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Monday, October 22, 2012

Carlsbad Caverns National Park!

October 22nd...Carlsbad Caverns New Mexico!...Set the alarm for 0600..so we could get an early start...yeah ok...had our coffees, computers...showers, breakfast etc..so we left here around 1030 and paid for tonight at the campground.  

Went to Carlsbad Caverns visitor center and got our tickets for the self guided tour.  We went to the Natural Entrance and headed down, 750 feet into the cave..This place is so incredible!!  I really can't describe the feeling of walking into this cave, and heading down, down, down...
Ocototillo cactus, love the way this looks in bloom!

The Natural Entrance to Carlsbad Cavern, this is the way to enter if you visit, Incredible!

Inside the cave


This shows where the bats fly from

My hubby!

The formations are incredible, the walkway is amazing, it zigs and zags down the cave!...We ooohhheddd and awwwweddd all the way down. I can't describe the feeling, it is sooooo amazing!!   In the end you walk about 2 1/2 miles in order to see the cave that is available on the regular tour..We have a national parks pass (the we buy yearly, until Ken is 62)..so it cost us nothing to view this incredible treasure! 

If you do nothing else in your life, we believe this national park is the place to see..we are so happy we did this again!!

We went out to the camper and had a nice lunch, went inside and visited the gift shop and headed out again.  

We decided to take the 9.5 mile scenic loop...after a few miles..we realized that we had done this when we were here years ago..we saw Rattlesnake Canyon...that reminded us! 

Got back to camp and spent a little time with our neighbors, Joe and Cindy..really nice people,  Ken and I both think that if we lived closer we could be really good friends..they are wonderful and seem alot like us...they are from NY state and North Carolina..they've been on the road seeing America too...great people!!

Ken bar b qued some portabellas and we had a salad to go with...yummy!! Mushrooms were a little chewy, so we cut the sandwiches with a knife..but delicious...On the road again tomorrow!! 

Talked with Bryan, Cheryl and Adam today!

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