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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Happy 25th Anniversary Russell and Lori! Hot here in CA. Getting things done, little visit with Grandma

 Well, it's Wednesday already and time is really moving quickly! Hot over here in California, 101degrees right now. Air conditioning feels awesome in Russell and Lori's house, don't want to see the bill. 

Yesterday was Russell and Lori's 25th Wedding Anniversary and they are lucky to be have celebrated in Perdido Keys Florida, just outside of Pensacola. Boy do they have the view! I stole a few of these from Facebook. Sure doesn't seem like 25 years! 

Two eighteen year olds 25 years ago πŸ’–
Happy Anniversary you two!

One of the Marine Corps Balls 

I believe this was before they were married 
and he was home on leave 

25 years later or so..I think this is last year..


The view from their balcony..tough place to be! LOL. 

Monday morning Aaron loaded the 30 lb propane bottle for me and I headed out to Bryan and Cheryl's place in Lincoln. The girl in the phone (GIP we call her) took me a very nice way on back roads so I couldn't complain about the traffic. Cheryl had gotten a few nice tomatoes from her garden so made BLTs for us. I took my low carb bread and it was so yummy! I haven't had one of those sandwiches forever! Then we sat outside under the patio and visited awhile. Again, I like to be here when Aaron gets home on his break between school and practice so left in time for that. 

I was able to visit with Ken's mom and sister Diane for a bit yesterday so that was nice. Always love to see her πŸ’•After leaving I was going to stop at Ross in Crestview Center that's been there forever but it was gone! Oh well. LOL. 

Another stop at the grocery store for a few things and then home to catch Aaron before he left for football practice! He's got a busy schedule. 

Last night was Taco Tuesday at the Kay household. πŸ˜ƒ Looks like it will be for him tonight too.  Dee and Katie who we've met a few times asked if we'd like to go to dinner tonight. Of course. 😊 Aaron was going too, but figures after football practice in 101 temps he'd be too beat. Can't say as I blame him. I'll have his dinner ready to go before I leave.  Allissa (Jacob's sweetie) is meeting us there too. πŸ’—

Tomorrow Ken's taking Karen to Gardnerville to pick up John's truck from the shop. Then he's heading to Lowe's to pick up the 12x12 pavers for the flooring in the outside kitchen! Should be our last big expense. Famous last words right?!! 

Ken's putting these blocks all around the 3 sides, leveling it
and then adding the rock. This will stop erosion and keep
the wind from blowing under. 

Blocks are level, sand is not LOL. 

Looks good..Today he's working on leveling the inside of 
the kitchen...

Wednesday is an early day for Aaron so I was surprised when we both got home at the same time. Gives him a little relaxing time before having to head back to school. He's got one more week and grandson Mason is out this week. Funny how fast the school year goes now! 

I'll be heading home early Saturday as Bryan, Cheryl and their pups are coming for 3 days 😁 

Another senseless act of violence by one deranged young man! 19 children and
2 teachers gone in a heart beat, for no reason. So so sad! 😭


Monday, May 23, 2022

In CA for the week+, Rock delivered, Party at Aaron and Kayla's home!


I stole this from FB..Looks like the kids are enjoying themselves with friends 
in Florida! 

Thursday morning I left home just a little after 0900. Learned my lesson not to take Highway 50 on a weekday until they're done with the cleanup of the Caldor Fire from earlier this year.  I got stopped 4 times with at least 15 minutes of wait time. UHHH. I know it's got to be done but it sucks. I got off the freeway and headed across on Sunrise Blvd. Traffic was a nightmare!  Doesn't anybody work for a living in this town anymore!! I did get to Aaron's with time to spare before he got home from school. 

He was only home for about 1/2 hour as he has football after school at 1600. Because it was later in the day I headed for Carl's Jr to pick him up some dinner for later. The traffic was horrible once again! Got his order and headed back home. 

We don't go to fast food places, haven't in years. Paid over $23.00 for Aaron's order! Double Western Cheeseburger Combo and a small hamburger Whoa! ...we could have gone to a sit down dinner and both of us could have eaten! 

Got back to the house and when he came in he ate and then we watched a movie until bedtime. 

Friday morning he was up and out to school. Had a little breakfast and I made his lunch.  I headed out the door a little later to stop at Walmart and picked up a few things I needed.  After shopping I stopped by my sister Linda's house and visited with her and granddaughter Cassidy. πŸ’– Friday night he had Night on the Quad        at school. From 1900 to 2200. 

