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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Another beautiful day in Yerington, NV...

Yesterday morning I got a call from our Grandson, Adam.  He had worked his first shift at American River Pizza and he was a happy camper!  He worked from 1630 to 2200.  He said because he worked so well, he got $10.00 in tips.  Normally they don't split the tips with trainees, but he got some..woohoo Adam.  We'll see how he feels this morning as he was working about 7 hours yesterday. 

He's been working furiously on scholarship apps as most are due at the end of the month.  Let's hope some work for him.  

I ran to the grocery store and picked up a few things.  I really need a Walmart run but trying to wait until we're almost ready to head for Tennessee..

Decided to make some spaghetti squash spaghetti for dinner last night. We hadn't had it in quite awhile.  I cooked up some ground turkey breast for Ken with some veggies in it and I had the vegetarian version..Yummy!  Thanks to George of Our Awesome Travels for the recipe! 

After taking the Money Pit (97 Ford) and cabover to Winnemucca last week, I put some new flannel sheets on the bed for this week.  Never could get warm in the regular sheets last week, even the heater blaring full blast.

Ken took care of getting wood on the front porch, so he had a lot of bark that he put into the fire pit out back.  So of course we had to have a nice fire late yesterday afternoon.  You know that always gets us into trouble..hahah..couple glasses of wine and a nice fire..well..

We were out in the bunkhouse yesterday afternoon, and it's so cute.  Decided I think, we're going to spend tonight out there just for fun..Mr. Heater does an awesome job of keeping it warm.  

So this is Sunday morning, warm and toasty inside...25 degrees with a feels like 20 degrees outside...thinking I'm staying inside most of the day!  

Christina sent a video of the boys singing "The National Anthem"..the speakers didn't work at the field so the boys sang it..awesome! I can hardly ever get the videos to play on here..but here's a pic..

This pic popped up on FB again, so I have to share it again..

My Daddy, upper left..Aunt Elma, Uncle Lester,
Uncle Lewis in front of Daddy..and Aunt Ola on the lap..

Christina did a comparison pic..Daddy and our Grandson Mason..

Guess it's time to do something before another day bites the dust..I'd really like to go for a drive..but since we'll be doing 400 miles this week, i'll save it till we head for TN...Have a wonderful day! 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Saturday Morning...

I had to stop and take this picture on our road..Looking towards
town..just beautiful!
Well, Blogger has a mind of it's own..so this pic is  here..
Love the grin on Aaron's face reminds me of his daddy..
I see trouble..
Well, it's Saturday morning in Yerington.  Woke up early to watch the cooking shows on the Food Network.  So here I am enjoying my favorite, The Pioneer Woman.  Looking forward to stopping by Pawhuska, OK on the way home from Don's place.  I know, the little things that excite me...hahaha.

Spent yesterday working on Bryan's taxes.  Nothing changes much on their taxes (except they don't get the child tax credit since Adam's 17)..so I give it a shot every year and if they don't like the end result they can always take it somewhere.  

Ken worked on the cabover the other day..and we ended up ordering a new water pump.  Once it's here we'll head towards TN.  He spent most of the day yesterday doing stuff to get ready for the trip. 

Not too much else going on here. 

Adam got a job at American River Pizza in Cool and yesterday afternoon was his first evening.  Haven't heard how it went but hopefully good..he seemed pretty excited.  

Aaron's Championship Picture from last weekend...

Aaron in the front row middle

Seth burned his leg pretty bad  when he was in
Southern CA a few weeks ago..he'd been to the
Dr but Eric took him back as it wasn't healing.
This is a pic of him at the wound care clinic.
Christina just sent a pic of it..but I don't think
I'll post it..poor guy.

 Sounds like a busy time of year for Seth and Mason and family..Baseball starts today! Seth has a game and Mason starts practice on Monday...oh to be young again...hahah

0730...23 degrees with a high of 41...

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Winnemucca and back!

Tuesday morning about 1000 we left home and headed for Winnemucca.  It was a beautiful drive with all the mountains covered in snow.  I've been that way soo many times so most of it is spent reading my kindle. 

WE were at Rye Patch Dam just outside of Lovelock, NV at about 1300.  I had made salads before we left home, so Ken found the campground and we enjoyed them in the camper.  Then on to Winnemucca and the New Frontier RV Park.  Love the winter rates!  We have Passport America, and they are one of those parks, so in the winter we pay $10.64 for a full hookup site.  It's a beautiful RV Park.  There wasn't hardly anyone there in the overnight spots and the next morning there still wasn't hardly anyone there.  
Rye Patch..fuller than we've ever seen it!

