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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Cody Wy, Yellowstone National Park, A visit with Fred and Rose :)

 I really hate doing these long posts while on vacation but we haven't had service for a few days! Little phone and no wifi! I'll do my best to keep it short..LOL. 

We left Cody, Wyoming after spending the night. Headed for Yellowstone for a few days or so we thought. 

Cody, Wyoming..We will have to spend more time next visit.
They have a rodeo nightly that we didn't know about

Very nice campground $42.00 a night..great laundry room

On the way to Yellowstone's east entrance 2 short tunnels

One really long one! 

Have never entered Yellowstone in September to SNOW! 

It was beautiful!

Yellowstone Lake..

Mid Geyser Basin was so packed with people and cars had to take pics from the road!

We've never made reservations here before in September and always gotten a camping spot, no problem. Not anymore! We checked every campground that was open and no go.  Part of the problem is they closed one campground with 430 spaces already. Sure that would have made all the difference :( 

Grand Tetons..very hazy, but we've seen them in their glory many times

No go on camping in Tetons either! So we moved on...Beautiful drive! There were a lot of families everywhere on a Thursday! Seems to be a lot of homeschooling still going on this year! So many rvs on the road! 
I called several RV campgrounds in Jackson Hole and none available. Just amazing.

So we moved on..

Found this beautiful spot for the night right next to the Hoback River..
Next morning we headed down highway 191 to our next destination..

Yes, I am crazy about Aspens in the Fall...

Animal crossing..see these outside Jackpot, NV too..

                                       Pinedale, Wyoming below..

Really cute town..

Our destination for the day... Fred and Rose's place...A log home they built 20+ years ago..

                         Rose makes these beautiful solar lights! Out of thrift store buys..They winter in Arizona and I'm hoping she'll bring some of her artwork down to sell..She is very talented!

Ken and Fred enjoying a beer before we go to dinner...

                     A beautiful wrap around porch..their outdoor kitchen..

A beautiful Moose on the way to dinner!

They took us to dinner at Bear's Den a wonderful restaurant at Daniel's Junction..You would never know it was there and reservations were certainly required. Oh so good!   
                      Thank you Fred and Rose for a wonderful dinner! 💖💙
Yesterday morning, Fred made us a delicious breakfast of corned beef hash
burritos! Oh so yummy! Thank you both once again! 💖💙

The inside is even more spectacular than the outside..but I didn't take any pictures..

Thank you Fred and Rose for the hospitality and the visit! Next time we promise
to stay longer 💙💙

Before we knew it, time to leave as it's time to get us home 

 We left their house heading for Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area outside of Green River, Wyoming.  We spent the night at Lucerne Valley Campground but I'll save that for the next posting as this is long enough! 

In a bit we're heading for Dinosaur National Monument outside Vernal, Utah!  Have a great Sunday and thanks for reading, if you stuck it out this long LOL...


  1. I've no doubt all the National Park campgrounds are closed. I've heard nothing else from the internet. I'm afraid that's going to be our future ... no spots to camp unless you make reservations months in advance. Makes me wonder why I bought another RV. Snow this early in Yellowstone?? Yikes!!

    1. There were a few that were open but all full! Why would you close campgrounds when you have tons of people wanting to camp??? So many people out there camping.. we don't like to camp making reservations ahead of time! Hopefully a fluke on the snow..LOL.

  2. Yikes! Parks are full? I hope that isn't the case in AZ IF we get there.
    Sounds like a great few days. Lovely views minus the snow! :0

    1. I don't think Quartzite will be full but the national parks and even RV parks are so full! I'm hoping you still get here!

  3. We went through Yellowstone this past spring and 4 of their campgrounds were closed. We asked the gate attendant and he had no idea why they were not open.