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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Candy Dance in Genoa! :)

 Yesterday morning we were listening to the local news and they mentioned that Saturday was Candy Dance in Genoa. What?! How can that be already?! It's a huge craft and vendor fair that we go to every year if we're home. We made plans to wake up at 0400 and get ourselves going to Genoa about an hour and a half away from here. 

Couldn't resist! 

Didn't want the T Shirt but this was perfect! Bourbon Barrel

We woke, had our coffees and blog reading and then moved out of bed to get going! I made some simple ham and cheese breakfast burritos and we headed out.

We got there and got parked on the road about 0730. Had our breakfast and then about 0815 walked ourselves to the venue. There were already tons of people shopping. When we starred going several years ago there really weren't a lot. Guess things change over the years. 

We enjoyed shopping and actually finding things we wanted. 😁  The last booth we left, a young man came out and said we left something there but we thought we had everything and said maybe it's the other lady that was there. Well it was ours, but what he said didn't match what it was. So we donated $8.00 to that booth. Oh well. 

 Our goal was to spend some $$ that John and Karen gave us 2 years ago and we did spend some of that. 

The woman working her booth said stuff had been put away 
for 30 years. Except the wifey glass. That was bought at a
booth that turns out Karen deals with. Didn't need the bowls
but I just liked them :)

A $1.00 beer glass for Ken 

Around 1000 we headed over to the Genoa Volunteer Fire Department booth and had a couple of adult beverages. I'm thinking they make good $$ off their booth. LOL 

Around 1130 or so we headed out. Stopped at Raley's and picked up one of Ken's prescriptions. His Eliquis we found we can get through Canadian Pharmacy for a lot less than buying it with our insurance. 1 month in America is $532.00. 3 months through Canada is $247.00. That we can afford. 😊

After that it was lunch at Sharkey's in Gardnerville and then home. Ken's having a little snooze and then we're headed to John and Karen's for Happy Hour. What a great Saturday we're having! 

Time to wake him up to go next door πŸ˜€πŸΊπŸ· Have a great evening! 

Happy Birthday Patsy!πŸŽ‚


  1. That Candy Dance looked like it had something for everyone and is supporting a worthy cause,
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. You found some great items. It was worth the drive.

  3. My dad, and now my mom were/are on Eliquis and we found that the manufacturer had a program where you get a card and it ends up costing $10 per month. Look at https://www.eliquis.bmscustomerconnect.com/afib/savings-and-support for more info. Have followed you all for a couple of years. Live in Florida but we come out to California (I grew up in South Sac) and stay at my sister's in Citrus Heights. Dad has passed, mom is in an Assisted Living Home in Antelope. --Dave

    1. Nice to meet you Dave! We follow you two also. We checked into the Eliquis plans, but we make too much $$ to qualify and too little to afford the $532 a month. For now, this is the best plan that works for us.

  4. You got some treasures! What a fun day!

  5. You have to have the most patriotic outdoor kitchen in the country. Love it!

  6. I can't imagine getting up so early to go to a vendor fair but i can tell you guys love it! Got some fun finds!
    Thank you so much for the wishes! πŸ’—