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The mountains are calling and I must go...Got the t shirt in Georgia one year and this is our calling! We'll see y'all down the road!

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Computer issues, home, Lincoln tomorrow

 Well it's Thursday already! I swear they come around quicker every week! We were mostly home other than yesterday we had to be in Reno at 0845 and since it's about a two hour drive we left home early.


Found the place I wanted for my new sign :)

Ken had an appointment at his glaucoma specialist. Eyes are good, the drops are working at keeping his pressures down. :) 

After that a stop at Total Wine for a pick up and then to Carson and Walmart. By then it's lunch time so we stopped at Betsy's and had a yummy meal. Then home. 

Made some curtains for the cargo trailer 

We visited with Karen after she got home from the new store. It won't open until the 27th of October so there's lots to get done. Ken actually helped her on Tuesday get some things hung there. 

Today we were home all day. Ken worked on the car hauler putting his side boards on. We're planning on heading to Lincoln to pick up what we can of Bryan and Cheryl's stuff tomorrow. Another early day as it's close to 4 hours from here.  We've got a safe to pick up from my sister's house, but we'll do that in the cargo trailer soon. If all goes as planned we'll leave about the 12th of October for another quick trip to Arkansas. Fingers crossed. 

My computer has issues. Going to have to find someone here in town or nearby to fix it.  UHHH. I have some adorable pictures of Aaron and Kenna on Saturday night. It was her homecoming, Russell sent them to me and now the computer won't let me download them on my email. Darn!! It seems to only let me download pictures I sent directly from my phone. 

Well, it's getting to be time for Happy Hour and it'll be an early night! Have a great evening..

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Candy Dance in Genoa! :)

 Yesterday morning we were listening to the local news and they mentioned that Saturday was Candy Dance in Genoa. What?! How can that be already?! It's a huge craft and vendor fair that we go to every year if we're home. We made plans to wake up at 0400 and get ourselves going to Genoa about an hour and a half away from here. 

Couldn't resist! 

Didn't want the T Shirt but this was perfect! Bourbon Barrel

We woke, had our coffees and blog reading and then moved out of bed to get going! I made some simple ham and cheese breakfast burritos and we headed out.

We got there and got parked on the road about 0730. Had our breakfast and then about 0815 walked ourselves to the venue. There were already tons of people shopping. When we starred going several years ago there really weren't a lot. Guess things change over the years. 

We enjoyed shopping and actually finding things we wanted. 😁  The last booth we left, a young man came out and said we left something there but we thought we had everything and said maybe it's the other lady that was there. Well it was ours, but what he said didn't match what it was. So we donated $8.00 to that booth. Oh well. 

 Our goal was to spend some $$ that John and Karen gave us 2 years ago and we did spend some of that. 

The woman working her booth said stuff had been put away 
for 30 years. Except the wifey glass. That was bought at a
booth that turns out Karen deals with. Didn't need the bowls
but I just liked them :)

A $1.00 beer glass for Ken 

Around 1000 we headed over to the Genoa Volunteer Fire Department booth and had a couple of adult beverages. I'm thinking they make good $$ off their booth. LOL 

Around 1130 or so we headed out. Stopped at Raley's and picked up one of Ken's prescriptions. His Eliquis we found we can get through Canadian Pharmacy for a lot less than buying it with our insurance. 1 month in America is $532.00. 3 months through Canada is $247.00. That we can afford. 😊

After that it was lunch at Sharkey's in Gardnerville and then home. Ken's having a little snooze and then we're headed to John and Karen's for Happy Hour. What a great Saturday we're having! 

Time to wake him up to go next door πŸ˜€πŸΊπŸ· Have a great evening! 

Happy Birthday Patsy!πŸŽ‚

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Sidetracked..51st Anniversary, Champagne Sunday, Cargo Trailer, Allissa's camping, Adam's here! Good news from Mason :)

I started this blog Sunday afternoon...and then got sidetracked Sunday and Monday :)

 It's Champagne Sunday and yes we did indulge 😁. Since our anniversary was yesterday we still had baloney left over so Ken wanted a fried baloney sandwich for our brunch today. Who am I to argue?! 

Got my new Fall glass πŸ’› Other side says Grateful..

Good bye for another year! But so yummy!

