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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Happy 25th Anniversary Russell and Lori! Hot here in CA. Getting things done, little visit with Grandma

 Well, it's Wednesday already and time is really moving quickly! Hot over here in California, 101degrees right now. Air conditioning feels awesome in Russell and Lori's house, don't want to see the bill. 

Yesterday was Russell and Lori's 25th Wedding Anniversary and they are lucky to be have celebrated in Perdido Keys Florida, just outside of Pensacola. Boy do they have the view! I stole a few of these from Facebook. Sure doesn't seem like 25 years! 

Two eighteen year olds 25 years ago πŸ’–
Happy Anniversary you two!

One of the Marine Corps Balls 

I believe this was before they were married 
and he was home on leave 

25 years later or so..I think this is last year..


The view from their balcony..tough place to be! LOL. 

Monday morning Aaron loaded the 30 lb propane bottle for me and I headed out to Bryan and Cheryl's place in Lincoln. The girl in the phone (GIP we call her) took me a very nice way on back roads so I couldn't complain about the traffic. Cheryl had gotten a few nice tomatoes from her garden so made BLTs for us. I took my low carb bread and it was so yummy! I haven't had one of those sandwiches forever! Then we sat outside under the patio and visited awhile. Again, I like to be here when Aaron gets home on his break between school and practice so left in time for that. 

I was able to visit with Ken's mom and sister Diane for a bit yesterday so that was nice. Always love to see her πŸ’•After leaving I was going to stop at Ross in Crestview Center that's been there forever but it was gone! Oh well. LOL. 

Another stop at the grocery store for a few things and then home to catch Aaron before he left for football practice! He's got a busy schedule. 

Last night was Taco Tuesday at the Kay household. πŸ˜ƒ Looks like it will be for him tonight too.  Dee and Katie who we've met a few times asked if we'd like to go to dinner tonight. Of course. 😊 Aaron was going too, but figures after football practice in 101 temps he'd be too beat. Can't say as I blame him. I'll have his dinner ready to go before I leave.  Allissa (Jacob's sweetie) is meeting us there too. πŸ’—

Tomorrow Ken's taking Karen to Gardnerville to pick up John's truck from the shop. Then he's heading to Lowe's to pick up the 12x12 pavers for the flooring in the outside kitchen! Should be our last big expense. Famous last words right?!! 

Ken's putting these blocks all around the 3 sides, leveling it
and then adding the rock. This will stop erosion and keep
the wind from blowing under. 

Blocks are level, sand is not LOL. 

Looks good..Today he's working on leveling the inside of 
the kitchen...

Wednesday is an early day for Aaron so I was surprised when we both got home at the same time. Gives him a little relaxing time before having to head back to school. He's got one more week and grandson Mason is out this week. Funny how fast the school year goes now! 

I'll be heading home early Saturday as Bryan, Cheryl and their pups are coming for 3 days 😁 

Another senseless act of violence by one deranged young man! 19 children and
2 teachers gone in a heart beat, for no reason. So so sad! 😭



  1. You know we are only about a half hour from Lincoln. And we have a Ross 5 minutes away! Jerry went to The Camp yesterday to work on equipment. He called me at 3 that he was leaving. So of course he hit traffic and there was an accident on Hwy. 99. Safe travels home and have a great weekend.

    1. Yeah I'm so done with the traffic here! I'll go to Ross next time we're in Carson City..just not worth the headache in Roseville or Sac...3 o'clock would be a bad time to start home!

  2. Bummer about Ross!!
    Happy 25th to Lori and Russell.😍

  3. Thank you!! I can't believe it actually! Seems like yesterday!

  4. Isn't it nice when you get to "the last big expense"? We, sadly, are not there yet. We have two big expenses left before we can say that phrase but hopefully it will come this fall. Everything looks great!

    1. You are so right about the last expense and it wasn't as bad as we thought. The pavers were on a Labor Day Sale and because we bought so many an extra 10% off YAY! Thanks so much!

  5. Such a great job on the kitchen. I never would have thought about putting the blocks and gravel around the bottom. Happy 25th to the Kids!!!

  6. That was all hubby's idea and I love it, as we constantly have wind coming that way so with the sand it would have eroded away. Can't wait to see it with the floor in! Thank you , they are enjoying Florida!!