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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Fernley Vendor Sale, Deciding where to go, Lake Lahontan is so low, 20 years later...

 Saturday morning we headed for Fallon, NV and a vendor sale at Just Country Friends, an antique store we frequent when we're in the area.  Twice a year they open their yard area to other vendors to come in and sell their stuff.  

We got there around 1000 which is what we planned.  The temps were nice so it didn't start getting hot until we were ready to leave.  Found a few treasures that just had to come home with us.  Lots of people out and about.  A few wearing masks, most without. 

These jumped at me and prices were right :) 
Ken saw this only marked $12.00 the guy said $10.00? Ok..:) 

                                    WE're still thinking about this..

It was a fun couple of hours. 

On the way out of town we stopped at a couple of lookouts of Lake Lahonotan.  This is the lake only about 30 minutes from us and in 2020 it was overfull! Kayaking was awesome.  WE need rain obviously! The Carson River which feeds the lake is absolutely dried up where is crosses the highway on 95A.  Never have we seen it like this! 

Lake Lahontan so low! 

Water is usually way up here!

Looks like sand dunes that should be covered in water!

Normally an island out there!

Way up is where the water level is supposed to be..standing in sand now!

We stopped at Dini's Restaurant and Casino on the way home and had a delicious linner.  

Onion harvesting is in full swing!

We got home and wanted to see if we could get the Arkansas Razorbacks football game on TV.  Russell gave us his password so we could get into his account and be able to see it! Thanks Russell and Lori, we really enjoyed it! We don't watch NFL anymore but this was a great college game and lots of Patriotism there! Just like the Ohio game in the morning (we didn't watch that game just the opening).  Razorbacks won so we're happy! LOL. 

Once that was over we went over for a bit to Karen's for a short happy hour. She's been under the weather so it's nice to see her on the mend. 

Sunday morning we set the alarm, we were heading to Carson City to pick up firewood.  Our guy Sammy called so we decided we better not pass it up. Now we've got a nice cord for outside fires during the winter. Ken got it all unloaded when we got home! 

Ken worked outside and I worked inside making a cabbage lasagna for dinner. 

Tomorrow we're heading for Gardnerville to pick up prescriptions and a quick Walmart stop for last minute things we'll need. If all goes as planned we'll head out Tuesday morning for places still unknown at this time. We'll get it figured out soon LOL. 

In memory of...

We always remember...

In memory of the one that seems to be forgotten ...

Have a great evening! Happy Hour time! 


  1. We definitely need some rain in the Sierras ... on both sides. Our lakes are so low they can't even get boats in any more. That's some nice stuff you picked up ... my favorite kind of pitch fork!! They are truly hard to find nowadays.

  2. Thanks I love sales like that especially with such good prices! :)