batteries...sucks...we went to the wal mart in hot springs ar and bought another camera.  Would have like an easy share , but not happening..bought a nikon supposed to be easy to upload...yeah right...

We left there and headed to Queen Wilhemena State Park in Arkansas...beautiful drive!! Up the mountains and then the campground...had a lovely night...cool but great..electric and water hookups..again $18.00...can't beat it..showers too...and beautiful!! 

Then we took the drive over AR into OK...who would've thought that OK had the mountains it does!! Beautiful....down the mountain and we found a mexican restaurant and had a nice lunch..ended the day at Durant, OK at the KOA at Choctow Casino...omg...the bathrooms were incredible...like a high (and I mean high) end hotel!!  the sights were big, beautiful pool..just  a great place to spend the night...

We got up the next day...and didn't leave until 1100..don't quite know what takes us so long, but just enjoying I guess...so anyway spent the night at Lubbock TX KOA...didn't get there till after 2000 and it was sooo dark..stressful drive getting there..but nice night once we were there...

Drove this am to Carlsbad, NM stocked up at Wal Mart and now we are at White's City RV Park...it definitely seems alot older than when we were here...Ken and I were here several years ago when we visited this National Park.. Tonight we drove the 7 miles to the park to watch the bat flight...well guess most of the bats are gone to Mexico for the winter, but still fun to watch..if you're here in the summer, nightly they may see 2 million bats ...i would say tonight we were lucky to have seen 75..but that's ok still beautiful! Tomorrow we'll take the cavern tour and then go from there!  

Tonight as I'm writing this..the winds are howling and the camper is shaking!! Love it!

The only negative of the whole trip so far is losing my camera, and now not being able to get the Nikon to load the pics ...just as i had the easy share figured out and no  probs loading...kills me...so eventually there will be pics here...just not sure if I have to get to Reno to do it!  I'll keep trying...so keep looking!! 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Bittersweet day today...leaving TN and heading for CA and NV..

October 15th ...again 2nd post of the day...Today is one of those really hard days..we spent the day taking things out of the house and loading the trailer and camper...honestly you'd thought we'd moved in with all that we had here..hahaha...

I think we've both been reflecting on our stay and let me first say we know how blessed we were to have Don and Dana open their new house to us for these last few months.  We were here with Don in May for a few weeks and it wasn't that sad for us leaving as we knew we'd be back in August.  

Today we're loading stuff just thinking how quickly this time has flown.  Yes, we did do alot while we were here, but we sure enjoyed this home!  Not just the house, but the beauty of TN and the people..honestly, I can't think of anywhere else that we've been where people at the checkout counter are so friendly, even in Walmart!   People seem as though they're not in a hurry and always have time to talk..really nice.  On Sundays when we drive through the town of Cornersville, as small as it is there are at least 3 churches but i'm thinking there's more.  If I lived here I'm sure I'd be looking for a church to join and I really can't say that about anywhere else I've been.  On Sunday mornings, the country station plays hours of country gospel music! It just makes our Sunday.

Even today, Ken was loading the trailer, and the neighbor, Bobby Bills called Ken, he had seen him and wanted to know if we needed any help.  Ken actually was getting ready to call him to let him know we were leaving.  This man is not young, barely knows us, but was going to come to help...how wonderful is that!

Anyway, these months have meant so much to the both of us, I know there will be tears tomorrow as we leave, but we will be back!!  This place just gets under your skin!  So happy for Don and Dana...i'm sure their lives will be wonderful once they get here!  

The house won't be lonesome for long, as they'll be here in November...and we'll be home to see the kids and gkids!!  If this town wasn't several states away from them, i'd talk Ken into moving here, and I know it wouldn't take much! 

Don and Dana's yard...trees are turning...

All loaded and ready to go...

The house won't be lonely for long....

Don's yard and garage...
Well, on to a new adventure tomorrow!  We are so blessed...! 

Talking with Uncle Vic and getting ready to leave :(

October 14th...Cornersville, TN...Woke up to a drizzly morning. Kind of the way we felt...sad to be leaving, but happy to be going back to see the kids and gkids.  We got ready and decided to run to WalMart to see about a few groceries and oil change stuff for the truck.  It'll be a little early change, but better than a couple thousand too late.  Ken is really good about that stuff, thank goodness!  

He changed the oil and did a few things and then we decided to go for our last mexican lunch at La Fuentes in Lewisburg.  This place is sooo good and very inexpensive!  Came back and did a little cleaning, laundry etc.  Took stuff out to the camper and now it's ready to go except clothes and refrig items.  Ken got the trailer hooked up so the car needs to go next.  

Ken had leftovers from lunch for dinner, I didn't as still too stuffed from lunch.  We called it an early night, and was treated to a great light show after going to bed.  Never did hear the thunder but it was beautiful!  

October 13th...Uncle Vic called me again.  He had called when we were returning from the Smoky Mountains and lost service.  I haven't talked to him since we were at his place in 1970.  He is daddy's youngest brother and is 83. He has the mind of a 20 year old and I really enjoyed talking to him. 

Some of the stuff he told me but I never knew...

Grandma's family, the Maggards, used to run moonshine in Eastern KY.
 Tennessee Riddle who married my great grandpa Phillips was from Giles County TN which is just a couple of miles from here at Don's place.
They left after a few years of marriage and moved to AR which is where my grandpa was born in 1884. (probably because of moonshine too)

My dad joined the CCC's in 1936 or 37 and went to AZ to work.  We saw a historic site just this last trip which said that the average CCC worker made 30.00 a month and sent 25 of it home..which I am sure that's exactly what Daddy did. 