Friday we went to Carson City and picked up the new cargo trailer. Ken loves it. I was hoping the v nose was bigger but it isn't. It's growing on me now I have to say. The first thing we'll have in it is Bryan and Cheryl's stuff from Lincoln, CA. Then we'll take it to Arkansas in October sometime. Ken's been working on tie downs today, well after brunch anyway. πŸ˜€

We've got two windows and a 36" door with a screen door

This is what $100.00 will buy you in lumber at Lowe's..

For our 51st anniversary we headed to Fernley we headed to Fernley and Lowe's so Ken could get the material for the tie downs and I could get a couple of curtain rods to make curtains for the trailer. Thank you, Kim and Lance for the Lowe's gift card last year for our 50th anniversary as it bought the lumber! 

After we got home we had our traditional lunch of baloney sandwiches and barbecue potato chips as that was our dinner 51 years ago. πŸ’™ Reminds us of where we were and takes us back πŸ’– Gotta say I can only think of two things that taste the same as way back when, baloney and pop tarts, unfrosted of course. LOL. 


Later in the day we went to John and Karen's as they had gotten home in the afternoon. Sure the doggies were happy to see them. 

Sunday we had our coffees and got ready then headed out to the outdoor kitchen. I cooked some bacon for later in the week and then the baloney and some fries. Yep, not good for us, but there's tomorrow. 

When we went to Carson the other day I was looking for a smaller table to have in the outdoor kitchen. When we have company the large table is nice, but when it's just Ken and me a smaller one would be nice, especially when it's fire time. Karen said she probably had the perfect one for us and yes she did. They dropped it off this afternoon. It actually folds down to about 8 inches wide when not in use! 

This week was all about potties! Ken replaced the one in the
Mansion and we bought this one for the cargo trailer LOL. 

Cute wreath from the Midtown Marketplace in Carson..

Got a call this am from Grandson Mason who said they'd probably be out at the end of October. Perfect! That's John and Karen's Halloween party so a great weekend to visit! I told him he made my day! πŸ’—

 Monday,  other than a quick trip to Raley's it was a day at home. Adam came to visit to start his weekend off.  That's why the trip to town. Ken's going to be barbecued some chicken breast and pork chops. I made veggies and rice pilaf. It was all delicious. 

Got these pictures the other day from Allissa (Jacob's sweetie). She and some girlfriends were camping at Prosser Lake off Highway 80. Looks like a beautiful site and lake! πŸ’—

Beautiful site, makes me want to go camping. Her dad actually 
pulled the trailer up for the girls. Sweet dad πŸ’™

Our sweet Allissa πŸ’– Another young lady we are blessed to
have in this family! She said she went by Russell's house before
leaving and he taught her how to tie on her hooks and everything else
she needed to know. He did good! 

Grand nephew Phoenix turned 7 months already, earlier this month. Here's a smile for your viewing pleasure πŸ˜€πŸ’™

He's enjoying eating some solid food finally! 

Not so much on this one 😊

After breakfast this am Adam took off for Bridgeport. It's only about an hour and a half from here and he's looking for a hike. Ken's using the Pit Boss and cooking a pork roast and a beef roast. I made Pioneer Woman Restaurant potatoes and we'll have some veggies πŸ˜‹ Should be a good evening! 

Going to get this posted before some bad influence distracts me again! 🍺🍷

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Helping Karen move from store to store, Babysitting the furry kids next door, Cargo Trailer is on the lot!

 Time is sure flying by here in Nevada! We've been home mostly. Last week I spent 3 days helping Karen to close up her shop and get things over to the new shop down the street. Ken actually spent 4 days. You don't realize how much stuff you have until you're moving. We made several trips filling our car hauler with inventory. The new shop is larger and right on Main Street, so definitely will be a good move for her. 

Loved this picture with the dark clouds in the background 
Not today though

One of many loads 

We wanted to get her done by Saturday so she could head over to California with John for the week. She'll have the week to relax with him until the real work begins this Monday. 

We are baby sitting the hairy kids for the week. 😊

Yesterday we went to Reno (Total Wine Run) and Carson City. We stopped by the trailer place to get a better idea of when our cargo trailer would be in. They said it's on a trailer in Utah waiting for a truck. We're thinking another week or two. Got a nice surprise this afternoon, they called and said it's on the lot!! Going tomorrow to pick it up! 

Went by our favorite little vintage and collectible store and picked up a few things, even one little Christmas gift. Dollar Tree because I wanted a few things to put in the outdoor kitchen, Fall related. 