One more part of the project done! Once we get the Youngstown cabinet
in and connected the water will run into the  pipe and across the floor
underneath and drain into the soil out back. There's a 10 foot piece of pipe underneath 
the sand now. No hot water. 

There's $500.00 worth of crushed rock right there 

and the other $500! 

Saturday morning Aaron was actually up pretty early around 0930 or so. I fixed him 2 breakfast sandwiches with eggs and bacon. 

Ken and I had a party to go to in Christian Valley, just above Auburn so I left Aaron here about 1300 and headed up. Ken was coming over with the Mansion for the night. 

I got there and parked, Ken was already set up.  We visited with Aaron while Kayla was getting things ready. Aaron recently completed an outside bar area and what a BAR it is!  The house is pretty cool too! 

The outside bar looking in..

A great fire pit..made out of a huge propane bottle

The front of Aaron's house..I should have taken more..

The chicken coop..isn't it adorable!

If you have a bar you gotta have liquor and they do!!

Just some of the appetizers, more in the house

Vintage hot dog machine, still works and the hot dog
was yummy as I had one LOL. 

A very old chain saw hanging above the doorway!

People started showing up around 1500 and the party continued until 0030 or so. A great group of people, gotta say! Tons of food that was amazing! I know I ate things I shouldn't but what the heck. LOL. I neglected to get pictures of our hosts! :( 

This morning  woke up at close to 0730! Had our coffees and then walked up to see Aaron and Kayla. Kayla made us all breakfast which was yummy! It was around 1100 when we both left. Ken heading home and me heading back down the hill. 

I got here near 1200 to find Aaron up and watching baseball. After a bit I headed over to my sister Linda's house for a visit with Owen and Cassidy. They are growing so fast, I was happy to get to spend a little time with them. Owen mostly as Cassidy was sleeping most of the time I was there. 

Got back to Aaron's just about 1430. Well, time to get some dinner going here! Have a great Sunday evening! 

Well, I didn't get this posted last night but will right now. We decided to watch the Wolf of Wall Street, didn't watch it all as I fell asleep. I wasn't surprised after staying up so late the night before. Hopefully we'll finish it this evening. 

Have a great day, gonna be 95 here today. 

Thursday, May 19, 2022

We've got electricity to the Kitchen, Headed over the hill to CA

 Monday we headed for Carson City to pick up the refrigerator I ordered.  We decided to stop at Betsy's Big Kitchen first and have some breakfast. That way we'd only have 2 meals for the day and I would get out of cooking breakfast. Win for me! Delicious as always. 

Found the perfect spot for Cheryl's gift πŸ’•
We got to Home Depot and boy were they busy.  We picked up some electrical things we needed and looked at a few things. Headed for their pick up area and then a little while later we met up with Mark and pushed the fridge to the parking lot.  They want you only to park in one place and that didn't work for us so we got it out there by ourselves. We like Lowe's so much better! 

After that we headed home and unloaded it.  Ken still had time to work some on the electrical. We headed for Karen's later for Happy Hour. 🍷🍺

Perfect size for what we want...

Ken called to order rock on the way home.  Talk about sticker shock Patsy! We had ordered some about 2 years ago then it was $530.00 a load, which equals about 25 tons. Well, $1034.00 for the same load! She did ask if we still wanted it, but we need to have it , so yes. It'll be delivered on Friday. 😱😱

Tuesday morning we spent spraying the weeds that have popped up again. About an hour and a half or so. We did it a couple of months ago but then two days later we had rain and little weeds started popping up again. I've hula hoed a lot, but not in the rock areas. We've had so much wind since then we had to wait for a non windy morning. 

After that Ken spent the rest of the day doing the outlets in the kitchen and seeing where he wants to tie in under the house. 

Took a short CanAm ride up the hill..Lovely field of yellow weeds down below!

Total of 6 outlets and a switch..

Today he got it tied in with success! We have electrical now! 

I got some things ready to leave tomorrow. Russell called and said Aaron's been sick this week and home from school, so we'll see what the rest of the week holds. Hopefully he's on the up and up! 

Happy Hour over at Karen's one more time. 

Well, didn't get this posted last night so getting this done Thursday morning. Time to read some blogs and get on the road. Have a great day! I know I will because I'll be seeing a grandson! πŸ’™πŸ˜

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Vendor fair at Just Country Friends in Fallon, electrical work on the Kitchen.

