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Monday, August 23, 2021

Ken's appointment :) Painting Sunday mornings..smoke!

 Friday morning we left here bright and early with breakfast burritos once again. We have the little Hot Logic that plugs into the cigarette lighter (even though I'm sure it's not called that anymore).  Keeps food nice and toasty until you want to eat. Best $40.00 we have spent. 

Adam and Erin were at Mt. Rainier last week 💖

We got to Ken's appointment in Reno about 1/2 hour early so he went ahead and went in.  I could go sit in the waiting room with a mask on, but NO thank you. 

Good news!  His eye pressure was 17 in both eyes.  He had been up to 24. Surgery didn't work, but it appears his eye drop is working. They are watching a cataract but not ready for surgery yet. 

Smoke is so bad.. from the Caldor fire..106,000 acres this am..😩

This morning's smoke..no mountains to be seen!

After that we headed to Total Wine for a pick up order, Walmart for groceries and then a linner at Sharkey's in Minden, NV.  I took half of mine home, great food and service! Ken had fish tacos, black beans and rice. They are going to be his new "go to" when we eat there. 

Tried this week..not for us. I'l stick with fresh. 

Definitely good for  you ..but no taste in our opinion...

After getting home we went next door and had "Happy Hour" with the doggies as John and Karen were in Reno for a retirement party.  

Saturday Ken helped John with a new bumper for his truck.  I did some painting outside. Later on we headed over for Happy Hour.  Life just flies I tell ya! 

Sunday John and Karen left early to head for Paso Robles, CA where he is working. They had to unload their fifth wheel at the RV Park in anticipation of getting their new one today. They were going to take the dogs, but we told them we'd be home and don't mind watching them. Glad they took us up on the offer.  They'll be back on the  2nd of September for Labor Day weekend. 

Hubby is a bad influence..Sunday at 1040..he had oyster sandwich and I made
an omelet. YUMMY! 

Almond flour morning glory muffins and low carb muffin tops..(cookies)..

Today ( Monday) once we got going we headed outside for painting. If we wait for the smoke to disappear, we won't ever get anything done!  I worked on the porch and Ken worked on the upper front part of the garage. Looking good. 

We'll spend the night next door with the doggies tonight. Tomorrow we've got a plan on painting. We'll finish the trim on the porch and Ken will finish the trim on the garage. At least, that's the plan! LOL.  

Some pictures Adam sent me from Mt. Rainier, WA.  💙

Have a good night. Ready to head over for Happy Hour with the doggies. 💙😊


  1. Wow ... still smokey. And the fires haven't really hit down south yet. Keeping my fingers crossed. If they had only let logging continue, we wouldn't have so many fires. I'm not a fan of the riced cauliflower either ... even if they put broccoli in it. You're right ... no flavor. Gorgeous pictures of Mount Ranier!!!

    1. Yeah still smoky here. Agree with you about the logging or even clearing pine needles like South Lake Tahoe doesn't allow. Yeah his pictures make me want to go. :)

  2. Cute picture of Adam and Erin. That smoke looks terrible!
    I don't mind the riced cauliflower, but do prefer it fried with butter, s & p. It is also easier for me instead of a potato since Bill doesn't like either cauliflower or broccoli. Makes no sense to buy a head. Saying all that, I sure wouldn't turn away a nice side of fresh on my plate!

    1. Adam and Erin always look happy together. :) I was thinking about you while we were eating it LOL. I agree about buying a head if you're the only one eating it.