Looking at the campground..

When it's open they have showers and bathrooms...and it's FREE..
because it's a state park!

Our lunch spot...

Leaving Rye Patch

Coming into Winnemucca..

About 1700 our neighbor Joe who is working for NDF now, called and came over.  We headed over to Wingers and had a delicious dinner.  Since we have to be back next week for the actual Dr appt we'll probably meet up with him again.  

Yesterday morning got up and headed for the office to get blood taken and then back to the park and I made breakfast.  Then we headed back out, dropped of tax stuff and headed home.  Again a beautiful drive!   We arrived in Fernley about 1300 and stopped at Pioneer Crossing for a quick lunch.  Home by 1500.  
The Humboldt River in Winnemucca..

I love NV in the winter..so pretty

Ken's going to work on the water pump in the cabover.  He had it working before we left, but it wouldn't work on this trip.  Of course the refrigerator doesn't work in the cabover. So that's the part that will suck the most heading for Don's place in TN.  Living out of ice chests.  We had it fixed a couple of years ago, but after spending $300.00 then, don't want to do it again.  But that's ok, we'll make it.  This should be the last long trip in the cabover and Money Pit.  We're done buying tractors in TN..hahah..Next time we'll take the Jayco..

It's cold here this am (26 feels like 20) and a little cloudy..but it's Home! 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Enjoying being home the last few days

Time is flying way too quickly!  Spent most of the weekend getting tax stuff ready to take to Winnemucca on Tuesday.  We'll spend the night at the New Frontier RV Park tomorrow night and Wednesday morning head to the DR office for a blood draw, then we'll head back home.  Quick trip but has to be done.  

Ken spent his time doing things outside while he can.  He was able to get the concrete back into it's hole.  As it turns out when he moved the quad from inside the shed he found the back concrete had been lifted out also. So the wind lifted 800 pounds of concrete! Amazing huh?!  He was able to use a digging bar and come along and get it back where it belongs.  Even straightened out the other side when he did that.  So all looks good.  

He took the 3 quads for a little ride yesterday and then took the 73 Dodge for a bit and went shooting on BLM land.  

320 pounds of concrete...

Russell and family were in Oakland for the weekend and Basketball Championships for Aaron's team.  They came out the winners! Way to go boys! 

Grandson Aaron all the way on the left...

And just because...a dose of cuteness...Owen!

Adam used to wear that Cookie Monster sweatshirt...

Our realtor and friend in Winnemucca posted this beautiful rainbow...

I love this pic!
Eric and family spent some time in a sports shop spending tons of money to get the boys ready for baseball season...hahah..

Going to breakfast in town this am with our neighbor Joe and his daughter Rylee..so time to get ready!  

Friday, February 17, 2017

Carson City and getting things done

We spent Wednesday at home getting a few things done.  Ken took the Jeep battery to town and they tested it, it's bad.  They suggested it might still be under warranty and to at least try the dealer before replacing it. The day just flew by and before you knew it time to call it a night.  

Ken had noticed that the wind storm the area had while we were gone had actually lifted the support post out of the pier block, broke the wood and it was sitting about and inch and a half higher than it should have been.  Ken attempted to move it back where it belonged and couldn't move it.  He was going to have to get a jack and move it that way. Well, yesterday (Thursday) we awoke to howling winds!  He went and turned the rockers on their back so they didn't blow off the porch.  While he was in the shower we both heard this loud noise, and thought "What the heck was that?"...well, the winds actually moved the post back where it belongs! Pretty darn amazing!  

So, we got ourselves ready and headed out the door to Gardnerville as we needed some groceries from Walmart.  We headed to Carson City Jeep to see if there was any warranty on the battery that was bad. Well, they'll warranty it but it needs to be in the car. So today he'll put the battery back in the car, call roadside assistance, they'll tow the car to Carson City and replace the battery.  All at no cost to us.  Guess they have to verify that the battery and the car go together.  ok then...

The Toyota, on the trip a few times seem to cut out and then drop us to about 45 miles an hour and then speed back up..only when towing the trailer.  So Ken talked to the Toyota dealer in Carson, and apparently this is something the Tundra is supposed to do on hills.  Guess we'll read the manual but seems it's ok.  On to our favorite Chinese restaurant and then home. 

