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Saturday, June 29, 2013

In CA to pick up Seth and Mason for the week!

Friday June 28th...We got up and headed to Gardnerville (about 50 mi) and went shopping at Walmart and Smith's grocery store..figured this way I wouldn't have to stop on the way home with 3 boys to do shopping for next week... 

Had lunch at a Mexican place in Gardnerville and then it was time to head home.  We stopped at the park in Yerington and Adam played till he couldn't stand the heat anymore!  We went home and basically stayed inside until bedtime, as it was so hot no way was I spending anymore time outside than I needed to! 

Saturday am up early, breakfast and out of there by about 1020 headed to Georgetown. We stopped in Gardnerville for a few things I forgot yesterday and then headed out.  Ken wanted me to pick up some barbless hooks, but Walmart didn't have any, will have to try somewhere else tomorrow.  Picking up Seth and Mason between 0900 and 1000.  hoping to get to Bridgeport Monday sometime for a few days.  We will meet Ken at home tomorrow and hope there's not too much to pack up as Adam and I did what we could before we left this am.  

Staying the night at Bryan and Cheryl's and heading out in the am.  Hot, hot , hot...yukkkkk!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's Thursday already!!!!

I honestly can't believe how time flies and we aren't even doing anything!  We went out for a bit on Tuesday in the Dodge just for fun..drove up into the BLM land that we can reach easily from our house and Ken just played for a bit...he then bar b qued some chicken and a early night was had by all.  

Wednesday, got up and out of here by 0800 and headed for Carson City to drop off the Patriot for its 5 year checkup..it passed..so we had a nice lunch at Chili's and then Ken went his way and Adam and I did a little shopping and looking in Carson City.  I was looking for a light quilt for our bed, as I love the cowboy one I bought, but it's so heavy I needed something lighter for the summer months..guess where I found the one I liked?!  Walmart!!  It was $25.00 so I even splurged and bought the 2 shams for $6.00 a piece..so we'll see today what it looks like..

Left CC and stopped at the park for a bit so Adam could play a little basketball, came home, dinner and bed...Now we're up this am and going to do some housecleaning..before basketball time in town.  

Monday, June 24, 2013

Quick trip to CA, snake and a great bar b q!!

Sunday morning I got up and Ken and I went to breakfast in Yerington before I headed to Ca to pick up Adam for the week..(Eric's kids were supposed to come but they went camping instead)...Adam got home from basketball camp on Sat and called and wanted to come. I took a quick trip over there to get him and see Betty...she's doing so well it's amazing!  Adam had a great time at camp and got "Player of the day" twice during the week.  Apparently Sammy Haggar and a 1992 Olympian stopped by the camp..well worth the money that was spent sending him there. Kudos to his mom and dad who kept a coffee can in the house for the last several months storing any extra or earned money there was to pay for the camp. Ken and I helped out a bit, as every time we bet something between the two of us, whoever lost had to pay the coffee can...Looks like he wants to go again next summer, so it starts over  again. 

Got Adam and came home.  During the time we were leaving Placerville, I called Ken to let him know we were on our way and he said he was after a huge rattlesnake!  Got home and he said he didn't get it, but Adam walked up the deck and saw it laying by the trees out front..I screamed and ran, well it was dead, Ken had gotten it from under the shed out back.  Turns out it wasn't a rattler, but a gopher snake....so he felt bad, but hard to tell the difference when it's huge and under the shed...

Today, we took the Dodge out for a little ride, went to blm land and Ken let Adam drive, he did pretty darn good for the first time driving a stick shift...he really seemed to like it!  So much  dog hair on the seat cover, Ken tried vaccuuming it but didn't come off so we removed the cover and the seat is awful, will be looking for a new cover soon!  

Monday, I ran to Scolari's and decided to cheat on my veggie diet! It's been so long since i've had a bar b q ued  burger...and BOY was it worth it! Awesome job Ken did...shud have taken a picture..tomorrow we'll hang around, as Wed we have to go to Carson City so the Patriot can have its five year checkup for the powertrain warranty. Ken will head to Carmichael, to give Don a hand in loading up stuff from his house to take to TN and we'll be here in Yerington.  Sunday, will go get the grandkids, Seth and Mason for the week, and some camping will be done!  Life is good!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

I can't believe how time flies!

Well, here I am again, it's Saturday night and I don't know what happened to the week!  Wednesday we headed over to Winnemucca to see the Dr on Thursday..the driveway was pretty grown over so we decided to stay an extra day so Ken could weed eat.  Saw Dr on Thursday and things were ok...of course she thinks mammogram and colonoscopy is warranted now...yukkk...but what do u do?  All in all not a bad appt...back to see her in 6 months..so that's better. 

Ken weed eated and we saw our girls at Las Margaritas and also ate at the Chinese place so it worked... 

Got back to Yerington and then yesterday evening decided to visit the "farmers market"...well only two vendors, but supposedly gets better later in the summer.