He was drafted in 1942 which of course we knew.
Uncle Vic also said that grandma and grandpa really liked my mom (Hermi) that she was real quiet...MY MOM!
She didn't like cornbread, or cornflakes.. 

I'm sure there's alot more, and I'll be talking to him soon.  Next time we're here we'll make a point of going to see him!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

2nd post of the day... for you Don and Dana!

October 13th...Got back to Don and Dana's this afternoon and wanted to retake a few pictures so we could all see the difference in the trees since we left a few days ago!  So here you go...

Your bush out back..looks beautiful!

Your neighbor's tree...

Your trees out front have really colored pretty!

So pretty!! 
We are at Don's now starting to get ready to head for Nv and CA.  We really love this place and TN!  People are so nice and friendly, and it's beautiful!  They really do have four seasons here, and people are crazy about Fall.  We noticed on the drive how many houses are all done up for Halloween and then when they remove the bats and ghosts etc...they will have hay bales, scarecrows and pumpkins to get them through Thanksgiving!  I would love to be here to see how they decorate for Christmas and winter!  

KOA...Cleveland, TN

TN river

Highway outside of Cleveland, TN...Gorgeous!

Again, beautiful colors...

Highway 108 TN

Cute old house TN

You know me and my barns!

Highway 64 barn!

Guess I went a little crazy with pictures of leaves! But it's so Gorgeous!

October 10th...We left Crossville and the beautiful state park, headed for the Smoky Mountain National Park.  We had a beautiful drive and it really didn't take that long to get there.  We stopped in Townsend Tn at the little visitor center and had lunch in the camper. After that we drove into the park.  We headed for Cades Cove and hoped to get a campground for the night.. We did, but one of the last sites that wasn't reserved.  Nice, $20.00 a night no hookups but still very nice.  

We decided to take the drive of Cades Cove Loop, an 11 mile drive.  I asked at the info booth and he said it would probably take an hour or so, so I said well maybe we'll take it tomorrow, he replied if you do it then it would probably take 3 or 4 hours!  Sooo many people, a beautiful drive but when we got to this little grist mill, the traffic stopped!! We were stuck for about an hour, not quite knowing why...well, it was a DEER...how ridiculous...these people stopping a million times for a deer!  So when that broke and we got through it was smooth sailing until people saw a BEAR...we waited and finally got through...amazing!  So we were probably gone about 2 1/2 hours for 11 miles...never again..

Had a nice night, got up, slowly got ready and then headed out to go over the top into Cherokee, NC...we decided to see about finding a grocery store in Pigeon Forge, TN..wow that was a chore...that little city has sure grown, and of course being the time of year, crowded, crowded, crowded!!!  We did find a nice Mexican Restaurant and had some great food!  

After lunch we headed over the park and it was incredible!! The colors are gorgeous and it was really cool to see so many people out enjoying the beauty of America!! Love it!

We made it to Cherokee, NC and thought we'd find a campground, but then decided that we'd go back to another campground in the park.  We went to the Smokemount Campground, again $20.00 a night and sits very nicely. Not quite as crowded as the Cades Cove so that was great.  Cold nights, but beautiful!  

Got up the next am and we took a nice little walk around the park and took a few pics.

Headed through Cherokee and over to the Cherohula Skyway..this is a 41 mile parkway, through NC into TN.  The Skyway took almost 40 years to build and cost over 100 million dollars, but if you see it it's definitely worth it!  Especially the colors in NC!! The trees were every color you could think of including PINK!! AWESOME! AWESOME!

I would gladly go do this drive again, during the same time as it was so beautiful! We had a nice picnic lunch in the camper!  

I have to say, only because this skyway isn't as advertised as the Park, there was very few people on the skyway!! And the colors had the Park beat, I have never seen anything as beautiful as this area!! 

We made it to Cleveland, TN and the KOA..it was nice to have a real shower and some cable tv..( I know, spoiled I am)...

We left and headed for Cracker Barrel for breakfast...yummyyyy!! Then we took a beautiful drive, TN, 108,111, and another i'll have to look up..two lane and four lane highways..we even saw one highway twice, from different ways as I missed the turn on the map! But beautiful, the highways are so gorgeous...haven't opened a book yet!! I love this neck of the woods! 

Got back to Don's house and it felt good to be "home"...sad thing is we are here to get ready to go home..so these few days are precious to us..such a special place..we were so blessed to have the time here...I know when Don and Dana finally get to move here, they won't want to leave..TN is a special place, and if it weren't for the kids and gkids in CA  i would move here in a heartbeat! 

Leaving Crossville, TN

Crossville, TN 

Cade's Cove Drive Great Smoky Mountain NP (GSMNP)

A church on the Cade's Cove Drive



Add caption

Our camper in GSMNP, Cades Cove

A beautiful view in the park!

Another view of the colors!

THe green canopy in the park




Elk at the GSMNP

Our campsite at Smokemount GSMNP

Headed to the Cherohula Skyway...beautiful

More beautiful trees!

The Skyway

THese pictures do not do the colors justice! I've never seen anything so incredible!


More colors!

A fog bank that came up quickly! 

The Skyway

Cade's Cove Cabin!