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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Computer issues, home, Lincoln tomorrow

 Well it's Thursday already! I swear they come around quicker every week! We were mostly home other than yesterday we had to be in Reno at 0845 and since it's about a two hour drive we left home early.


Found the place I wanted for my new sign :)

Ken had an appointment at his glaucoma specialist. Eyes are good, the drops are working at keeping his pressures down. :) 

After that a stop at Total Wine for a pick up and then to Carson and Walmart. By then it's lunch time so we stopped at Betsy's and had a yummy meal. Then home. 

Made some curtains for the cargo trailer 

We visited with Karen after she got home from the new store. It won't open until the 27th of October so there's lots to get done. Ken actually helped her on Tuesday get some things hung there. 

Today we were home all day. Ken worked on the car hauler putting his side boards on. We're planning on heading to Lincoln to pick up what we can of Bryan and Cheryl's stuff tomorrow. Another early day as it's close to 4 hours from here.  We've got a safe to pick up from my sister's house, but we'll do that in the cargo trailer soon. If all goes as planned we'll leave about the 12th of October for another quick trip to Arkansas. Fingers crossed. 

My computer has issues. Going to have to find someone here in town or nearby to fix it.  UHHH. I have some adorable pictures of Aaron and Kenna on Saturday night. It was her homecoming, Russell sent them to me and now the computer won't let me download them on my email. Darn!! It seems to only let me download pictures I sent directly from my phone. 

Well, it's getting to be time for Happy Hour and it'll be an early night! Have a great evening..


  1. I'm not a fan of early mornings. Though I get up early, I never leave the house before 9:00!!! Sure is nice of you to move all that stuff for them. I feel for all of you, having just done it myself. Such a nice trailer!!!

  2. The cargo trailer is coming right along, you guys are going to get a lot of use out of that!

  3. Curtains are great!
    I'm sure your help moving stuff is much appreciated. Computer issues, don't get me started!