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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Vendor fair at Just Country Friends in Fallon, electrical work on the Kitchen.

Thursday night we visited with John and Karen until 0030. How time flies! LOL.  Friday I did a little baking, hoping to leave some for Ken while I'm in CA this next week.  

Low carb and sugar free, The cookies were a new recipe won't do it again
as they crumble too easy. Still tasty though. 

Saturday morning we got ourselves going and headed for Fallon, NV.  The antique store we like there does a vendors fair twice a year. So we thought why not?! Lots of vendors and goodies.  We did see these two items jump at us! Got a horseshoe for $1.00 to go over the middle gusset on the kitchen. 

Came from back east, an older man makes them. Old barn wood 

Love the cabinet, on the fence about the paint job but we'll see 
Karen and Ken love it just the way it is 

The coffee cup caught my eye..guess my age is showing LOL. 

After the sale we headed for Ace for some more piping and to pick up a 30 gallon propane tank for Bryan. The one I ordered on Amazon (a vendor they use) didn't materialize so we found one there. I'll get it to him sometime next week when I'm in CA. 

We knew we were going to a barbecue at John and Karen's later so we made a point not to have lunch out. It was too late in the day for anything to get done on the Kountry Kitchen. I gave him the day off LOL. I ordered some navy/white cotton gingham check for valances in the Kountry Kitchen. 😊

A really nice time was had next door with Karen and family πŸ’™ We got home a little earlier than Thursday night about 2200 or so.  

I didn't set the alarm for this morning so I got Ken up about 0630. Took our time visiting with blogging friends.  After breakfast Ken went out to work on the electrical some more. He's got it under the house where he's going to tie in and he's working on outlets in the Kitchen. I help whenever he needs me. πŸ˜‹ 

Electrical going in below our bedroom

We will have 5 outlets out there before he's done. 

A quick trip to Raley's and a stop at our Ace for a few things Ken needed and back home. 

John headed back to CA this morning and on the way it appears the turbo on his truck blew up.  He's stranded, waiting on AAA 77 miles from the RV park. He took Mugsy with him for the week and Lila is devastated. Karen's headed over to get John where he needs to be and will be spending the night over there, so we're going to spend the night with Lila. Oh these doggies. πŸ•πŸ˜ͺ

Tomorrow it looks like a trip to Home Depot in Carson City as the refrigerator I ordered is in. πŸ˜€ 12 inch gray pavers will be next and an order of rock. 

Have a great evening! Happy Hour time with Lila! 😍 🍺🍷


  1. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Lowe's, Home Depot, Ace... they must love it when you come in. I recall every charge being at a home improvement store for quite a while when we were in the midst of building.

    1. Oh I can imagine at your place!! Luckily our spending will end soon LOL. Then it will be just fun stuff! :)

  3. Oh man .... I'm so jealous of your vendor fair!!! No good antique stores around here at all. I'm thinking your kitchen might need an old army cot, you know, just in case you need a nap after all that cooking. I'd even spend the night out there when it gets warm!!

    1. I love when they have it! You are always welcome Nancy!

  4. Those are some really cool items you found at the Faire. Poor John!!! Elva

    1. Thank you!! Yep it's been a problem for him..hopefully fixed soon

  5. The Kitchen is slowly taking shape.
    The joys of mechanics when we have problems.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.