Thursday night we visited with John and Karen until 0030. How time flies! LOL.  Friday I did a little baking, hoping to leave some for Ken while I'm in CA this next week.  

Low carb and sugar free, The cookies were a new recipe won't do it again
as they crumble too easy. Still tasty though. 

Saturday morning we got ourselves going and headed for Fallon, NV.  The antique store we like there does a vendors fair twice a year. So we thought why not?! Lots of vendors and goodies.  We did see these two items jump at us! Got a horseshoe for $1.00 to go over the middle gusset on the kitchen. 

Came from back east, an older man makes them. Old barn wood 

Love the cabinet, on the fence about the paint job but we'll see 
Karen and Ken love it just the way it is 

The coffee cup caught my eye..guess my age is showing LOL. 

After the sale we headed for Ace for some more piping and to pick up a 30 gallon propane tank for Bryan. The one I ordered on Amazon (a vendor they use) didn't materialize so we found one there. I'll get it to him sometime next week when I'm in CA. 

We knew we were going to a barbecue at John and Karen's later so we made a point not to have lunch out. It was too late in the day for anything to get done on the Kountry Kitchen. I gave him the day off LOL. I ordered some navy/white cotton gingham check for valances in the Kountry Kitchen. 😊

A really nice time was had next door with Karen and family πŸ’™ We got home a little earlier than Thursday night about 2200 or so.  

I didn't set the alarm for this morning so I got Ken up about 0630. Took our time visiting with blogging friends.  After breakfast Ken went out to work on the electrical some more. He's got it under the house where he's going to tie in and he's working on outlets in the Kitchen. I help whenever he needs me. πŸ˜‹ 

Electrical going in below our bedroom

We will have 5 outlets out there before he's done. 

A quick trip to Raley's and a stop at our Ace for a few things Ken needed and back home. 

John headed back to CA this morning and on the way it appears the turbo on his truck blew up.  He's stranded, waiting on AAA 77 miles from the RV park. He took Mugsy with him for the week and Lila is devastated. Karen's headed over to get John where he needs to be and will be spending the night over there, so we're going to spend the night with Lila. Oh these doggies. πŸ•πŸ˜ͺ

Tomorrow it looks like a trip to Home Depot in Carson City as the refrigerator I ordered is in. πŸ˜€ 12 inch gray pavers will be next and an order of rock. 

Have a great evening! Happy Hour time with Lila! 😍 🍺🍷

Thursday, May 12, 2022

A quick trip to CA to visit Grandma, water and electrical being worked on for the kitchen!

 Tuesday night we spent with the pups next door.  Wednesday morning we got  up, had our coffees and caught up on what our blogging friends were up to. 

Headed home and got ourselves ready for a drive.  I made a couple of low carb breakfast burritos for the drive so we could eat while on the road. Left here about 0800 and headed to Carmichael, CA for a visit with Ken's mom.

We called her to let her know we were coming over.   Got there just a few minutes after 1200.  Diane was there along with our oldest son, Bryan. πŸ’•

Ken, Me, Bryan and Grandma front and centerπŸ’—
After visiting for a few minutes inside we headed to the backyard where we heard of her upcoming plans for the place. Always something going on at Grandma's that's for sure. Keeps her young at 94. πŸ’–

Ken, his sister Diane, Bryan and Grandma..πŸ’œ

Ken, Grandma and Bryan πŸ’™

Because we were making this a one day turnaround we only stayed about 2 hours.  A little after 1400 we were on the road headed back home. We'll be back soon πŸ’–

Bryan brought us this table, cast iron on the bottom, wood on top and you can make it as short or tall as you want, pretty cool! πŸ˜ƒ

We stopped in Gardnerville at about 1630 and had an early dinner. Another coupon meal, so we got out of there for $22.00 + tip. One of the few places that serve grilled turkey burgers and they are so yummy! I was able to bring half mine home for lunch on Thursday. Ken had my left overs from Dini's on Mother's Day. 

Once we got home we headed next door to have happy hour with the pups. We were going home to spend the night, but Mugsy's little sad face got to me, so we ended up spending one last night. πŸ’™πŸ•

Today we were up at 0515 and had our coffees and treats.  I stripped the bed and took the sheets home to wash them (Karen always says not to, but who wants to come home and work?!).  

