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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Amagosa Valley NV!

We woke up this morning, after setting the alarm, had our coffees and showers. We had talked last night about finding a mexican lunch somewhere, but then this am..Ken said if we have a big lunch we won't want the pork he bought a few days ago (and Yes, I AM going to cheat!)...these are beautiful boneless ribs with no fat..just like our anniversary!

So we decided to go back to the restaurant, The Roadrunner, for breakfast...and what a good idea that was!!!  We had omelets and potatoes...oh so yummy!!! 
La Paz County Park on the Colorado River

Our campsite right on the Colorado River

Ken at the Roadrunner Cafe where we had breakfast! Notice the glass...tequila sunrise..yummy!

Looking at the eating area  on the floating dock

Colorado River from the Road runner

Mural at the roadrunner cafe

Another view of our campsite at LaPaz County Park 

Parker AZ

Got on the road and headed north and west...we noticed that the migration of snowbirds is on!  Amazing, how many people are headed to the southwest for the winter...  

We filled our tank in Topeck, AZ about 21 mi from Needles, CA..we paid $4.09 for diesel...we got to Needles and diesel was 1.00 more a gallon $5.09!!!  Gas was $5.19...you have got to be kidding me...I want to go back to TN where gas is like $3.49 tops!!!  Amazing...

We headed north on 95 out of Needles...the road was bumpy and needed alot of work...as soon as we crossed into NV totally different road...great...had a nice ride, even through Las Vegas..too many people...and that city is still building, the roads and overpasses are beautiful...but it also had the most foreclosures and unemployment in the state...how does that happen?????

We ended our evening in Amagosa Valley, about 140 mi from Tonopah which is 255 mi from Winnemucca...we should be home tomorrow...can't believe how fast time flies and that we are so far gone from TN...it's been a great trip and looking forward to the next one!!!

Thinking we will head back to Parker, AZ during the month of Jan or so..loved it and it's warm..not like Winnemucca in Jan...we'll see..

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