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Monday, August 16, 2021

Best in the Desert 2021 (picture overload) Lunch at R and D's Bar and Grill Gabbs, NV..A FUN time once again!!


Johnny bought a piece of property in Silver Springs, NV to use as a base 
camp.  I should have taken pictures of the inside as it's really cute. Bed,
sitting area, kitchen and bathroom. Gets better every time we see it! Notice
the concrete on the right and the flat rocks he found in the desert. Nice
landscaping! Thinking Kelli had a lot to do with decorating!

We got  to Johnny's property about 1030 Wednesday.   We caught Johnny, Kelli, Joel, Randi, Ray and Melissa just heading out on a ride. We pulled in and got set up and then Ken wanted to take the Dodge on a ride. 

The first group heading out on a ride!

Every window rolled down we headed out in the heat.  Had a nice slow drive over to the race track and the spot that the group normally tries to get on race day.  

On our ride along the fence line..hot, hot, hot!

Ray and Melissa's set up.. Nice size toy hauler..

Adam keeps it simple with his bike and the back of his truck..

Albert and Vicki's set up..

After about an hour or so we were back at camp.  Found ourselves some shade and ice cold Corona Light for me. Delicious and well needed after that ride. 

We hung out for a couple of hours when a new couple pulled in. They've got a toy too and a nice older fifth wheel toy hauler.  Albert and Vickie.  

Once they were set up they brought their chairs over and we got to know each other. They live in Colfax, CA the area we used to live before NV. 

Later in the day the gang came back from their ride and we all moved over in front of Johnny's  container.  Laughter and conversation flowed. 

Johnny cooked a couple of tri tips for dinner and we all brought out side dishes. Boy was it a yummy dinner. 

More conversation and laughter until I finally had to call it a night. 

It never cooled down all night, so it really wasn't a good night's sleep but oh well. The gang was up and out on a ride that will take them to Gabb's NV over 100 miles from here.  We met them at a Restaurant / Bar about 1400 for a later lunch.  We rode with Albert and Vicki. Thanks for taking us along! 😊

Randi waiting for Joel to join her

Ready to ride! 

Ted and son Matt's set up and ride

Adam's tough...he's awesome on a dirt bike! 

Keith and Lisa

Johnny's rig 

The service was decent for writing the blog but not loading pictures.  

We left at about 1100 and got to Gabbs just about 1300 to find the riders had just gotten there a few minutes before us.  We ordered beers and a little bit later they were ready for us. I think we overwhelmed the older bartender. 🍺
R and D's  Bar and Grill Gabbs, NV

The old guy in the corner has been there a really long time! LOL

4 of the ladies wanted to try Pickleback..Jameson whiskey

Pickle Juice..not for me

Kelli drinking the juice, Vicki, Melissa and Randi..Adam next to her..

A couple locals came in..and one got a six pack to go..

Really a cute little place in the middle of nowhere! I highly recommend 
stopping in if you're in the area.  Food is awesome too! Cute motel
across the street and gas is available too. 

We all went inside and sat and visited awhile. It sounded like a high school cafeteria in there!  About an hour later all this wonderful food was laid out buffet style. Pork, chicken, potato salad, caesar salad, corn on the cob, mac and cheese (delicious), and so much more! There was fruit and then homemade strawberry shortcake with delicious whipped cream.  We were stuffed! Thank you Johnny! 
Buffet tables..

Delicious mac and cheese all homemade food πŸ˜ƒ

3 different types of salads..all were yummy! 

After lunch and some more chit chat we all headed back to camp. No dinner needed tonight! We sat around and enjoyed the company and some more drinks. 🍺🍷🍸🍹

Friday was race day!  Vicki made awesome biscuits and gravy for everyone! I've never seen a pan of gravy like that except in a restaurant! Anyone with an oven cooked a pan of biscuits so it would go quicker. Oh so yummy! Thank you Vickie and Albert! It was decided it's a yearly thing for her to make them! LOL! 

Everyone  loaded up our Dodge and Adam's truck with EZ UPs, ice chests, chairs and everything else that was needed to have a good time at our spot by the race track.  

Got out to the same spot they've had for years and set up.  We were looking at a 100+ day and the misters that Johnny put up were life savers! We all got settled in our chairs waiting for the race to begin.  Johnny brought his hot dog roller so he cooked awesome sausages and several of us brought sides or munchies. No going hungry with this group! 

This couple came from Montana to enjoy the show!

EZ UPS going up! 

One of the motorcycle racers..there's several different classes. We like the 
trucks best! 

Johnny's hot dog roller...this thing is awesome! 

Other spectators with a side by side made to look like a VW! πŸ˜ƒ

Some of the guys and Kelli waiting for more racers! 

Matt and Ted

Mark's brand new RS..went home on a trailer with a busted front end 😞

Spectators across the way...

Really hard to get pictures as these racers are traveling over 100 MPH

Helicopter came over our group and did a really cool move. Quite the show He flies in front of 
a truck and tells him what the road in front looks like. $$$$  

After the race ended we loaded up and headed back to camp.  Again, more conversation and drinks...
Johnny has shirts made for everyone and gives them out. A little different 
every year based on their rides. Notice Vega's not Vegas (his last name) and they ended their ride at Gabb's. Pictures of things along the way. Pretty clever πŸ’™ Such a 
nice guy putting all this together (and Kelli too) πŸ’–πŸ’™

Saturday morning all of us who were left finished the biscuits and gravy and then everyone headed out on their own time.  We sat and visited until the sun was coming over Joel's trailer.  Time for us to head out and Johnny, Kelli, Joel and Randi to head out on a ride as they were staying until Sunday. 

Hugs goodbye and they headed out and we did shortly afterwards. What a great time we had meeting new people and spending time with friends! We really look forward to this every year, even though it's cooking heat out there! Special times! 

We got home about 1200, unloaded a few things and called it a day. Too hot, over 100 again. 

Sunday I finished unloading and cleaning the inside of the Mansion.  Ready to go again πŸ˜‹πŸ˜Š Started cleaning early, but about 1000 the thermometer under our front porch was reading 110!  

We decided a brunch was in order so...Bloody Mary for Ken along with an oyster sandwich.  Mimosa for me with a ham and cheese on Low Carb bun (those are so yummy). 

Once Ken was finished with what he was doing we watched a couple of movies and headed over about 1800 to have Happy Hour with Mugsy and Lila. It was TOO hot to sit outside so we went inside.  I think the dogs were happy too. 

We came home for dinner and went back and spent the night. We'll do that one more night before John and Karen come home on Thursday. 

Today (Mon) we left there about 0545 to come home for coffee and get ready for the day.  I discovered my phone wasn't working so chatted online with Verizon and it's the SIM card.  They'll overnight one to me.  The smoke is so bad here it's affecting the internet signal.  

We drove out to pick up the Dodge from Johnny's place and on the way back I stopped at Raley's for a few things. Made cabbage lasagna for dinner and that's the gist of it.  We'll go visit the dogs later for Happy Hour. 

Ken has an eye appointment in Reno on Friday so we'll see what the rest of the week brings. 

Have a wonderful evening. 

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  1. Well that looked like a lot of fun to me!!! A helicopter? Really? Yup I rather think that would be an expensive way to see the road ahead. The container for a base camp? GREAT idea. Looks like he's put in some work there. Cool bar, but the pickle juice thing is a no for me too!!