Adam came home from basketball camp and called, so i'll head that way tomorrow and see about getting him as he wants to come..Bryan said that's fine as he thinks we are like Ma and Popo, when they were kids they always wanted to go to their house, so like he said, that's a good problem. 

Taking the Patriot to Carson City on Wed for it's  5 year check up for the life time powertrain warranty.  

Not much else new...so guess that's a good thing...

Don is headed out from TN so Ken will probably head that way in the next few days to see if he can help with loading up...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Picked up the 1973 Dodge!! And Betty comes home!!

Betty is home from the hospital!!!!!
Our new addition...1973 flatbed

Posted pics on the last blog.....

June 18th..Yerington, NV....Got up this am and got ready to go get the 1973 Dodge flatbed we decided to buy and put down a payment last week before we left.  We were supposed to be in Silver Springs about 1100.

Got there and had a quick exchange, money for the truck.  I followed Ken home and it looked great!  Got home, and decided to go to the mexican restaurant in town and have lunch to celebrate the truck and the fact that Betty got to come home today!! 

We got home after lunch and just did our usual, Ken changed oil in the 97 and then pulled the 73 in the garage to take a look at it..I got online and ordered a 1973 manual for the truck so he'd know what oil, etc to use...

This morning we got great news that Betty had made it through the night and was coming home today...they (vets office) are all amazed at how she pulled through this...There was  so many people praying, I don't think there was another way for it to turn out..truly, she is one special animal and we are so happy she is home!  

Winds are crazy this afternoon, but still beautiful here in Yerington, Nv...tomorrow we head for Winnemucca and Dr appt on Thursday (darn)...

Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17th and before....Today Betty had to go to the hospital .... :((

Andrew looking at the snake...don't think he like it much!!

Adam, Bryan and baby snake...
Ken's Father's Day gift from Russell and family

Fixing the gravesite

At the cemetary....Love u Mom and Dad!
Miss Betty the night before she had to go to the hospital....
Today we woke up at Bryan's house and Betty (Bryan's dog) was really sick.  Poor thing looked so sad and just quiet...last night she was acting funny, just not her usual social self.  Cheryl said the night before she had gotten up and kind of fell against the bedroom door.  She played yesterday with Cheryl's grandkids who were there visiting, but we all noticed something off.  Then she went to bed and threw up.  This morning Bryan said he'd been up most of the night with her.  She drank alot of water this am and then went up to the canal and got wet.  We knew something was up when she came down and didn't shake off like dogs do. 

Bryan took her to the vet, they kept her and  did surgery, her stomach had flipped over and then back to front, her spleen tore her lining...poor little thing was so miserable.  The Dr had told Bryan there was no guarantee, but they decided to try.  That little girl is just such a part of their (and our) family.  

This afternoon got a call from Cheryl, saying she had made it through the surgery and that she is "tough" according to the vet..I think she really has the will to live!! So we'll see come morning how she is.  Prayers, prayers, prayers!!! 

We really enjoyed having the boys the past week..they'll be back later in the summer and soon Seth and Mason will come to stay.  We had a great time at Paul and Gurmeena's for their baby shower for their new little boy they are expecting in September.  We stayed the night and got up Sunday am for Father's Day.  Headed to the cemetary to see mom and dad. June 13th was my mom's birthday so we decided to go for that and Father's Day.  We met Russell and family there and then after we went to Chevy's in Vacaville for lunch.  Then we headed for Eric's house and visited with them for a few hours.  Headed for Bryan's and spent the night and then the above post happened. 

We are now in Yerington and tomorrow we go pick up the 73 Dodge!  Wed we will head for Winnemucca for our Dr appts on Thursday.  We'll get lunch and head back here for the rest  of the week.  Adam left for basketball camp today...so excited.  
(Pics to be posted later)...

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bridgeport CA, camping and fishing...

We left for Bridgeport around 1030 on Sunday thinking we would get a campground after people left for the weekend.  We did, and the kids were happy.  So as soon as we set up they went fishing.  Had a nice evening and then some "smorfs" and off to bed.  
One thing that was really nice, we have an America the Beautiful pass that we spent $80.00 on for the year (have done it for years)...now we find that the campsite cost 17.00 normally but with that pass 1/2 off!! YAY!  Thought we'd have to wait til December when Ken turns 62...so this is awesome!

Monday, we got up and had a good breakfast then decided to go to Twin Lakes, just up the road.  Nice little drive and the boys settled on some rocks for fishing, of course after 30 minutes or so, the wind really came up and the clouds settled in over the mountains.  We went back to camp, and the hail hit....so as Aaron says, "Family time in the trailer (or camper as this was) temps cooled, wind blew for quite a while.  Eventually, it stopped and off for fishing, as at the lake we saw the fish hatchery truck go by, so we knew they had stocked the creek.  Sure enough when we got back a girl, Allison from another camp told us they had stocked it.  As luck would have it Jacob was the only one who caught fish, and he caught 4!!  So back to camp and Ken cleaned them and we put them in the freezer for breakfast as it was already to late for dinner.  An nice night was had again. 

