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Monday, May 23, 2022

In CA for the week+, Rock delivered, Party at Aaron and Kayla's home!


I stole this from FB..Looks like the kids are enjoying themselves with friends 
in Florida! 

Thursday morning I left home just a little after 0900. Learned my lesson not to take Highway 50 on a weekday until they're done with the cleanup of the Caldor Fire from earlier this year.  I got stopped 4 times with at least 15 minutes of wait time. UHHH. I know it's got to be done but it sucks. I got off the freeway and headed across on Sunrise Blvd. Traffic was a nightmare!  Doesn't anybody work for a living in this town anymore!! I did get to Aaron's with time to spare before he got home from school. 

He was only home for about 1/2 hour as he has football after school at 1600. Because it was later in the day I headed for Carl's Jr to pick him up some dinner for later. The traffic was horrible once again! Got his order and headed back home. 

We don't go to fast food places, haven't in years. Paid over $23.00 for Aaron's order! Double Western Cheeseburger Combo and a small hamburger Whoa! ...we could have gone to a sit down dinner and both of us could have eaten! 

Got back to the house and when he came in he ate and then we watched a movie until bedtime. 

Friday morning he was up and out to school. Had a little breakfast and I made his lunch.  I headed out the door a little later to stop at Walmart and picked up a few things I needed.  After shopping I stopped by my sister Linda's house and visited with her and granddaughter Cassidy. 💖 Friday night he had Night on the Quad        at school. From 1900 to 2200. 

One more part of the project done! Once we get the Youngstown cabinet
in and connected the water will run into the  pipe and across the floor
underneath and drain into the soil out back. There's a 10 foot piece of pipe underneath 
the sand now. No hot water. 

There's $500.00 worth of crushed rock right there 

and the other $500! 

Saturday morning Aaron was actually up pretty early around 0930 or so. I fixed him 2 breakfast sandwiches with eggs and bacon. 

Ken and I had a party to go to in Christian Valley, just above Auburn so I left Aaron here about 1300 and headed up. Ken was coming over with the Mansion for the night. 

I got there and parked, Ken was already set up.  We visited with Aaron while Kayla was getting things ready. Aaron recently completed an outside bar area and what a BAR it is!  The house is pretty cool too! 

The outside bar looking in..

A great fire pit..made out of a huge propane bottle

The front of Aaron's house..I should have taken more..

The chicken coop..isn't it adorable!

If you have a bar you gotta have liquor and they do!!

Just some of the appetizers, more in the house

Vintage hot dog machine, still works and the hot dog
was yummy as I had one LOL. 

A very old chain saw hanging above the doorway!

People started showing up around 1500 and the party continued until 0030 or so. A great group of people, gotta say! Tons of food that was amazing! I know I ate things I shouldn't but what the heck. LOL. I neglected to get pictures of our hosts! :( 

This morning  woke up at close to 0730! Had our coffees and then walked up to see Aaron and Kayla. Kayla made us all breakfast which was yummy! It was around 1100 when we both left. Ken heading home and me heading back down the hill. 

I got here near 1200 to find Aaron up and watching baseball. After a bit I headed over to my sister Linda's house for a visit with Owen and Cassidy. They are growing so fast, I was happy to get to spend a little time with them. Owen mostly as Cassidy was sleeping most of the time I was there. 

Got back to Aaron's just about 1430. Well, time to get some dinner going here! Have a great Sunday evening! 

Well, I didn't get this posted last night but will right now. We decided to watch the Wolf of Wall Street, didn't watch it all as I fell asleep. I wasn't surprised after staying up so late the night before. Hopefully we'll finish it this evening. 

Have a great day, gonna be 95 here today. 


  1. What a great house!! I know about those burgers ... crazy how expensive they have gotten. You could have fixed dinner for six!!! Oh well, the kids are worth it. I'm wondering what you will do for a floor in your kitchen. Gravel? Wood?

    1. 12x12 cement pavers for the flooring, gray hopefully. :)

  2. Nice that you can help out while house sitting.
    That was quite the Party.
    Everything costs more then it used to.
    Be Safe and Enjoy helping out.

    It's about time.

  3. I wouldn't be anywhere else if I'm needed! Last 2 grandsons will be seniors in September :) Don't think i'll be needed much more sad to say :( Yes it was a great party!

  4. Love that bar! Now I have the itch to do something like that at our house once we are done with all the other projects!

    1. You know, that would look really awesome at your place!!

  5. What a great place they have!! The party looks like a lot of fun.
    You have a huge ❤, young lady. No wonder you are so loved by everyone. 😍

  6. It is an awesome place, I should have taken more pictures. You are way too sweet Patsy! :)