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Monday, October 15, 2012

Talking with Uncle Vic and getting ready to leave :(

October 14th...Cornersville, TN...Woke up to a drizzly morning. Kind of the way we felt...sad to be leaving, but happy to be going back to see the kids and gkids.  We got ready and decided to run to WalMart to see about a few groceries and oil change stuff for the truck.  It'll be a little early change, but better than a couple thousand too late.  Ken is really good about that stuff, thank goodness!  

He changed the oil and did a few things and then we decided to go for our last mexican lunch at La Fuentes in Lewisburg.  This place is sooo good and very inexpensive!  Came back and did a little cleaning, laundry etc.  Took stuff out to the camper and now it's ready to go except clothes and refrig items.  Ken got the trailer hooked up so the car needs to go next.  

Ken had leftovers from lunch for dinner, I didn't as still too stuffed from lunch.  We called it an early night, and was treated to a great light show after going to bed.  Never did hear the thunder but it was beautiful!  

October 13th...Uncle Vic called me again.  He had called when we were returning from the Smoky Mountains and lost service.  I haven't talked to him since we were at his place in 1970.  He is daddy's youngest brother and is 83. He has the mind of a 20 year old and I really enjoyed talking to him. 

Some of the stuff he told me but I never knew...

Grandma's family, the Maggards, used to run moonshine in Eastern KY.
 Tennessee Riddle who married my great grandpa Phillips was from Giles County TN which is just a couple of miles from here at Don's place.
They left after a few years of marriage and moved to AR which is where my grandpa was born in 1884. (probably because of moonshine too)

My dad joined the CCC's in 1936 or 37 and went to AZ to work.  We saw a historic site just this last trip which said that the average CCC worker made 30.00 a month and sent 25 of it home..which I am sure that's exactly what Daddy did. 

He was drafted in 1942 which of course we knew.
Uncle Vic also said that grandma and grandpa really liked my mom (Hermi) that she was real quiet...MY MOM!
She didn't like cornbread, or cornflakes.. 

I'm sure there's alot more, and I'll be talking to him soon.  Next time we're here we'll make a point of going to see him!

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