Ordered this material to make curtains for the outdoor 
kitchen, turned out cute :) 

Guess I'm ready for Fall even though the temps aren't 
quite there yet! 

Linner and then home to spend some time with Mugsy and Lila. We were planning on staying ever other night, but they're so sad when we leave and so excited when we come over that we're staying every night and then going home in the am. Definitely not a hardship LOL. 

Ken's mom has been ill for the last several days and went to dr. Looks like she has pneumonia. Ken talked to her today and she sounded better, so thinking the meds are working. Love you Grandma and you're in our prayers. πŸ™ πŸ’–

Adam and Erin went to Oregon this last weekend for a concert and he sent me these pictures from there. 

Adam and Erin πŸ’™

Beautiful river near Bend, Oregon

Love this pic of Erin, not only is she naturally pretty
She's just as sweet πŸ’— and she Loves my grandsonπŸ’™

We're next door and I've got an anxious puppy that wants in my lap, so I'll sign off for now! Have a wonderful evening, I know we will. πŸΈπŸΊπŸ•πŸΆ

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Now that was an adventure!

 Saturday morning found us leaving our house around 0800. We were headed towards Buckboard Station for a ride with friends. 

Got there and had a nice visit with friends we hadn't seen in quite awhile. Around 0915 we all loaded up into our various side by sides. 

It really was a lovely ride. The country side is just beautiful in that area. We did the same ride two years ago and there were no problems as the road was really well maintained. Well, the last two winters have really done the dirt road in. We made it, but not without issues and a few screams from me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Will we do it again, no. I don't think the roads will ever be good again. Too bad as the views are incredible, but our little CanAm can't straddle some places that needed straddling. Still an awesome day! 

Trying to figure out how to get out of the hole. I was
glad to get out of there LOL. A few more issues on 
the ride, but we never did go over! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒ

On the way to the mountain

We crossed several creeks 

Such a beautiful mountain!

Our friends bigger side by sides 😁

Following to the top of Mt. Patterson

Almost there first we stopped at the little rock cabin 

There were old mattress frames inside, along with a partial
chimney in the ceiling. Of course, where would you get wood?

We are definitely above the tree line. Almost to the top

Yep, there's an edge, so let's stand by it..haha.

Our little guy...

Love watching the terrain change

Top of the world!

Mt Patterson 11364 foot! Just gorgeous. There was a flag
attached the last time we were here. It was so windy and 
cold we didn't stay long, or get a group picture.

We got back to camp around 1900 or so, it was a long day. 

Some good conversation and food. Then it was time to turn in. Because Nellie is out of commission after losing some of her siding on the return trip from Sand Mountain we decided to sleep in the truck. 

So after a not so good night's sleep we were all up early. I had brought fixings for Bloody Marys and Mimosas but with the threat of rain everyone made it an early departure. Hugs all around and we were headed the 40 minutes home. Started raining on the way home.

Once we got unloaded, we decided to head for the outdoor kitchen to enjoy the rain, thunder and lightening that was going on. It was Sunday after all, so I cooked up some bacon on the griddle and made sandwiches while Ken played bartender. A really nice brunch and afternoon. 

Ken changed it up a bit and had a bloody mary. Wish I liked them
as they always look so good. 

3 cheese and tomato sandwich for Ken and BLT on low carb 
bread for me...yummy!

A nice fire to warm us during the storm. 

One of my most favorite families. Nephew Dusty, Chelsea and Owen and Cassidy

One of my favorite pictures of Ken and oldest son Bryan,10 years ago when our house was still
the ugly blue it was when we bought it. 

Karen called later in the day so we went over there for a visit. 

Monday being Labor Day we went to Karen's for a barbecue with her family. 

Tuesday we headed for Gardnerville to pick up Ken's prescription (which due to bad phone lines and employee error wasn't ready). I did some grocery shopping and then back home. 

Later in the day we were in the outdoor kitchen and Ken was barbecuing hamburgers and chicken. Karen stopped by on her way home. A nice night! 

Today we got ourselves going and spent several hours at Karen's store. She is moving from this spot to a place on Main Street. It'll definitely be a better place for her. Sure don't realize how much inventory she has until you're packing it up LOL. We'll be back tomorrow to help move some over to the new place. 

Cabbage lasagna for dinner tonight so I'm a happy girl. Have a great night! Happy Hour! 🍺🍷