Got up this am and Ken wasn't feeling good. We left it up to the kids though as to whether to head back here today or tomorrow.  Most decided head back today so we got out of there around 1200...It's only 80 miles from our house to the campground, which is awesome!!!!  So had a nice afternoon here!  

Tomorrow we will figure out what to do as we have 2 days left b4 we have to take the kids back to Sacramento and go to Paul and Gurmeena's baby shower on Sat.  Adam goes to basketball camp on Monday till Saturday.  We have to pick up our truck Monday or Tuesday and go to Winnemucca for Dr appt on Thursday....and we thought we're retired...:)))

Ken and Jacob cleaning a fish

Jacob happy in the camper

Adam and Jacob in the camper

Ken cooking the fish today in Yerington

Jacob and one of his fish

Fish after all cleaned and heads cut off
Aaron giving his all fishing the creek

Adam getting out in the creek to hopefully catch one

Aaron pretending to be stabbed...

Learning how to clean fish

Jacob getting ready to fish the lake

Aaron on his rock fishing the lake

Adam all bundled up fishing the lake
Adam and Jacob

The boys home for a couple of nights
Ken fixing a pole, which is what he does when grandkids are along


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Got ourselves a 1973 Dodge Flatbed 4x4..with 44000 original miles!!!

We looked at a truck for sale about a week ago in Silver Springs...Ken called and talked to the owner and we thought on it for the week...decided we liked it (actually we knew we liked it a week ago..but taking our time)...and Ken called him last night..truck still available..so off we went to meet him at his house at 1600 today.  Ken and the owner took off for a test drive, and we decided to buy it!  As you can see above 44,000 original miles and the truck is solid.  This way we won't have to drive the Ford for every little thing...he was asking $1800.00 we paid $1700.00.  We are really happy with the buy! We're heading out to Bridgeport for a few days, the owner is going camping for the week, so we'll meet him next week with the rest of the $$$$$....and the deal will be done..Spending more of the kids inheritance! 

The kids made their own flatbread pizza!

The kids bedroom finally being used!

Adam designed this peanut butter, whey, flour and egg lunch...
1973 Dodge Flatbed 4x4 (manual tranny) w 44,000 original miles..

Adam trying out the new truck

Aaron going 170 over the hills in the truck

the flatbed

Interior....no a/c...not a summer truck!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Adam graduates 8th grade...Jacob and Seth promote to 7th...Mason and Aaron promote to 3rd!!! Awesome!!

We left Yerington on Wednesday pulling the cabover camper heading for Adam's graduation from 8th grade.  It was HOT....but it was a great evening for Adam and all of us...Adam got a basketball award for being so AWESOME in Basketball...I think he was more excited about that than actually graduating as it was an award he didn't know he was going to get..

The next day I went down and picked up Jacob and Aaron for the next week or so.  We went back to Bryan's and decided to spend another night there..Adam got home about noon and we spent the afternoon in the pool.  Bryan bar b q ued chicken and we all had a great time..maybe too good of a time!   

Friday am we got up, took our time and headed back to Yerington with the three boys.  They all loved the house when we got here..as they are the 3 who had seen it in the shape it was in when we bought it..had a nice dinner that they made, flat bread pizza and a good evening.  Hot Hot Hot...though...

June 5th...Adam graduates 8th grade!

Adam and his fruit basket cake...

Fun in the pool!

Jacob looking serious

Jacob eating cake

Everyone looking at the girls in Adam's yearbook!

Ken, Aaron and Bryan
Adam accepting his basketball award!

Adam, the high school freshman

The proud parents with Adam...

Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 1st...home in Yerington..

The bed all made up and comfy!

Dining area ready for visitors!

Fifth wheel at its new home!
Russ and Lori brought us this picture/painting back from Cancun
The artist used his fingernail to paint this! Picture doesn't do it justice,
as you can't see the depth...love it!
Truck being loaded on tow truck...$488.00 later and on the road again!
Sunrise in Winnemucca!
Never thought we'd see this again...5th wheel on its way to Yerington!
One of the boys shelfs they made in high school next to the bed!
June 1st...here at home in Yerington.. Really warm weather...in the upper 80's I am sure.  One thing nice about Nevada, you usually always get a good breeze in the afternoon.  I cleaned house and worked on finishing up the cabover as we will take that to CA on Wed for Adam's 8th grade graduation..

Got the 5th wheel to its destination out by the back of the garage..Ken got the slide out and tomorrow I will vaccuum it out and it'll be good for company! 

June 2nd...this is Oma's 113th birthday...still remember going to her apt in Austria and surprising her with a visit...and then she would take us to the store for chocolate and kids coffee!  

Today is time to finish the trailer and then Ken wants to get the posts dug for the 2 tractors cover..