More rain is expected this week so we'll get some things done around the house and head for Winnemucca for my blood tests on Wed.  we'll leave Tuesday and spend the night.  We're taking the Money Pit and the cab over.  gotta get used to it after a month of luxury...hahaha..

Hoping to work on the taxes today....uhh..but i'd like to have the stuff done for our CPA in Winnemucca..

On the way home yesterday noticed an area where the ditch overflowed near the wildlife area..the road is Miller Lane, kind of a back way home..dirt across the road where you can tell the road flooded and this is the desert that's usually dry..so amazing...bet it was something to see last week...

Pictures below show our shed...after the windstorm that we weren't here for last week.  

On the left side of the bottom you can see the concrete ball has lifted out
of the ground.  now you can see under the shed..The right side is bent also..

There you go..480 pounds of concrete out of the hole and on
top of the ground..

A view from the back corner looking forward..

Another view of the damage..incredible!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

We're home!

Our last vacation sunset..Beatty, NV

We had our breakfast in the trailer yesterday morning and then headed out. Figured we had about a 5 hour trip home.  It's always a beautiful drive through Nevada on Highway 95..sometimes a lot of nothing but beautiful mountains.  Yesterday we noticed there sure are a lot of semi trucks, most going south on the highway.  

Pulled over in Luning at the rest area and had our lunch and then onward.  Pulled into the driveway right around 1500 hours.  Love going, but then we walk into our cute little house and we're glad to be home.  
I know I take this same pic..but love the mountains along
Hwy 395

Walking around the house, you could sure tell there had been some major wind events that had taken place while we were gone.  The furniture on the front porch had moved over to the handicapped ramp, a vent on the Komfort trailer had blown off clear across the back yard area, sand inside the bunkhouse on the ladder and around.  All kinds of sand on every porch there is.  So now we're home and got some work to do.  
Last pic of the trip...coming into our valley and just minutes
from home..

Ken was moving vehicles, the 73 Dodge, my 2008 Patriot all started right up.  The 2016 Patriot, deader than a doornail.  So today he'll figure that one out.  

Looks like more rain this week and weekend.  Heard there's going to be flooding of the Humboldt River in Winnemucca..so hard to believe this weather this year.  

Left, my cousin Terrie, Hailey, cousin Melody (Hailey is her granddaughter)
My proud and happy Uncle Lewis...

My cousins posted this on FB earlier this week.. My Daddy's younger brother, Vester (Uncle Lewis)...was inducted into the John J Pershing VA Medical Center's Wall of Valor..Here is what was read at the induction ceremony..Private First Class Vester L. Phillips, Antitank Company, 324 Infantry. For heroic achievement in action on 16 April 1945 in the vicinity of Wolfkraut, Germany. While advancing with their antitank gun, Private Phillips and other gun crew members received enemy machine gun fire forcing them to dismount and take cover. Completely exposing himself, he climbed on the prime mover and manned its 50 caliber machine gun. His accurate fire killed two and forced the remainder of the hostile force to surrender. Private Philliips' courageous action is deserving of praise. Entered military service from Fort Douglas, Arkansas. He is also a bronze medal recipient.  
Ohh and last night he won Valentine King at the convalescent hospital where he is at this time..With that smile could you pick anyone else for that honor!! 

Very proud of you Uncle Lewis!

Our son and grandsons threw Christina a surprise 40th Birthday party last month while we were gone..These pics  popped up on FB..looks like a good time was had by all!
The birthday girl..upper right hand pic..

Monday, February 13, 2017

Big Bend of the Colorado and heading home...

We arrived here at Big Bend of the Colorado on Saturday afternoon.  We got the last spot for the day.  That's one thing here, it can be fully packed or like when we left a few weeks ago, hardly anyone here.  After getting set up and having lunch.  I went outside and read my kindle for awhile.  Ken's stomach wasn't agreeing with him, so he stayed inside.  Later in the afternoon he was feeling better.  We took a walk around the campground, just because we could.  

Later in the evening we sat by the Little Red Campfire, but that didn't last too long as the winds were picking up.  

Yesterday morning, we saw that some people were pulling out so we hooked up and moved to another site.  The site we were at the hookups were on the wrong side, but the one we're in now is wonderful.  

