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Friday, September 3, 2021

Jacob's in Austria visiting family! We're going on a Can Am ride tomorrow! Congrats Mason on your job!

Yesterday we headed towards Carson City then to Reno for a Total Wine order. After we picked up there we decided to go to to Gardnerville and Walmart rather than the one in Carson City. 

After that because it was after 1400 we went to Sharkey's Casino Restaurant for dinner.  Ken had the fish tacos and they were incredible once again (Doug :) We headed home after that. 

Yesterday Ken got the trailer out from under the Six Pac Camper and got the CanAM loaded in anticipation of our trip tomorrow 😀 I made spinach dip and some others to take for Saturday night. We had our usual Happy Hour with Mugsy and Lila. Dinner was leftovers from the day before. 

The biggest and best news of the week is Jacob's in Austria! He's visiting my 2nd cousins and their families. My mom would be so happy to know her great grandson is there meeting everyone. I have to really thank Katharina (Kathi) for sending all the pictures and having him stay with their family 💖💗 I've got to admit some of these pictures brought happy tears. 

Looks like yummy fixings for a late dinner! 

All that meat and goodness went in these I am assuming :) 

Jacob's room until Monday..Notice the Times Square sign..Kathi and her mom (Erika) went a
few years back. I just missed them by a week :( 

Breakfast this morning..on the left Max, Jacob and Lorenz 💙

The boys on a sight seeing adventure today 

Jacob, Max, Kathi, Lorenz 💗
Look at those buildings! 

What a beautiful church...Lorenz, Max and Jacob 💙
I remember as a child going to a beautiful church with my Oma, getting holy water and then going for a chocolate bar! I was 4 when daddy got transferred.

Lorenz, Jacob and Max 💙

Relaxation time 💙

More Family...Left Lilli, Eugen, Jacob, Lorenz, Max and Kathi

Beautiful...will have to find out more about it! 

My cousin Erika..sadly she has alzheimer's..I can sure see my
mom in her..she came over 2x when I was a teen and stayed 
with us. 💗

Max and Jacob..I love this picture..💗 I think they would be 4th cousins..
Sure a lot of features the same..I swear in this pic they could be brothers

Beautiful outdoor setting 

I need to get names here but ..going left..Kathi's husband, Kathi, Max, Jacob, Lorenz, Eugen, Lilli, her bf..Look at that awesome food!! 

Again, I'm so glad he's over there meeting family that I've only heard about and never met. Maybe one day! Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! 💖 As long as you're stationed in Italy might as well get out and see the countries as life permits. 💖

Eric called last night and we had a great conversation! He and Christina are headed to Camp Pendleton with a loaded trailer today to deliver household goods to Seth and Holly.  

Looks like the flags are on the trailer, but they're not LOL. Safe travels you two. 
Mason has a job and baby sitting the animals next door so he is not on this adventure but one of his own! Congratulations Mason! 

Eric caught a new kitty on his trail cam!

Happy Hour time with the hubby! Looking forward to our ride and overnighter tomorrow! Have a great evening!


  1. Austria .... wow!! Seeing the countryside and meeting family ... how cool is that? Great memory making! Nice kitty kitty ... maybe Eric can give me some ideas on how to get rid of skunks!!! LOL.

    1. I'm thrilled that Jacob is there, guess you can tell right?! haha. I don't think Eric has much problem with skunks as they have 10 acres for them to hide in..lol.

  2. Looks like both Eric and Mason are enjoying their adventures.
    Glad you are keeping busy and healthy.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.