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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

A wonderful conversation with grandson Seth! Painting the house takes up most of the days..Smoke! Weekend plans :)

 Sunday we finally got started on painting the house after breakfast and a Bloody Mary and a Mimosa...why not? More like 1100 rather than breakfast. Seems to be a new tradition, but I had champagne that needed to be drank rather than throwing it out. LOL.

Driving into town the smoke is coming in 😱

Later in the afternoon I got a call from our grandson, Seth. It was so nice catching up on everything that's been going on in his life. He's looking forward to today when his beautiful bride, Holly is supposed to be coming down to spend some time with him. 💖

He has moved into a townhouse on base and she'll be seeing it for the first time in person.  She's been busy herself, fighting fires in the mountains. He said his parents are coming down this weekend to bring some furniture.  Remember the excitement of furnishing your first home?!! I'm excited for them! So glad he called, made this grandma's day! 💙

Monday we worked on painting and then called it quits early.  We took ourselves next door to Karen's pool.  She bought a new pool vacuum and didn't have time to try it out before she left with John so we did! Works better than any one she bought before and last night told me it was only $16.00.  Old style, I think my parents had the same one when we were teens. 😊  We got cooled off in the process!

We're meeting in the middle LOL..

Ken using the grinder on the chipped siding..Today it looks much better...all done!

This side is all done now...didn't look that bad until he used the grinder ..LOL..

Yesterday was another paint day other than a run to Raley's. Now when I say paint day...we usually don't get started until around 1100 and quitting time is 1530. We are retired after all LOL.. It's been hot and smoky here too. We head over every evening and spend Happy Hour with Mugsy and Lila.  Every other night or so we spend the night. John and Karen will be home late Thursday night. 

Today we worked together on our bedroom wall, Ken spent yesterday prepping it by grinding off some of the chipped paint. Today we finished painting that. Just have the front face of the house to do along with 2 garage sides. It's getting there 😃

Last night at 1740..clock is off...

Today at 1609...

We took a drive to town for gas and to see if anyone is staying at the fairgrounds. Not yet, but it is an evacuation center for the Caldor fire. RVs and livestock. Last night it reached 191,607 acres. 

Tomorrow is Total Wine and Walmart day.  We are taking Nellie (MH) and the CanAm out with some friends Saturday. Looking forward to that outing! Hoping it's not too smoky.  

Grandson Jacob (who is stationed in Italy) is heading out this week to meet family in Austria. My mom's side. I'm so excited for him. I've never even met them except my cousin Erika. Her kids will take good care of him I'm sure. Looking forward to  some pictures! 💕

Well, it's Happy Hour time indoors today because of the smoke. WOW...


  1. I suppose the theory is just to save houses and let the fires burn, but it sure takes it toll on the surrounding states. Your building will look fabulous when it's all painted. That's much harder work than digging out a little dirt here.

    1. Yes the smoke is just horrible as we watch it come in daily. If only we'd get some rain! Not sure which I'd rather do, dig a ditch or paint LOL..

  2. Busy busy, painting isn't hard but long hours at it can be! I agree with stopping after just a few short hours! :)
    I can't get over the smokey pictures, but Happy Hour indoors is still happy hour!

  3. Yeah it'll take us longer but oh well as long as we get it done in the next month or so LOL. Vacation is in there somewhere :) The smoke sucks!