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Monday, October 15, 2012

Bittersweet day today...leaving TN and heading for CA and NV..

October 15th ...again 2nd post of the day...Today is one of those really hard days..we spent the day taking things out of the house and loading the trailer and camper...honestly you'd thought we'd moved in with all that we had here..hahaha...

I think we've both been reflecting on our stay and let me first say we know how blessed we were to have Don and Dana open their new house to us for these last few months.  We were here with Don in May for a few weeks and it wasn't that sad for us leaving as we knew we'd be back in August.  

Today we're loading stuff just thinking how quickly this time has flown.  Yes, we did do alot while we were here, but we sure enjoyed this home!  Not just the house, but the beauty of TN and the people..honestly, I can't think of anywhere else that we've been where people at the checkout counter are so friendly, even in Walmart!   People seem as though they're not in a hurry and always have time to talk..really nice.  On Sundays when we drive through the town of Cornersville, as small as it is there are at least 3 churches but i'm thinking there's more.  If I lived here I'm sure I'd be looking for a church to join and I really can't say that about anywhere else I've been.  On Sunday mornings, the country station plays hours of country gospel music! It just makes our Sunday.

Even today, Ken was loading the trailer, and the neighbor, Bobby Bills called Ken, he had seen him and wanted to know if we needed any help.  Ken actually was getting ready to call him to let him know we were leaving.  This man is not young, barely knows us, but was going to come to help...how wonderful is that!

Anyway, these months have meant so much to the both of us, I know there will be tears tomorrow as we leave, but we will be back!!  This place just gets under your skin!  So happy for Don and Dana...i'm sure their lives will be wonderful once they get here!  

The house won't be lonesome for long, as they'll be here in November...and we'll be home to see the kids and gkids!!  If this town wasn't several states away from them, i'd talk Ken into moving here, and I know it wouldn't take much! 

Don and Dana's yard...trees are turning...

All loaded and ready to go...

The house won't be lonely for long....

Don's yard and garage...
Well, on to a new adventure tomorrow!  We are so blessed...! 

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