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Saturday, October 13, 2012

2nd post of the day... for you Don and Dana!

October 13th...Got back to Don and Dana's this afternoon and wanted to retake a few pictures so we could all see the difference in the trees since we left a few days ago!  So here you go...

Your bush out back..looks beautiful!

Your neighbor's tree...

Your trees out front have really colored pretty!

So pretty!! 
We are at Don's now starting to get ready to head for Nv and CA.  We really love this place and TN!  People are so nice and friendly, and it's beautiful!  They really do have four seasons here, and people are crazy about Fall.  We noticed on the drive how many houses are all done up for Halloween and then when they remove the bats and ghosts etc...they will have hay bales, scarecrows and pumpkins to get them through Thanksgiving!  I would love to be here to see how they decorate for Christmas and winter!  

KOA...Cleveland, TN

TN river

Highway outside of Cleveland, TN...Gorgeous!

Again, beautiful colors...

Highway 108 TN

Cute old house TN

You know me and my barns!

Highway 64 barn!

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