We went back a little later and Ken did a little fence repair.  These winds have been horrible so the fences needed a little help. Put the freshly washed sheets back on the bed and did a few dishes. 

I headed into town to drop a return in the mail and stopped at Raley's quickly. Karen called and invited us to barbecue once they are home later today. 😊 We've texted and talked some but excited to hear the details of the trip. Sure there will be a couple of furry kids who'll be excited too! 

Ken's out working on the kitchen. Water is done and working properly. Now to put the electrical stuff in. He got the piping in and we pulled the wire as far as we can today. Luckily we had the wire left over from the bunk house so that's a saved expense. 

The way things seem to go nowadays, neither Tru Value or Lowe's had any 3/4"electrical conduit so we bought 3/4" water pipe. It's a schedule 20 as neither had schedule 40! Thanks Brandon! 😱😑 This will work just fine though. Was actually pretty easy to suck the white nylon rope through with the shop vac and then pull the electrical wire through. πŸ˜ƒ

Time to head out back with a glass of wine and supervise a bit! Gotta keep that contractor working! Shoot, maybe I'll even take him a beer!🍺🍷 Have a great night! 


Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Bar B Que next door, Mother's Day, water pipe in, Ken's lung appointment was awesome! We are so blessed!

Saturday we went over to John and Karen's and met up with Karen's family to celebrate Mother's Day.  We took hot dogs, broccoli bacon salad and lemon bars.  Izzie (Karen's mom) made up stuff for some tacos. All so good and way too much food. We were missing Karen and John but glad to have our adopted/chosen family there! 

Izzie (Karen's Mom), Me, Auntie (Karen's aunt) Ken πŸ’—

Look at all that food! Isabel and her grandma, IzzieπŸ’™

Lila watching TV! lol..😁

 Mother's Day..May 8th..heard from all my boys! Adam called and I had messages from Allissa, Holly and daughter in laws.  I'm a happy camper.  Honestly Mother's Day and others are made up holidays and I know my kids love me 365 days a year. Yes it's nice to hear from them..but I love hearing from them any time!! πŸ’—

Almost 25 year ago...Russell's wedding day πŸ’—πŸ˜­

Russell's son Aaron playing football! He's a senior next year..#20!!

Sunday morning we headed to Topaz Ranch Estates to get some firewood I saw on Facebook Marketplace.  Little over a cord of Pinon Pine for $150.00.  We don't burn it in the house but it's perfect for outside fires. Beautiful place! Mike helped us load it so we were out of there earlier than we thought. We took the wood home and then at 1300 we headed for Dini's and had an awesome linner. (lunch and dinner). 

Sunday evening we headed next door and stayed with the pups overnight. :)

Monday we ran up to town to the local Tru Value and got some stuff so Ken could get the water line in the outside kitchen. They didn't have everything we needed but he could get started. 

By the end of the day we had a water line for the Youngstown sink we have. A lot of digging, glad it's mostly sand.  

My beautiful rose from Amber...Karen's daughter πŸ’•

Alot of digging for the water line..

Just love our clouds...

The water line is in! 

Lots of sand he had to dig..spoil pile is huge!

Today we got ourselves up and going as Ken had an appointment with his lung doctor in Carson City.   We got there early and got right in. We were shocked that there were no masks required. Dr Foster commented that he thought I didn't come to the last appointment. I told him that I was there because he was the only one of Ken's doctor's  I would wear a mask for if needed as he was the dr that saved Ken's life. 3 years ago he wouldn't give up until he found the problem of Ken's lung issue! If it weren't for him I wouldn't have a husband now! 

When we left I got a big hug from him πŸ’— Ken goes back in 6 months for another check up! He was happy with Ken's blood pressure, weight and chest x ray! πŸ˜ƒ

After that it was a trip to Lowe's to pick up some pipe for the electrical and a few other things. Walmart was the next stop and then we headed to CVI for a late lunch. They sent some coupons last month so we got out of there today for $20.00 + tip including a beer for Ken and 1/2 carafe of wine for me 🍺🍷 

We're hanging with the doggies next door for the night. Tomorrow is a visit with Ken's mom in Carmichael, CA. One day turn around. Thursday I put the contractor back to work LOL! 

John and Karen texted earlier they were broke down right over the Texas border. After some cool down time they were able to make Tucumcari, NM. We'll see what happens tomorrow. 

Time to watch a movie and call it a night. Enjoy! 😁