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Saturday, August 28, 2021

A Sad day for America..more painting..Happy Anniversary Linda and Bobby!

Thursday, August 26th was a terrible day for America... 10 Marines 2 Army soldiers and 1 Navy Corpsman lives were lost...along with many Afghans...I think our Marine Grandson Seth says it best with the post below...our hearts are broken..many tears have and will be shed..

Being a part of a military family just hits home so hard...God Bless them all..and our grandsons πŸ’™πŸ˜ͺ

Hard to believe this was 2 years ago, Seth swore into the Marines!
So proud of you!!

Happy 39th wedding anniversary to my sister Linda and Bobby! The little guy is our son Russell..He kept looking up the priests robe..so funny!! 

Here it is Saturday already.  So it'll be a quick catch up since I can't remember what we did except painting LOL. 

I do know one day we had to go to Carson City and Lowe's.  Ken opened the 2nd five gallons of paint that we bought the last time we were there.  Well, instead of being the soft green we're using it was an ugly (and I do mean ugly) dark blue! 

Does this look a soft green!!

We got there and the guy at customer service said they don't exchange or return mixed paint.  Well, they're going to this time. The gentleman that mixed it for us had the swatch in his hand when he mixed it, I had to ask for it back. Long story short the manager of paint mixed a new 5 gallons and showed us the color before leaving. If it's not her next time we'll definitely be paying more attention. 

Even though it's been smoky you can't stay inside forever. We got the front of the garage done, and ready to paint the side of the house. If it weren't for prep work and hand painting of the grooved siding it would go much quicker. Oh well, it's the last time we'll be doing this ourselves. 

I have never liked the garage door color since we painted it 8 years ago..Ken wanted a contrast..but time flies..

This doesn't look much different but it does..need different lighting..this is the same
color as the trim on the house and garage..an off white..Cream In My Coffee...I'll take another!

I was going to work on the front of the house, but there were two lizards sitting on the bricks so.....NOT! I'll wait until Ken can help.  I know, chicken I am.

Yesterday afternoon I was on the side and heard Mugsy barking next door. Now this was his "someone's here" bark.  Ken went over and sure enough he was barking at something! Turns out a huge gopher snake they had trapped in the flower bed.  Ken put Mugsy and Lila inside and relocated him to the very front yard. Hopefully he stays there or goes somewhere else, just not to my house! 

Ken got everything put back..including our sign from my sister Linda..
Memories are made on Ken and Shirley's Porch...Come make memories!!

Found the perfect place for James's gift of the red, white and blue Nevada! πŸ’™πŸ’—

Today was an another paint day.  Getting closer to getting it done! 

Remember the Fallen...πŸ˜ͺ


  1. That was very sad to hear about the lives lost. πŸ’”πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ
    Nice job on the garage, maybe the first paint mixer person is colour blind! LOL
    Love to see all your plaques reposted. :) Maybe one day we'll sit on that porch!

    1. Yes it is...You know we would love to see you on our front or back porch!!

  2. Prayers for the fallen and their families. It just makes me so mad!!! Something needs to be done and NOW!! Sadly, I imagine nothing will come of it until 2022. Pray for that also.
    No, I would definitely say that is not pale green. They usually open the can and dip in a finger, marking the top of the can to be sure the color is right. That's on THEM! I do love the color of the garage. Creamy coffee is the best!

    1. Oh Nancy, so agree! Lots to be praying for that's for sure! He did put a drop on the white cans, but guess he didn't want to mess with opening the 5 gallon can. Thank you!