The winds were really howling all night long and they still hadn't quit.  Around 1100 or so we left and headed towards Bullhead City, Ken wanted to put a check in the atm at US Bank (but  he forgot his atm card back at the trailer).  So we headed over to Walmart for a few things and then to a restaurant the check in girl told us about.  

The restaurant, Casa Serrano was inside the Edgewater Hotel on the Laughlin, NV side of the river.  Now if you remember last time we were here we went to El Palacio and then after that I got sick.  Don't know if it was food poisoning or coincidence that I got sick right after.  Well, as it turns out Casa Serrano and El Palacio are sister businesses.  Ok well give it a chance.  Chips were so salty!  The salsa was good.  Orders came out and mine was so salty I ate a bit and that was it.  I brought it home and Ken ate it for dinner.  He said that his wasn't salty but that mine was loaded with salt...So now we know, no Mexican while we're in this area.  

Took a little drive around the area and then came back to the trailer.  The winds were so bad, that even though the temps were good, we couldn't sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.  So last night we made the decision to head for Beatty, NV today.  

It's too bad, but if you can't be outside we might as well start the trek home. Beatty is just a stopping point so if all goes as planned we'll be back home in Yerington on Tuesday for a few days.  Of course home this morning is at 26 degrees.  We're at 57 degrees here..

One of our beautiful sunsets...

Our friend Mickey from Yerington
doing Karioki Thursday night...

Friday, February 10, 2017

2nd post of the morning..

Well, we arrived here in Parker just about 1300 hours.  It was an under 50 mile day..we like those kind of travel days..haha..

Got our spot, which is a dry camping spot but that's ok for a few days.  Got ourselves set up and headed out on the bicycles to the Roadrunner Bar and Grill..we've been here several times and like the fact that it's a floating bar right on the Colorado River, which is filled to the brim this year.  Boy was it packed!  We stayed for about 1/2 hour and road our bikes back home.  

Enjoyed the sunshine for a bit, but even that was too hot. Moved to the shade, better!  After awhile Ken said let's head over to the Pirate's Den which is a bar and grill at the other end of the campground right next to us.  WE had been there last year for Karioki night so thought we'd check it out again.  Well, it was karaoke night again ...can't believe the number of people there!  So we had a good time listening to the people sing their hearts out.  Some wonderful, some not so much but a great time.  

Here's something interesting...while sitting at the bar I had noticed this older gentleman on the other side.  A little while later he was over sitting next to me, and we got to talking.  He was a Navy Vet, during Korea.  We asked where he was from and he said "Oh right outside Carson City" so we said Really, we're from Yerington...He says Really! I'm from Yerington too! He just says it the way he does, because no one ever knows where Yerington is!! Now talk about a small world.  He and his wife come down here every year for months to escape the cold.  He goes back home on April 1st.  Now here's something else.  As we're talking with him, he talks about how he goes to Pioneer Crossing every morning for breakfast with a friend of his.  About a year and a half ago, we talked to him and his friend along with our grandsons..

Well, on with the day..not sure what that is..but we'll enjoy it.  Tomorrow we're heading towards Big Bend of the Colorado again for a few days.  

Don and Dana, you're in our prayers today...

Silly Al's and the Hi Jolly Monument

Got ourselves going yesterday morning and headed to town.  Originally we were just going to get some propane and hot sauce but decided to try a place called Silly Al's for lunch.  During the Big Tent event when there are so many snowbirds in town you can't get near the place as with so many other places in town.  It's amazing how the town has changed in just a few weeks.  

We have seen signs to the Hi Jolly Monument so yesterday was the day.  Basically it's a cemetery with a tribute to Hi Jolly and the camels that used to roam this area.  Kind of sad really..back in the 1800's they brought camels over to be used to carry goods across the terrain.  They brought over camel drivers, the favorite one was called Hi Jolly  as they couldn't pronounce his real name.   When the project was over they left the camels to  roam on their own and fend for themselves.  

After visiting that monument we headed over to Silly Al's and enjoyed a small pizza, beer and a glass of wine.  Good prices and we liked the atmosphere.  After lunch we headed back to camp and just enjoyed the afternoon. 

Enjoyed our sunset and then a fire ..

Thursday morning we headed to town, did laundry and then back to trailer until about 1100 when we headed out for brunch at Silly Al's (just another excuse to have the pizza again)..then back home and headed out to Parker, AZ and La Paz County Park.