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Thursday, September 30, 2021

We're home! Nephi Utah to Ely, Nevada, Illipah camping, then home sweet home!

                                                                   We're home! 

What a great trip it was, but it's nice to have a home to come home to.  A lot cooler since we left a few weeks ago so we had to have a fire and a celebration. LOL

Our spot at the campground in Nephi, Utah.  

The office...
Delta, Utah 

Cute little town with gas stations and two grocery stores. 
No masking anywhere :) 

Very patriotic town! 

In between Delta and Great Basin area...

This is how it looked most of the day. Couldn't figure if it was dust or smoke
Didn't smell smoky 

Blogger is deciding on its' own where to put pics..
I bought these 3 cute bowls from the thrift store in Custer that supports
the senior center 😊

Ken found these in our car from when we at Just Country Friends in Fallon a few weeks ago..they were on the clearance rack so $3.25 for the both. Egg nog?!

Ken figures there was wind that pushed our trailer uphill a bit.  He chocked the 
wheels before we left..😊

Last night's fire at home...

We had a late lunch here yesterday at Sand Mountain..surprising to see 
trailers out there mid week and more coming in...

Love this spot on Highway 50..we've made lunch there several times while the grandkids climbed the mountain...good memories 😍

We pulled into Illipah reservoir after a great Linner at Margaritas in Ely, NV, this picture of our spot there.  Tables, shelter, fire pit, pit toilet if you need, dumpsters all for FREE! 

A nice sunset for free too! 

We made good use of the fire pit! Overnight the batteries died for the heater so we woke up to 21 degrees! Cold! Got the generator going at 0700 so we were toasty not too long after that! 

Leaving Ely, NV

                                Just weird the pictures loaded so out of sequence..OH well..

It was an awesome vacation but it's nice to be home too (for a little while LOL).  Cool temps, in the 30's this am and 70's this afternoon.  We ran to Walmart and then Ken went to Raleys for prescriptions while I finished grocery shopping. 

Grandson Mason sent me this picture of his truck.  He's got new tires and wheels on it! He wants to lower it this weekend, I told him it looked low to me already LOL..

Tomorrow I'll tally up what we spent. I really hate to look at the gas total, it was so expensive! We did almost 3500 miles. We'd do it again though 😊

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Flaming Gorge camping, beautiful drive to Dinosaur National Monument, Nephi, UT, homeward bound, Aspen Picture Overload!


A view from our lunch spot outside Scofield, UT 💙
Aspens make me 😍

Ken took a selfie of us with snow in the 
background in Yellowstone 😊

After leaving Fred and Rose's place we headed for Green River, Utah to drive the Flaming Gorge.  I had done this many years ago with the volunteers but I didn't really remember the drive.  

It's a beautiful highway but until about 43 miles into it, you really don't see much "flaming" LOL.

We turned onto Lucern Valley Road where we saw there was camping.  Very nice dispersed camping. I'm sure this place is packed during the summer as the water is right there! Hardly anyone there now. Because it's off season, it was FREE which is always nice. 

Got ourselves settled in and enjoyed the evening. Antelope all over and fun to watch. Ken made a fire, so it was nice sitting outside. 

I'm telling you right now that it's a definite picture overload. Aspens are in their full glory so you know what to expect! 

Again, because there was no service anywhere it's a couple of day catch up! 

When we left the next morning we took a drive further into camping and found these
nice campgrounds with electric hookups.  Not sure of the price but they were NFS campsites. They had closed all the loops and were emptying out the last one as camping closed for the season here. 

We headed out and the colors came into being...

The highway went up and up! The road was really incredible and they had guardrails 😊

See the road down there!

I was one happy camper with all the aspens in their Fall glory! 

I believe this is highway 191, just a gorgeous highway with very little

Vernal, Utah...very nice town! Most of the stores and restaurants were closed
as it was Sunday..the way it used to be all over America. 

Why we're here to see Dinosaur National Monument..

Our campsite..with our old guy pass $9.00 a night.  

Love these mountains!

Adam, bet you'd like this set up.

Dinosaur National Monument Quarry...sure looks different then I saw it many years ago...

Dinosaur bones embedded in the rock face..

                         It was pretty amazing to see these bones, and how big they were!

                           We took a drive crossing over the Green River

Red Dirt Road

Yep, that's RED!

Turtle Rock

Back to camp for Happy Hour and a beautiful sunset!

         Yesterday morning before leaving we took a short drive to the petroglyphs 
Some of the best we've seen and very well preserved..

A nice easy walkway to get to them..

Looks like where the indians would have ground up their food..

Duchesne, UT..most of the little towns had these baskets of flowers 😍

We followed 191, just a beautiful drive 

Skyline Mine out of Scofield, UT..Coal mining...

Another view from our lunch spot

Homes in Fairview, UT

Loved this...We have rights given by God, Not privileges allowed by the government.. All men are created equal..The big sign in the window...WE the People! 
Should have stopped and gotten an ice cream there! Very cute town!

Love this little place!

Or this one!

Some little houses on the way to our campground in Nephi, Utah...

Nephi, Utah...

We pulled into Jones High Country RV Camp and got our site. It's right on Main Street. Very busy campground.  The check in person said they've been full every night. It looks like they have a lot of workers and families staying here long term. Very quiet campground.  $30.00 a night for full hookups. Not bad for a night. 50 amp too. 

Well, this morning we travel on towards home. WE had planned to stop at Sacramento Pass near Great Basin NP but map questing it, only 163 miles.  WE'll head for Ely, NV 203 miles. Probably will treat ourselves to Margaritas Mexican for a late lunch and then to Illipah, but again we all know how things can change. LOL.  So instead of being home Thursday we should be home tomorrow. 😪😊

It's been an awesome trip for not knowing where we were going when we left home. I hate to see it end, Ken's ready for home. I know I will be too when we get there. Can't believe it's the end of September already! 

Hopefully we'll have a trip in October to visit friends in Oregon. 😊

Thanks for following along and all the nice comments here and on Facebook 💙

To end this long post, some pictures of Grandson, Aaron (#20) in action! Hope to see him play soon! 💙