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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Whites City to Lordsburg NM..

October 23...White's City NM..We set the alarm and got up and got the day going...Said good bye to the neighbors and then we headed out (actually they headed out first)..Had a really nice drive to El Paso..hard to believe there are people who live in between the 130 miles or so..but still a nice drive..El Paso is a huge town with lots of traffic...hope we never go back there again!  Drove on and ended up at the KOA in Lordsberg NM...nice, older but still nice.  

Ken had to rotate a couple of tires on the trailer as one is wearing really badly! He did that and I did a couple loads of laundry..needed too as today he is wearing long johns and it's upper 80's here...so tomorrow we will head out and hopefully head to Lake Havasu or that area! 

We are having a lovely trip..had veggie burgers and beans for dinner..yummmm...a lovely sunset and looking forward to the morning...

Kinda funny, we are in the camper and I said, what day is this?  I know it's the 23rd cuz I saw it on the computer but is it Monday, Tuesday, I don't know...so Ken usually always knows...but he says...I don't know....guess we really are retired.!

El Paso TX..with the signs to Juarez, Mexico...not us!

A beautiful sunset at Lordsburg, NM

Rocket Cafe in Gila Bend AZ..

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